Mission Accomplished

This past week was full of small (even though they felt huge) milestones. Dr. J started school officially on Monday, and while that only actually consisted of fun things to get him and his classmates familiar with the school and each other, it was my first week alone with the kids here in the city. I have been nervous and apprehensive about this since we learned that we would be moving to New York City, but it ended up being so incredibly liberating.

So Monday we did our big grocery trip to Trader Joe’s, Tuesday was somewhat uneventful other than we met our first kind-of friends at the park. I also did laundry- and that, believe it or not is a trip in itself. There are like, 20 big ‘ol Maytag (oh don’t even go there) high efficiency washer and dryers that take a special card and a friggin’ degree to actually work them. Add in two small children playing bumper cars with the laundry carts and you have yourself a time consuming adventure of sorts.
Moving right along, Wednesday was our big, triumphant sparkler of a day. I actually took the kids both on the bus, by myself, with all of their gear and a double stoller and traveled across Manhattan. Can I tell you that by the time we reached Chelsea Piers and everyone was happy I nearly threw a dance party? This all might sound like small beans to you spiffy city folk, but to me this was huge. I lived in San Francisco for a couple of years during college, but even given that I never once took either of my children into the city. Too scared. I wish I was kidding. So yeah, this was a big deal.
I would have paid money to have seen a hidden video of the actual maneuvering that it took getting us all on and off the bus because I’m sure it was hysterical. There were two very kind people that helped me with the stroller a bit, and for that I am lucky and grateful. We took the 23 from our place which is on the East River, all the way across town to Chelsea Piers on the Hudson River. By the way, I also learned last night that the buses don’t actually always travel only horizontally and the Subways do not always travel vertically as I stated in my last post. That’s what happens when I get all cocky, I always make a fool of myself! Why do I never learn?! I appreciate that you all spared me the public humiliation of pointing it out to me in the comments though- you’re too kind.
By the time we got there I was so thrilled at our accomplishment that I didn’t even really care about the attraction to Chelsea Piers itself. It seemed deserted and the “fancy” toddler room actually just felt like a glorified, yet downsized, My Gym. The kids had a great time though, and I met the coolest nanny so all in all it was a win.

I apologize for the graininess of these photos, they were taken on my phone

Thursday we continued our exploring. We took the shuttle from our building to Grand Central Station and then walked to Rockefeller Center where there was a Greenmarket (which is a farmer’s market). Before we left, I was so worried that I wouldn’t find a farmer’s market out here, but to my absolute excitement there can be one found on every day of the week. I have a slight obsession with farmer’s markets and Whole Foods. We’ve already been to 3 of each…I can’t get enough. I seriously would take WF over Bloomingdale’s any day (and I like to shop!). Anyway, I found some really great wine and tomatoes, and believe it or not there was an Anthropologie literally on the same street as the Greenmarket. *HUGE SQUEE* Too bad I don’t actually shop with my children anymore-one too many blowouts, it’s just not worth it. So we went to Barnes & Noble instead so the kids could have a little fun and then it was time for naps. I cheated and took a cab home this time… unfortunately I hailed him going in the opposite direction even when I thought I was walking towards home. Good thing I didn’t keep on walking.
Friday Dr. J had his booze cruise white coat ceremony on a 1950’s houseboat yacht so I stayed in and ordered pizza for the 20th time since we’ve been here. Yeah, I’m not exaggerating. We’ve only been here upwards of 4 weeks. The food here in NYC is ridiculous, and I’m starting to feel it. After hosting a “dinner party” last night for a classmate and his family, I am ready to call it a weekend and start a fresh new week. By the way, I am SO excited about this coming week. A friend of mine from the ‘burbs is making the trek into the city and I am going to be meeting her at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. I’m not sure what day that is or how we’re going to get there, but I have a feeling it will be the subway. Wish me luck (SNORT).

In other news, this week is huge for Momma’s Gone City because I am going to be having my first contest/giveaway and Sing it, Sister review about some of my favorite products! I am beside myself and cannot wait to introduce you to these products too. You’ll love them. Please stay tuned and have a fabulous week!

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