In Harmony and Chaos

We’re creeping (ok running) right into the season of giving. First we’ll sit around the dinner table and give thanks for the many, many wonderful things that our family has been so fortunate with, and then in the weeks to come we’ll give special things to our loved ones as tokens of our admiration and appreciation. We focus on gratitude on a daily basis for things like food, shelter, and basketball lessons, keeping that mindfulness as a general guideline for our waking moments, especially the challenging ones. Justin and I are grateful for our occupations and the income they provide,...

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Living Vibrantly

Not so many years ago, we relied on our legs and our strong bodies for getting around. We’d ride scooters, bikes and mostly walked on the soles of our trusty feet to get us from home to preschool to the pediatrician, to soccer practice and anywhere else we had to go or places to be. Life in Manhattan was a lesson in patience and strength, both physically and mentally. I didn’t worry about me or the kids ever getting enough exercise, because I knew that we were always moving even in between activities and appointments. Suburbia is a little bit...

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Fresh Faced

One of my favorite photos from my childhood is of me sitting on my mother’s vanity, looking into the mirror that I had completely smeared with her makeup. I was clad in only a diaper and dripping with what looks like face cream and baking powder. Don’t recollect that moment in time specifically, but I can remember longing to be wherever she was, doing whatever she was doing. She was (and is) more beautiful than I have words for, and I still feel wrapped in her love wherever I am when I think of her. There are photos of me...

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