Angelina Ballerina: Our First Off Broadway Show

We’ve been in New York City now for a year, and hadn’t seen an actual theater performance up until last night. I didn’t anticipate our first experience to be with our children, and I didn’t expect to smile so much my face hurt. We were invited to a reading and behind-the-scenes action for the new musical, Angelina Ballerina. I don’t think I could emphasize how much we all enjoyed it (the kids more than I, if you can imagine).

We were invited initially to meet the cast, the writer of the stage performance, and watch them go through their first full reading. It was so neat to see how these shows are put together, from the musical script to the costumes.

The cast features Amber Coartney, Sarah Elaine Hoffman, Whitney Autumn Meyer, Cassie Okenka, Eric Restivo, Kevin Michael Wade, Amy White and Amanda Yachechak.

Angelina’s Costume Sketch

When it came time to see the dress-rehearsal, both Jack and Zoe were already completely immersed in all things Angelina Ballerina. From the tv show, to the original book they were gifted, to the ballerina themed party we threw for Zoe’s birthday. Yet I still didn’t know what to expect out of their attention span, especially since this was their first musical theater experience. Much to my surprise, they sat completely glued through the entire performance, donning the Angelina mouse ears they were given before the show. I had to choke back tears a couple of times, watching their eyes and smiles and clapping, thinking of how amazingly lucky we are to have these experiences in such a fantastic city.


He demanded to wear the ears to preschool today.

The Boys and Girls Club of Kips Bay with the cast.

The show itself was engaging, and funny, the songs were catchy and the length of the performance was perfect. I thought it was very true to the style of the book, even Angelina herself sounded and looked as I would imagine her in real life. The characters all had great smiles and energy throughout the performance, even I was entertained the entire time. The show was held at the Vital Theater on the Upper West Side, and is small enough that the performances feel very intimate. Truthfully, I cannot say enough good things about the experience. My only issue now is convincing Zoe that all of the mice need to rest, so she can’t go see the show every single day. She’s already asked no less than 50 times today.

I hope these memories last with them, even a little. I suppose I have backup if they forget!



More specific information and a chance to win four tickets to see Angelina Ballerina The Musical in New York City, please go here.

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  • Maybe if my parents had taken me as a kid, I wouldn’t be so damn bored by most musical theater now!

  • What any exciting experience! My daughter loves Angelina.
    Her first show was at age 3 – a local production of the Nutcracker. She sat on her Dad’s lap completely entranced. I was tearing up the entire time at her cuteness. I will never forget it.
    And you won’t either! I promise…
    Thanks for posting.

  • Hey,
    Nice write-up! Isn’t the theater on the Upper West Side? My significant other is in the production, but I’m away at school and was delighted to see some photographs and thrilled to hear the kids (and adults) enjoyed it so much! Thanks!

  • and again, I am super envious of you and your life. Bet your jealous that we did yard work today. Ok, probably not..

  • So fun! I cannot WAIT to take my little girl to a show. I just became a follower of yours, because we’re about to move our very predictable life to a completely new city in seven months, and its nice to see that you can do it with TWO kids in the city of all cities. 🙂

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