I’m SUCH a sucker

I took the kids on a long walk/hike yesterday, and on our way home we ran into our good friends Heather and her daughters Meriel and Margot. They happened to be en route to Petco to purchase their new fish Dorothy a house for her fish bowl (no small feat as it turns out). While walking, Heather explained how it was they came upon Dorothy and I listened with piqued interest. Meriel attended a three year old’s birthday party over the weekend, and while the hosts failed to provide lunch for a troop full of hungry three year olds (the party was from 11-1, um HELLO?!) they in turn sent each delighted child home with their very own LIVE goldfish. HA HA HA, I thought. You got stuck with a bum party and a new dependent to boot!! I felt for Heather, of course. But not as much as I was laughing inside. That is, until we arrived at Petco.

You should see Bubba follow Meriel around. He’s a few months younger than her, and just adores her (until she pushes him around- then watch out). As we were helping Meriel pick out a castle for dear Dorothy, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?? Bubs wanted a castle too. And colorful rocks. And a pretty container. Honestly, he could have cared less about the live fish, but all of it’s goodies were way too intriguing, and there was NO WAY he was going to leave that store without the damn colorful rocks. So I caved. We found a fish that I liked and colorful rocks and a pretty container that Bubba liked. Because who doesn’t bring home a new pet mere weeks before moving across the country?? I’d be lucky if this thing lasted through the week, let alone our trip to New York City, right? The last goldfish I had jumped ship three times and survived. For three years. I should be so lucky.

So Bob, welcome to your new home. By the way, you really should hear Bubba say
“HAI BAAAAB!! Hungry BAAAB? Night Nights BAAAB!!” It’s enough to get me to like the little sucker after all.

I do think that Birdie is Bob’s biggest fan of all, though.

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