The Motherhood Work-Life Swing Dance

My least favorite part of flying with children isn’t waiting in line to drop my bags, or wrangling my shoes and laptop into bins and a stroller through the conveyor belt with a baby in my arms. I can tolerate a fussy baby and an bored toddler at length on a cross-country flight, and change my clothes one-handed in the teeny plane restroom after being completely drenched in spit-up. It’s the first few moments when I meet our seat mate(s), that awkward silent, yet nearly audible groan that I sense from them when they see they’ll be sitting in cramped...

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Momma Loves: Pet Products

              There are a few things that we have been using with Theo and Charlie that we really, really love. A lot of them can be used for humans too (like tennis balls, blankets and shampoo), but there are a few that we really have appreciated having around since adopting these little loves into our lives. As we get more, I’ll share but for now these are our staples!     There are so many reasons I love I and Love and You pet food products. Not only are they all natural and made with the...

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Little Storytellers

A couple of years ago, I took a very important trip to Guatemala on behalf of a charity where we visited families in desperate need of assistance of many kinds. The kids played on their dirt floors, with the chickens on their property, and most importantly they played with smiles on their faces with each other. I won’t forget their beautiful little faces, especially when I would show them the photos that I took of them on my digital camera. Their eyes would light up and they were just astounded by seeing their reflection in the technology. I see those...

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