Sesame Street Live!

Today was a very special day for Bubba and I. A day that I had been wanting for so long… time with just my little man. There haven’t been many opportunities for me to have one on one time with the kids at all unfortunately, so when one comes up I definitely jump at it. Sadly, today my one-on-one time came at Birdie’s expense. She was too sick to join us at the show, but on the bright side she did get some daddy time!

We have been wanting to take the kids to see Sesame Street Live at Madison Square Garden, but I honestly didn’t know how we were going to make it work. Then I got an email earlier this week inviting myself and the rest of the family to not only see the opening show, but also to meet some of the characters! Honestly, pinch me. I was (and still am) more excited than Bubba ever was. He isn’t much of a television watcher, so I don’t think this was a huge deal to him. The same thing happened when we met Santa Claus. I was ecstatic, but him-not so much. In fact, his reaction to Elmo and Cookie Monster was exactly the same as his reaction to Santa. He took one look at them and nearly scaled his way up onto my shoulder. So I got to sit on their laps, too.


He was far more interested in covering himself and me in stickers and tattoos.


While he was busy with that and we were waiting to go into the theater, I was able to finally meet and chat with some fellow City bloggers that I love so much: Carol, Lisa, Corine, and Heidi, it was so great to meet you all!

The show itself was so much fun. It wasn’t too loud, the lights were just enough, and the music was energetic without being too obnoxious. Well, relatively anyway. Dare I say I even got a TEENSY bit choked up when Big Bird told the children not to grow up too fast. I used to LOVE Sesame Street as a child, and when he said that I felt like I was a child again, sitting right next to my own baby.


The lights went up, we grabbed all of our goodies (and an extra Zoe doll for our Z at home) and headed outside to catch a cab home. Such a fun day.


If any of you will be in the NYC area for the next month or so and would like to see Sesame Street Live at Madison Square Garden, email me at and I will send you a code for a 50% off discount on tickets. Awesome, right?

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