Sprung on SPRING

Just when I thought that I couldn’t take any more… the sun came out. Just last weekend, Ol’ Man Winter decided to throw a monsoon our way and I thought we were doomed for another couple of weeks until the sun came out. I took the kids out in the stroller to go to a children’s concert and was drenched by the time I got down the street. After the second umbrella broke, I just broke down. There are certain times that I would really love to have car. I really miss having a car. I don’t feel stranded and I love walking everywhere, but NOT during a monsoon. We ended up hailing a cab and made it to the show on time… but I think that was my Winter breaking point.

Two days later, the sun came out. This time, I think it may be coming around a lot more often! At least, I’m really hoping it will. I can tell you this: I have never had an appreciation for nice weather that was this profound. Seasons are amazing.

I love getting this excited about seeing little green tips on all of the tree branches.

I love staying outside for hours and watching the kids run back and forth on the playground just because they can.

I love wearing my TOMS without any socks and feeling the breeze on my ankles.

I love Spring clothes.

I love being able to have the windows open and letting in the cool spring breeze (it even smells like Spring!)… even though the loud noise of the city also comes in.

I love that Bubba will ride his scooter, and Birdie brings her baby stroller every where we go. These little city kids will always be my California babies.






(my iPhone pix.. because my Canon crapped out on me. I died a little right along with it)

I’m ready to be done with COLD and RAIN and SNOW and SICKNESS. DONE. BE GONE.

Bubba is actually finally feeling better after a little weird illness. He started coughing one day, and then we ended up with THIS:


His cough progressed into a wheeze after about two days, at which point I also realized that his poor little chest was really pulling to get some air. Quick trip to the pedi and he was hooked up to a nebulizer. His airways were inflamed from a virus, and he will be more susceptible to it in the future, so we got to bring it home for good. I just hope he doesn’t have to use it again.

And one more thing…


She’s 18 months old today. A whole YEAR and a HALF young! I can’t get out of my head that when Bubba was just about her age I was having another baby. Seems crazy now!

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