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It’s a little silly to talk about finding balance (a dirty mommy word in my book) with a newborn, 3 big kids, a puppy, a marriage, and a career to manage. Elusive as it might be, striving for equality and the yin to my yang in every day endeavors is a priority, because without it there is chaos and disappointment. And so, every morning I wake up, I make mental notes and prioritize the day so that I can manage my own expectations in the most productive manner.

It’s much, much easier said than done. The truth is, a new baby takes priority of most things. Her needs are intense and immediate, as her little system can only take so much stress. My job as her mother is to bring as much calm and fluidity to her days as I possibly can. She needs to eat regularly, sleep regularly and have plenty of dirty diapers to change. The nice thing about babies is it is pretty easy (relatively speaking) to diagnose and fill their needs. If her needs are met, I can move forward with making lunches for the kids for school, dressing them and sometimes even showering myself, and getting them to wherever they are scheduled to be. At that point, sometimes, I can work. Finding new routines, aside from the emotions, is the most life changing aspect of bringing a baby into our lives, so planning and anticipating their arrival is consuming. Wonderfully consuming. As it should be.


For several of months now, we’ve been working with Earth’s Best, anticipating and planning for the arrival of their new packaging for their Diapers and Wipes, which will be introduced and sold at Target. Obviously you know all about my affinity for Target, so this is a match made in heaven for this momma. Earth’s Best is a brand that I’ve trusted since the birth of my first baby a whopping seven years ago. I was thrilled to be able to team up with them to celebrate the arrival of their newly designed, chlorine free, award winning diapers, just in time for the arrival of our fourth baby.


As a parent who has been diapering children for nearly eight years straight, I absolutely feel like an expert on the subject, and I certainly know what works for us. That’s a component of being a seasoned parent that makes bringing a new baby into the world that much easier and less stressful. Each child might bring a need for reevaluating the balance and schedules in our lives, but at least the easy things are taken care of. I’ve tried a ton of products and I know what works best for me in the every day routines of raising children from babies to toddlers to full blown KIDS. So, while finding balance with a new baby is challenging, at least I know that her needs will be met in the most efficient manner, and we can safely tackle the next challenges when they present themselves.


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Thank you to Earth’s Best for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!


When I was a little girl, I loved my teddy named Bobby and he came everywhere with me. As a pre-teen I cherished my Caboodle and coveted the makeup and nail polish that would fill it. As a teenager I was obsessed my guitar and collected CD’s that would pile in the fruit crate that held a very old, very awesome stereo.

Over the course of my life, I’ve made it a point not to place a whole lot of value on personal, material possessions.

When I became a mother, interest in things especially fell by the wayside unless it facilitated in the care of my baby. For years it remained that way, until I began to take pictures. My camera and my cell phone to this day are probably the two things that I would be hard pressed to live without; they either hold photos of my children, allow me the creative freedom to capture them, or give me access to them when I’m away.

Up until the time that we found ourselves in a situation where we thought we might lose all of our possessions (during Hurricane Sandy and then the fire in our building in NYC), I had a mental note to grab my hard drive if we were to flee. Of course, when it came down to it we left as quickly as we could with our arms full of babies and our cat, Charlie, but that was the one thing I mourned over when the unknown was still very real.

Photos of my children are my most cherished material possessions. I’ve gotten so used to taking and processing pictures of them on my own that when I look at them I can sometimes remember what I was feeling when I took them. It’s the photos that are snapped when someone else is behind the camera that allows me to see them in a different light, literally through a different lens. That said, it’s a big deal when I ask someone else to come into our home and capture moments usually reserved and treasured for us alone. That photographer’s process is as unique as any other art form, and for me it’s incredibly special when they allow my family to be a part of that art and their expression.

I first met Ana Schechter when we lived in New York City as professionals working in a similar space. She just happens to be from Santa Cruz, so when our paths crossed then it felt less than random. Again, coincidentally, she happened to be in California the week after Evangeline was born and offered graciously to come and take her newborn photos. I was excited and of course nervous, not to mention completely hormonal, sweaty, and unprepared but Ana came into our home like an absolute burst of light and fresh energy. In particular, I was still very much hovering in that flooded, hazy postpartum aura, but Ana quickly and effectively disarmed us all with her charm and humor.

It shows when you look at the moments she captured that day that her art form is a very special one.


Her vision is a special one, as she so perfectly captured the souls of my children and our family that afternoon, nine days after our baby Evvie was born.


Those first few days with Evvie are a bit of a blur even now, but this day was so gloriously captured that I can remember just how it felt, the happiness, the beauty, even the struggle. I wouldn’t change a single thing, and I’m so grateful that Ana was there to put even a few moments into a time capsule for us.


It goes without saying that I’m incredibly grateful for this time spent with Ana and that she’s shared her talent with us. I will always cherish photos of my family, and these are something quite special to me because I’m also in them, a glimpse into the way I mother from the opposite side of the lens.


These photos might be possessions, but they are completely priceless.

If you’re interested in hiring Ana NYC Photography, obviously we highly recommend her, not only for her talent but for her bright spirit and ability to capture incredibly special moments that will last a lifetime.

As usual, this Momma Loves series is not sponsored.


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