New York, New York, Big City of Dreams…

My life has gotten a little crazy lately. Crazy in a way that I never, ever thought it would. Crazy in a New York City kind of way.

I started this blog initially to keep my family up to date with our life and our transition from California to Manhattan. Keeping it public seemed like the easiest option for everyone involved- no passwords or Google accounts to fuss with. Knowing it would be public made it easy for me to get creative and experiment with things in the posts before we moved. I started getting a few readers and it was a fun outlet for me. It’s been an excellent venue to express my concerns and worries about living in New York City with children, and over the past year I’ve gained so many valuable friendships along the way. Momma’s Gone City has changed my life in the most positive ways possible.

After we moved, things started happening. I received an email asking me to interview some very important people for a very important cause. I was floored. I couldn’t believe that I (little ol’ ME) was going to be a voice for the blogosphere on a topic that I care a lot about. And interview a CELEBRITY.

The emails started slowly trickling in. Invitations to attend events, product launches, and website promotions with TV personalities. I don’t know how “they” found me, but I’m so glad and appreciative that they did. At these event I’ve met more wonderful people, bloggers, mothers, fathers, and friends than I ever would have without this blog. We’ve gotten to do things that I would have never thought possible and it’s been amazing.

The last few weeks have been particularly surreal. I have been so busy and I haven’t been quite sure how/when/WHERE to post about them (given some BlogHer restrictions), and I am now… BURIED. On Friday I will be celebrating my one year Momma’s Gone City anniversary and I’m hoping to have it dialed in by then. Until then, I have a sneak peek at some of the neat events I’ve been privileged to attend:

The press room at the launch of Teri Hatcher’s Get Hatched website

Helena Christensen at the Macy’s Bali Bra event

Trista Sutter and Jessica Denay at their “Hot Moms To Be Handbook” event

I can’t wait to tell you about all of this excitement. Includes Dara Torres, Jill Zarin, and other pretty cool stuff. Pinch me.

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