California Part Deux

We are here in California for the second time since moving to NYC in August. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? It actually felt like a lot during our travels. We were so excited about coming for the holidays, but the family drama and the all around difficulty of travelling with the littles just made this trip seem excessive. Or the last trip was excessive. Either way, I swore under my breath many times yesterday that this would be the last time doing this journey by myself with them. At the very least, the last time with only two seats on an airplane. Birdie is most definitely not small enough to be a “lap” passenger. It’s akin -in many ways- to calling a Beagle a lap dog.


They make it look so easy.

I burst into tears when we pulled into my mom’s driveway last night, with the beautiful lights on the house and the Christmas tree peeking through the window. Ahh.. Home. This, this is why we went through all of that. Nothing in the world is better than being home with your loved ones. There is a lot of loss and tragedy out there in the world… things so sad they make you physically ill when you hear about them. Death of fathers, deaths of babies, deaths of neighbors.

I can endure a difficult day filled with puke, crying, and mean JetBlue employees. I can handle much more than that I am sure, but I cannot endure what some people are going through right now, especially with the holidays here. My heart and prayers go out to those families.

Daddy is taking the biggest finals of his Dental career on Friday and flying here on Saturday. Cannot wait to have him here safe and sound and stress free!

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