Soul: Restored

It has been SO nice to be back in our hometown in California. We’ve enjoyed my mother’s homemade chili, a glorious pumpkin patch visit with friends, amazing weather, and countless other moments that have made this trip completely worth the while. I was still feeling unsure about my decision to come back here, but all it took was one moment here in my mother’s house, alone with the kids and knee deep in tantrums and messes to realize that this is not our home. Home is not in California any longer. Home is with my husband in New York City. I miss my NEW home now.

What I think I really needed and have gained from this trip is a bit of closure. Everything happened so darn fast; We didn’t even know for sure we were moving to New York City until late springtime of this year. I didn’t sell the last of our two cars until two days before we boarded the airplane. My kids both decided to throw a wrench in the “closure” period before we left by channeling their inner Evil Kneivel’s; Birdie decided to walk out the front door (that her brother had opened for her) and superman’d off two steps, face planting into cement. She screamed so hard she knocked herself unconscious. Twenty minutes and five paramedics later, she was fine and giggling, despite being bloody and bruised. Then, the very next day while at the pool, Bubba tried to swim into the fountain in the baby pool (you read that right, a FOUNTAIN in a BABY POOL) while I was feeding two babies. One second I have my eye on him, three seconds later he is face down nearly floating by the fountain (I couldn’t make this stuff up). I flew into the pool, yanked him out and he was conscious and throwing up chlorine. Crisis #2 averted. Needless to say, I don’t think I had enough time to actually process what was happening and was just powering through the most monumental time in our lives (thus far, anyway). So here we are, in the comfort of the arms of our friends and family and processing. Delving into the deep waters of goodbyes, and adjusting to our new exciting, busy loud life. We’ve attended Halloween parties and our annual costume photo shoot, we’ve shopped at Babies R’ Us and walked down the street of our beloved downtown, and I’ve stayed up late talking with my mom and sister. Many things still to come, but more than all of this I’ve begun to restore my soul in order to continue on building our future in NYC. Life is moment to moment- diapers and dishes, tantrums and laughter. The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s just as green as you WANT it to be. (I’m not usually this corny, I promise. Must be my age.)

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