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Today is a bit of a hodgepodge of things that I’ve been wanting to yell from the rooftops about. Products that I have found on the internet and just absolutely love.

The first is a new one for me. The La Siesta baby hammock.


It keeps her snug and cozy, and responds to her movement in a very natural way. I think she loves it because it resembles the way that we hold and rock her. There are safety belts in the bed to keep her positioning stable (not pictured), though I don’t treat this as a normal bed. She naps during the day in it, when I’m in the room.

Candy Kirby Designs

The most adorable, bright and soft baby clothes. I’m all about supporting female entrepreneurs, and Erin has done such a remarkable job with her business. I love so much of what she makes. The gown, pants and baby blanket are Erin’s beautiful handiwork and I’m nearly obsessed.


Little Humans by Brandon Stanton

From the creative genius behind the Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton made a book all about the children he photographs in NYC. He’s been one of my favorite pages to follow, bringing all different forms of inspiration when he meets and interviews strangers on the streets of New York City, and my kids and I love his children’s book just as much.


Kiwi Crate

Zoe is the kind of child that would be happy crafting and drawing all day long. I find her making all kinds of things out of construction paper, glue and markers in every corner of our home, and even outside on the sidewalk on sunny days. Kiwi Crate is a subscription service that sends monthly crafts complete with all the supplies, and is the perfect thing for children like my daughter. This is the first craft we’ve received and she had a blast.


Finally, The Boxcar Children Bookshelf (The Boxcar Children Mysteries, Books 1-12)


Jack is an avid reader. The Boxcar Children is his first series, and he’s breezing through each book quickly and eagerly. Do you remember the first series you read as a child? I believe mine was The Babysitter’s Club. Moving on to the next book was incredibly exciting, and I see that in Jack. It is the neatest thing to watch develop.

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Momma's Gone City

I haven’t quite grasped the practice of video taping my kids. Mostly I leave that up to Justin, and his phone fills quickly with all sorts of random clips of each child. There are baseball moments, first cartwheels in gymnastics, first rides on a two wheeler and even first smiles. My phone and most of my devices are full of still shots; snaps of all of the above, plus about 20 more to make sure that I got at least one really good one.


The one thing we don’t have very much of at all of is candid conversations with the kids. I want to remember that Jack is lisping with his two missing front teeth, and that Zoe has the most hilarious and adorable mannerisms, and that Beau’s words and language are coming to him quicker than his little mouth can keep up. I even want to remember the little cooing noises and the sounds of Evvie’s cries, the way they change so rapidly from the newborn phase. Shooting video is daunting for me, mostly because I find the editing process time intensive, mind numbing and excruciating. So, when we were introduced to the OneDay app and it’s incredibly easy, seamless editing and processing of video clips, I got excited.


The kids come home with all kinds of homework, but last night Zoe’s asked her to answer a handful of questions like “Who do you admire”, and “what are some of your strengths”-her handwritten answers were adorable, but would have been even sweeter if captured live and candid. That’s what OneDay does. It allows the user to ask questions, record the video of the child, and it neatly and easily strings together the answers into a short and concise piece. It’s honestly exactly the amount of time and effort that I feel like putting forth when using video, not to mention their attention span. The videos are easily saved to the device and I’ve even begun emailing them to relatives on the spot.

And, ladies and gentlemen: My toddler.

They’re cute and quick, and the kids had a blast watching them afterwards.

These moments are so, so rich and yet so incredibly fleeting. I’m thrilled that I have 6.2 million photos saved from the last seven years, but I wonder how often I’ll go through them in the future. I know for sure that having little video clips of my children with their different mannerisms and characteristics is going to be priceless to me, something that a photo won’t be able to provide, a brief moment back in time. The OneDay app’s ready-made template and simple functionality make this process much less daunting, especially for someone like me.

Thank you to OneDay for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!


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