Uncle Sam wants my Husband

This whole dental school thing has us in a bit of a pickle. Nevermind that we have two very small children and are moving away from (well, California for one) most family and friends. We are moving to the next most expensive area of the country. On a student’s budget. A couple of people have directed us to the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). Basically, the army will give us a little seed money, will pay his entire scholarship and our rent for the next four years. Then, after he graduates, we have to live on a base and work for the army for four years following dental school (plus two years in “reserves”). I’m not certain that we’ll have our pick of bases, and during that four year stint J will have to be deployed for a 6 month stretch. I simply cannot stomach that part of it.

We both come from fairly liberal families. There are three teachers in our immediate families that focus in RSP. I went to Art school and J’s father owns his own business. It’s not that we don’t believe in the military, we just really haven’t wanted any up close and personal experience with it. Until now, as it seems, as we are running out of options.

It’s probably painfully obvious that there isn’t much in the way of money in our families either. It’s a comfortable life right now, even though I was laid off in December (on the day that I returned from my maternity leave). This life is about to change quite drastically though, and it’s got my stomach in knots as I cannot fathom what our future holds. We are eligible for $40k in student loans per year. Tuition is $60k per year, and after that only personal loans will be available. Have I mentioned Preschool in Manhattan? Let’s just say that we have a lot on our plate right now. J just completed his application for the HPSP and is sending it in today. If he is accepted, we will decide at that point whether or not to take that route… we’re finding every angle! I’ll keep you posted. Lots will be happening between now and then. We’re travelling to NYC in early July to find an apartment, and come August first the four of us including my mother will be flying across the country. J will be driving with the few things we didn’t get rid of and his best friend from here to New York.

Thanks for listening! If you have any experience with the HPSP or any words of wisdom in general, I’ll be most grateful if you either contact me or leave me a little comment 🙂

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