We Made It!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we are here in New York City and finally feeling somewhat settled. The transition was easier than I expected as far as the actual travel goes, but emotionally it’s been rough for my little guy (more on that later). Our apartment is adorable, we love it and have grown quite accustomed to the friendly doormen and concierge service. Can I just say, however, that as far as the service industry goes out here OMG these people hate their lives and it is so SAD! Everywhere I go- grocery store, Home Depot, out to dinner for Pete’s sake- most all of the clerks/servers have been generally pissed off and completely bothered to help me. While I knew this was probably going to happen given New York’s infamous reputation for kindness (*ahem* lack thereof) it’s getting pretty annoying. I’ll go as far as to admit that I am a sensitive flower, and the way people treat me does affect me but I’m pretty sure that after a year or so of this I’ll be as hardened as they come. Yeah, that’s a lie. I’ll fake it like the best of ’em though. Speaking of faking it- walking down the street with two kids in tow, looking cool as a cucumber in my new gladiator sandals and high waisted belt, I know I am a total fraud. I am a mommy covered in sticky applesauce and snot and crumbs from various bribes snacks, and saddled with worry. The best part of this is that no one knows me here. Everyone just blends in with the crowds and no one notices you. I thought this would really bug me but it is actually VERY liberating. I am used to walking down the street and running into many acquaintances, and that was comfortable to me. This is a whole new level of comfort, and I am starting to feel safe here even. I cringe and flare up whenever we walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke on the street which is every, oh 5 steps, but I’m getting used to it and am really hoping that my children don’t get any second had smoke related illnesses now or ever. This big city is teaching me to relax, of all things. I am so excited when I think about our new home, I can physically feel it welling up in my belly like a giant ball of glittery hope.

I’m getting used to the streets and navigating around. Finding out that I need to order my groceries online when possible and not leave the apartment in the late afternoon when the heat and humidity makes us ALL irritable and uncomfortable. We have explored Central Park, Times Square, and F.A.O Schwartz with the kids…

…but the place that they love the very most so far is actually on our apartment complex grounds. It’s an amazing little play structure with a water feature! It’s so, so wonderful to be able to leave our apartment and not have to walk several blocks to get to a park.

I have yet to meet any fellow mom friends, but I will with the right activities. I am finding that mostly there are nanny’s around and not many mothers. I am assuming this is because in such an expensive city, both parents need to be working a lot of the time. I too will need to find a job of some sort but not one where I will be leaving the kids with someone other than my husband. It doesn’t make financial (or otherwise) sense to do that right now.

We’re happy and adjusting to our new surroundings and lifestyle, and so grateful for all of your support! It’s amazing what you can do with a little love and support… and cajones.

I have a few things coming up for this blog that I am excited about, and will keep you posted when I know more. Until then, you stay classy blogosphere.

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