Hi friends! It’s been a long time. I haven’t even opened my reader since before Christmas, but I’ve missed you all! I’ve missed this a lot. I needed to take a much needed hiatus from blogging in order to do some maintenance on my marriage and family. It worked wonders.

You know how the holidays tend to bring out the worst um, best in everyone? Well, our family was no exception. Without going into too much detail (because really, who needs that?), lets just say that there was a lot of drama between families. Drama over silly things. Everyone wanted to spend time with our children, and we are really fortunate for that. I didn’t have a close relationship with any of my grandparents, so to see the love and adoration between Bubba, Birdie and their grandparents is very, very cool. Obviously it goes beyond this. It goes so far, in fact, that I wondered for a solid week if my marriage would survive it. There really isn’t any drama that is like family drama. It was sobering and excruciating at times, with Christmas looming and exacerbating the intense feelings. We had a nice holiday in the end, and were able to spend time with wonderful friends and family that we miss so badly living here in the City. So I took the time in the evenings after the kids were asleep (my usual blogging time) to gather my thoughts, figure out what I want and need and how to fit them around the wants and needs of my children and husband. On many nights, Dr. J and I stayed up late talking and spending quality time together- something we don’t get nearly enough of when he is in school. I spent evenings talking with my mother and watching her dote upon the kids…I love the way she loves them. By the end of our trip we were all happy and filled to the brim. The kids had an absolute blast for two weeks straight, and my relationship with my husband is stronger now than it has ever been. After four years you’d think we would have it figured out, right?! It’s all a work in progress, I guess.

I hope that you all had wonderful holidays. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of reading tonight and in the next week.

There are a lot of really fun things happening here on this lil’ ol’ blog of mine. I am so excited for 2010! Happy New Year to all of you- I’m wishing you all of the best.


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