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So most of you know that I don’t have a car.  Many people in Manhattan do not have cars, and many of them have children.  Getting around from anywhere to the grocery store, to the pediatrician, to Central Park is interesting to say the least.  It’s been a learning experience for me,  figuring out how to get around on the bus, subways, taxis and most often on foot to the places I need to go and having the kids be as comfortable as possible during those adventures.

Birdie has basically been quite literally attached to me since birth.  I was chasing after a 19 month old and needed my hands free almost all of the time, so it wasn’t much of an option for either of us, but I can’t say that we minded that much *wink*. She still to this day, at 14 months old, will nap in a carrier for over an hour.  This is so awesome, especially when we are walking around all of the time, but finding the right carrier that will comfortably hold a 23 lb baby is tricky!

After struggling to find a carrier that will hold a toddler and not destroy my back, I was beyond thrilled to receive an ERGObaby carrier to review a couple of weeks ago.  I can now safely say that one of my biggest regrets is not having one of these a long time ago.

The ERGObaby carrier was designed by a mother who started this company in 2003 on Maui, Hawaii (of course my husband’s ears perked right up when I told him this, being an alum of University of Hawaii at Manoa), and has been family owned and operated there ever since.  “The significance of the ERGObaby logo has several layers. The Nautilus symbolizes both the continuum of life and the Continuum Concept that so directly influenced Karin (Frost) and the development of the ERGObaby Carrier. The Nautilus also symbolizes the new wave of awareness guiding parents across the world: changing the old paradigm to the new parenting paradigm of holding our babies close to our hearts, and being willing to recognize and respond to their needs on demand.”  I truly believe in the concept of baby wearing and can tell that there was a ton of time and thought put into the development of this product.  The ERGObaby completely fosters the bond between the parent and child through baby wearing.

The carrier is made so that the weight of the child is distributed evenly on the person using it.  It has a nice, wide base that is comfortable and sturdy around the waist, and the shoulder straps are very padded.  The hood is one of my favorite details, as it not only supports the head and neck while the child is sleeping, but it is adjustable and easy to use even when the child is on the adult’s back.  No detail was left out; Even the adjustable straps have a piece of elastic to keep them from dangling.  Other features include:

*  Ergonomic design
* 400 threads per inch cotton poplin lining and hood
* 100% cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges
* One inch, high density foam in shoulder straps
* Quarter inch high density neoprene foam in waist belt
* High Quality buckles tested by SGS
* Waist belt circumference from 25″ to 43″
* Fits from 5′ to 6’5″ body height with adjustable shoulder and chest straps
* Sleeping hood with elastic, adjusts in length to growth of baby
* High quality webbing, matched to carrier color
* Reinforcement stitching used at all fabric intersections
* Interior rip-stop reinforcements at critical intersections
* Durability/strength tested up to 90 pounds
* Machine Washable – cold, gentle cycle

Infant insert sold separately.

Great for men as well! This is the first time my husband has offered to wear one of my carriers.

I tested this carrier out on the night that we went to see the balloons for the Macy’s Day Parade being inflated.  I strapped Z in and we took the subway to the Upper West Side, by Central Park.  We both stayed comfortable and happy for roughly 2 hours with her in the carrier on my back, so I used it again the next morning to catch the end of the actual parade and for grocery shopping on the weekend.

With any other carrier that I have used, I have felt significant strain on the left side of my back.  This was a huge concern, considering I really need to have one child tied on me while I do my grocery shopping (I use the back of my stroller as a makeshift shopping cart).  I am truly beyond thrilled with the ERGObaby carrier, and am so lucky that I have the chance to spread the word.

I am an affiliate of ERGObaby, and if you are interested there is a pretty little box ad over there to your right if you would like some more information.  I am also happy to answer any questions as well, just email me! MommasGoneCity@gmail.com

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  • I know that this post is like 5 years old now, but I just wanted to add that I LOVE the Ergo as well. I didn’t get one until my girl, Maya, was already 6 or 7 months old (after going through FOUR other brands of carrier that just didn’t “fit”) and it changed our lives. She’s now almost two, but I know that our next baby will spend all of his/her infant-hood in the Ergo.

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