Subway: Done!

We conquered our greatest mission since being here! Yesterday I finally got J and Z on the subway BY MYSELF. I strapped Z on in the baby carrier and we were off. Our destination was Central Park, and we made it there in great time and even had a picnic under the trees on the Great Lawn. I have to say, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. It wasn’t easy lugging Z, the diaper bag, and the double stroller down the steps while holding J’s hand… but it wasn’t terribly difficult either. I can’t count how many people offered to help us- and it made all the difference. I was feeling especially empowered and declined the offers, mostly because I wanted to know that I could actually do it on my own in the event that no one does offer. But just knowing that so many kind hearts are out there even in this busy, crazy city really makes me feel at ease and more at home. I really, truly love it here. More than I ever thought possible.

Once we got to the park and sat down for our picnic lunch, I nearly burst into tears. Such a happy moment in time… sitting in Central Park with my two best friends, my babies. Feeling like I could do anything if I wanted to. Mostly feeling safe and happy, and knowing that even though we are so far away from all of our family, friends and everything familiar, we can forge ahead and make new friends and memories.

Z turned one this past weekend, and we have had a lot of house guests. My mom, my in laws, my dad & his wife, and some friends have either been here or are coming. I haven’t had a lot of time to check in here, or do anything on the computer for that matter.

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