Project Mom: Life is a Highway

When I think back to my life a year ago, I feel like I was a completely different person.  A different mother, a different wife, a different daughter.  Before my family uprooted and left everything remotely familiar to live in Manhattan, I was a fraction of the person I am today.

Life was  a diluted version of what it is now.  I was a diluted version of who I am now.

I have always been passionate but lacked the confidence to really put myself out there.  I went to fashion design school because I was artsy and gifted but ended up working in the accounting department of a law firm.  I played the violin and guitar for years and eventually put them both in their cases for good.  For most of my life it seems, I’ve been in search of myself.  Even when I had my children, I felt that my life filled with purpose, yet I was still missing something: Me.

Almost a year ago we sold our cars and drove a U-Haul to New York City, filled to the brim with everything we owned including our goldfish, Bob.   I was fearful of the big city, but most of all I was fearful of raising my children in such an insanely urban lifestyle,  away from our family and everything we knew.

During this time I also started a blog to document our transition so that our family could keep in touch.  What has happened as a result of this has been truly mind boggling.  Once we moved and I continued to write about our new city life, I started to get invited to participate in events.  I was asked to interview Mariska Hargitay’s husband, Peter Hermann for an event about teen domestic violence. Through these events and the online world, I began to meet friends and fellow bloggers  here in the city and all around the country. I found my voice through writing, and my confidence through fighting through the fears of uncharted territory.

I took a risk by moving to Manhattan and what has transpired though blogging about it has lifted me up, guided my way through the unknown, and inspired me to continue to use my voice and creativity.

I think my story is interesting and believe people would enjoy hearing it, even if I’m not riddled with the drama that usually comes with reality television.  I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, and it just goes to show that New York City truly is the big city of dreams.

This is a submission for Project Mom, casting for a reality television show highlighting bloggers.  I’ve always thought this would be a fantastic idea and am interested in being a part of it because of what blogging has done for my life.

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  • I am amazed at just how awesome you are. The simplicity of your blog and its honesty is what I like about it! Keep going the direction you are going, but it looks good on you! 😉 HUGS, Lisa

  • You go! We are happy to have you here and you have been a fantastic addition to the Big Apple. The show would be lucky to have you;)

  • Bravo! Good luck! I have loved watching you flourish into this amazing woman so sure of her self and her voice. I love being your friend! Good luck!! It would be awesome to see it happen for you!

  • Congrats, Jessica!! On your new blog, and finding your beautiful voice! 🙂 You deserve all that comes your way!

  • So proud of you and I always knew you had a blog inside you! See you very soon…

  • Thanks! I needed this today. I’ll be joining you in a week and half, and I can’t decide between nervous and excited.

  • One day I know I’m going to be able to say I knew Jessica when…. reach for the stars and you may just get your dream 🙂

  • Very nice! I like the writing here.

  • Wonderful! Keep on finding that voice and sharing it with us. I love your blog and the new design. Oh, by the way, this is Lisa from EVO. We were in the vlogging workshop together.

  • yes. if you were selected, I would even get cable back just to watch you. I am super fascinated by your life (in a totally non-creepy way of course). Hope you’re chosen!

  • You would be fantastic on the show. Fantastic.

  • Great entry! Here’s to the “drama-less” moms who also have a lot to offer to this show! I’m a transplant FROM NYC…I think you’re lucky to be raising your kids there! Good luck!

  • For someone who wants desperately to live in Manhattan someday, what you have done is incredibly inspiring.

  • What a beautiful post. I love connecting with bloggers who write to share their experiences, rather than just for the freebies. Nice job!

  • I think you are amazing and would be awesome for the show!

  • Good luck! I enjoy your blog. I love that you are a positive voice for being a mom in New York, one of the few that I hear.

  • you rock!
    awesome post!

  • Beautiful and truly honest words. So great to hear your voice singing so clearly and confidently. Love to see you believing in yourself and reaching for those stars.
    Good Luck Jessica!!

  • Here’s what I like about your Project Mom submission vs others I’ve seen/read: it’s authentic without being preachy; you don’t claim to be a spokesperson for all moms; you still possess a vulnerability in your writing even though you are growing everyday in your journey as a Mom. In the world of mom bloggers, it’s hard to be original…and you definitely have that working in your favor!

  • I’m positively humbled by all of your responses. Thank you all so much for your honesty and kind, supportive words! Truly, I’m blown away.

    xx Jessica MGC

  • I’m always inspired by your blog. I used to work in the entertainment industry (before having kids), which was exciting and different everyday. My life now often feels very ordinary; although I chose to be home to raise my kids. When I read your blog, I feel that I can still have an awesome and interesting life by just going for it. ~Jess in So. Cal

  • I love your story from here and I’m guessing I’d love it even more on t.v. Good luck!! 😀

  • Yay Jessica! Loved reading this. SO excited to meet you NEXT WEEK, roomie! For real… so excited! 🙂 Good Luck, honey! I just wrote my submission for this late last night… phew!

  • What a fantastic story – way to go!! I am not sure I could be so brave!

    I LOVE the name of your blog. Just LOVE it!

    Would love to interview you at BlogHer for our site. I will be the one with the identical twin and a camerawoman. 🙂

  • What a fantastic story! Way to go. I couldn’t be so brave I don’t think!

    I LOVE the name of your blog. Just LOVE it!

    I would love to interview you at BlogHer – I will be the one with the identical twin and the camerawoman!

  • Love your new design and I totally think you would be perfect for this. Good luck!
    I’ll be in your city for some parties this next week. Can’t wait to experience NYC 🙂

  • Good luck!!! You are awesome! I really LOVE your new blog look by the way!! Very fancy yet simple!

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