Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (BALLOONS!)

The last couple of days have been glorious in our home. My mother and sister arrived on Wednesday morning and the joy and laughter have been abound. We celebrated our first holiday here in the Big Apple, and it was truly wonderful. On Wednesday night, we packed up the kids and hopped on the subway to check out the blowing up of the balloons for the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We had been planning on attending the actual parade, but many of my new friends swayed us into checking out the pre-parade festivities as well. It was raining and there were a ton of people there, but it wasn’t overwhelming at all and completely worth it. It felt like more of the “local” thing to do, while the rest of the millions of people wake up at 6AM and watch the real thing on the streets of Manhattan. I have watched this parade on television for as long as I can remember. So has my mother. Being here to witness the parade in person, with my family in our new home town, is more special and magical than I can put into words.

Taking the subway to Central Park

The balloons were so amazing!! They were huge, obviously, and standing right next to them was really sort of mind blowing. It’s so bizarre and fascinating that people actually guide these things down the streets of NYC, through Times Square, etc. On television it isn’t nearly as spectacular as it is in person. I would recommend witnessing this at least one time in your life… you won’t be dissapointed.

It wasn’t easy to take pictures, these were the best I could do. The crowd is moving along together, and there really wasn’t any time to stop to take a decent picture. These captured the moment alright though, I’d say.

We left around 11 am the next day to catch the end of the actual parade on Thanksgiving morning. The weather was perfect, much warmer than years past I have been told. Macy’s on 34th street is literally right up the way from our building, but unfortunately when we got there the parade was over. The chaos was lingering though, and I am actually glad that we didn’t stick around, it’s just to hectic when you are traveling with babies. My stress level was through the roof in the big crowds with them. We got to see the balloons though, and just being here was terrific.

On our way to catch the end of the parade (unsuccessfully)

Today we are going to head over to Rockefeller Center and attempt to take some Christmas pictures. Wish us luck! (I am crazy to attempt this, I am fully aware!)

I hope that all of my American friends out there enjoyed their Thanksgiving! xx

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