The Legacy of a Name

I’ve had animals in my life for as long as I can remember. My first pet was a “barn cat” who lived with us in our apartment in Ohio. She wasn’t trained and had developed poor habits before she became a part of our family, assuming from the barn from whence she came. She was only in my life for a short time, but I have distinct memories of my time with her, as she was my companion before my sister was born. I named her Flowers after the skunk in Bambi, one of the first movies that I can...

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Theo, Beau and Evangeline; My Favorite Videos

I fell in love with photography around the time when Zoe was born and Jack was 19 months old. I had just gotten an iPhone, so the concept of social media, personal devices and digital iphoneography was all brand new to me. It took until Beau was born 5 years later that I began actively sharing photos on social media aside from my blog. There’s something incredibly special about the still life of a photography. There is much interpretation left to the beholder, which, aside from a small caption is exactly what I love about how photos, as candid as...

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On Independence and Family Values

“Mommy, what is the Fourth of July?” Zoe asked from the back seat of the car as I was hustling to get everyone to camp on time. Precisely when I’m either somewhat distracted or otherwise engaged is the perfect and most frequent time that I get asked questions like this. Instead of coming up with a very carefully crafted and well thought out response, I answer in the most honest and simple way I can, while steering into the road using any and all traffic signals and forward thinking. “The Fourth of July is a holiday that we celebrate, sort of like Presidents’ Day or...

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