First Dates with BlogHer

by Jessica Shyba on August 13, 2010

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This past weekend feels like a blur.  It’s now Thursday, incredibly, and a week has past since the craziness of BlogHer ’10 started.

I had a great time.  I had wonderful room mates at the Hilton, and made some great friends and memories.  I even got to spend some time (not enough) with one of my closest friends, Sue, who inspired me to start this blog.

Loukia of LouLou's Views and Me

There were some chest-tighteningly-beautiful moments, ones that made the whole weekend worth it.

Grown women wearing bright, beautiful tutu’s and big smiles all in the name of one boy who needs a little lift (and maybe a miracle).

Women that had lost children and husbands and parts of themselves, some of whom weren’t afraid to share their stories and heartbreak out loud, in front of hundreds of faces at the conference.

I cried, then laughed, then cried harder, then laughed harder at the Voices of the Year Ceremony.

I made dear friends that couldn’t have been more lovely, wonderful, and real.

Emily, Design Her Momma

Adam Avitable

Casey, Moosh in Indy

My friends here in the city threw some fabulous, rockin’ parties and I couldn’t seem to make it to all of themI even ate McDonald’s.  At night. At a party (those who know me know this is rare).

Aimee Giese, Greeblemonkey

I got carsick in cabs with out-of-townies, and even that was fun.  I’m usually sick in cabs by myself.

Some of us ventured out to the Meatpacking District to get fancy on the roof of the Gansevoort Hotel.   How there are no pictures of this night, I’ll never know.  Later on we met up with more friends for an unforgettable-and fantastic-night of karaoke.

Update! Found the link to Maria’s video of karaoke. Awesome.

That, to me, is the magic of BlogHer.

There wasn’t nearly enough time to see everything or meet everyone that I had wanted to.  It felt like a really incredible first date, and then BlogHer ’11 called for a second date.

I’m in.

*I took only two photos the entire time I was at the conference, and I took them on the bus tour that I hosted with New York City Mama.  I didn’t want to lug around the DSLR with the 75′ lens, so I relied on my friends.  If I didn’t LOVE to take pictures, I’d do this more often!

The building building that the one in "Friends" was modeled after. Think "Central Perk".

View from the tour bus

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