Ok, so my husband read the blog and got into my face it has been brought to my attention that I need to clarify a few things from my last post.

First and Foremost:
-I did not actually get a mullet. It certainly felt like one when I left the salon with all the product in my hair, but it isn’t a mullet. I can only pull the back, bottom half of my hair into a ponytail, but it isn’t a mullet. I would describe more of a faux-mullet, or a fancy “Rod Stewart” but it definitely isn’t a mullet.

The Classic

Closer…The She Mullet

Closest. Rod Stewart.

Me. (you have to see the back really, it’s not an accurate pic but I was tired of taking pictures of myself)

Ok, enough about my hair. I sure had fun doing this though!

Clarification #2:

I do not have a lot of dispensable income. I don’t even have an income, my husband does and it barely covers our bills. I really don’t think you want to hear the nitty gritty money aspects of our life, but in the interest of realism (and to make J happy), here it comes.
-I spent. more on my hair than I wanted to, but what was I going to do? Say no, I’m not going to pay that which would feed a family for a year in many parts of the world? No. Or that’s how I justify it in my brain, anyway.
-I never valet my car. I did it because I was late and it was only $5, and the place was PACKED.
-I only buy certain things at Whole Foods. I will not buy produce or meats because they are ridiculously overpriced and usually not worth it. I like their bulk foods especially, and those are reasonable. There are lots of things at Whole Foods that are priced well. It’s my favorite place to shop, but that doesn’t mean that I buy everything there!

Clarification #3:

Bad things do not always happen to me! I like to write about things that happen that totally suck are less than desirable because they are amusing to think back upon or read about later. For me. This week has been much better! That Porsche guy hasn’t called us, and my camera is working again. It took a little jerry rigging, but it works!

AND big news! Birdie started crawling two days ago and it is absolutely adorable. She completely slays me.

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