Cabin Fever

This past weekend was chilly and wet. The littles and I also came down with nasty colds, so the combination of the three left us home bound for three days straight. Three days straight in a teeny apartment? We got more than a little bored. But it was fun (at times, AHEM).

Stickers everywhere. It is apparently much more fun to cover yourself and your little sister in stickers rather than put them on boring ol’ paper. And the fun of removing them? Priceless.

Yes, those are Christmas cupcake cups. Like I said, we didn’t get out at all, so we just mixed a couple of holidays. I have no doubt that Bubba will be slightly confused when Christmas does arrive… my dad just came last weekend and brought the kids their Christmas gifts to open. I’m pretty sure he won’t mind though… Christmas twice a year is never a bad thing for a 2 year old!

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