New Fall Favorite: Apple Picking

Every time we do something new and fun here in New York, I become more and more convinced that I am utterly in love with this city. Last year, we had lived here for about six weeks when fall came around and I decided to take the kids home to California to celebrate my favorite holiday, Halloween. We went to our usual favorite pumpkin patch, and trick-or-treated in same neighborhood that I had gone to as a child.

This year, while the weather has caught me off guard and totally unprepared-seriously, it feels like a light switch went off and all of a sudden it is Fall- yet I am determined to embrace it. It’s stunningly gorgeous and I’m already obsessing over all things pumpkin. It’s true, while I may be am in denial that old man Winter is knocking on our door, I also completely adore New York City in October.

Yesterday, Justin had the morning off from school so we decided last minute to take the kids apple and pumpkin picking. We are really lucky that there are ZipCar’s available in our building, so we ordered one and hopped on the road around 8:45 AM and headed towards Dr. Davies farm in Rockland. The drive itself was super easy, and took about 45 minutes all totaled (bonus: only one stop and zero puking!).

This farm was everything that I was hoping for, aside from the modest (yet pricey) pumpkin selection. Family owned and operated, it was super cozy and nearly the perfect experience.



The apple orchards were phenomenal. Great assortment of nicely ripened apples on full trees, the kids had so much fun tromping around picking and munching.





After we filled half of a bushel- about 25 lbs- we went on a hay ride into the “pumpkin patch” where the kids got to pick out a little pumpkin and I went nutty over the beautiful scenery.



We ate a picnic lunch (despite bellies full of apples) and got back on the road. We were back in Manhattan in less than 40 minutes, just in time for naps.

The best part of all of this is I now have a fridge full of apples. I’m scouring the internet for the best apple pie, applesauce and apple muffin recipes. If you know of any I’m all ears!

I’m happy to put this experience in the pile of examples of why we should consider staying in Manhattan even slightly longer than we “need” to.

Special thanks to Mommy Poppins for the awesome Pumpkin Picking guide!

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  • Beautiful pictures! We just came home with a couple dozen apples from apple picking too. I made applesauce using an easy recipe from Allrecipes:
    PS: I think you visited Dr. Davies (vs Dickies), right? Happens to be in my backyard!

    • Ha!! You’re completely right. Dr. DAVIES. oops!

      Thank you for the recipe! (and thank you for the compliment!)

  • What a beautiful day! You found the perfect spot to celebrate Fall! I love seeing other areas of New York.

  • That looks like a lot of fun. I’ve never been apple picking before.

  • Gorgeous photos! Looks beautiful…

  • Looks like such a great time! Love the photos πŸ™‚ I’m a new follower to your blog…check out my blog I posted a great recipe for Cranberry Apple Crisp.
    We used our apples that we picked, too!

  • You were on my mind for no particular reason tonight and I’m glad I stopped by. First of all, your kids are so adorable, I can’t stand it. And I don’t just say that about kids. They ARE adorable. And secondly, I love fall! I love the pumpkins, leaves, apples, and everything else. We hit a brief heat wave and then hopefully we’ll head back to fall-like temperatures. I know you can do a lot but simply coring an apple, add brown sugar and butter in the core, and bake. Delicious!!

  • so fun – I want to do this with my kids, and I figured being in the heartland it would be easy to find a good spot, but the pumpkin patches around here are like amusement parks – and it costs $10 even for the kids! Sorry, but I’m not paying $50 just to get IN to the pumpkin patch, not to mention extra money for the pumpkins! Sorry to vent πŸ™‚

    I just wanted to add that I am totally living vicariously through you – my husband and I want to move to NYC so badly, even though it isn’t exactly practical for a family of 5. I just love hearing about all of your adventures, and if we ever make it there I am so calling you up for tips and playdates! You have such a beautiful family, enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

  • what an attractive family! I love apple picking and all things Fall in NYC. I took my son apple and pumpkin picking last weekend and he loved it! cheers!

  • I just made applesauce last week for the first time. πŸ™‚

    I peeled and cored 10 apples and cut them into chunks, threw them in the crockpot with 1/2 cup water and a teaspoon of cinnamon (I left the sugar out – the apples were sweet enough on their own) and let it cook on low for about 6 hours. It came out so yummy!

  • BEAUTIFUL pics as usual, we’re actually planning on doing the exact same thing (Zipcar included) on Sunday. But I think it will be an all girl-w/our babies day lol. NYC is GREAT in the fall and your kids are sooo adorable in it!

  • Awesome pictures, Jessica! I love apple picking with my boys, we have gone twice. However, if you see my pictures, they’re not as nice as yours. My 2 year old kicked his shoes off and decided to lie down in the grass eating fallen apples!

  • I love pumpkin/apple picking! And I agree that fall is one of the best things about the Northeast. I grew up in CT and that is one of the reasons I didn’t want to leave this area. We even were married in the fall! On the subject of apples – I don’t know if you guys eat meat (or use a crock pot – I am currently obsessed). But I made a delicious apple and chicken dish in the crock pot – it was fabulous!!

  • This is where you become Super Mom. You live in NYC, and you took your kids apple picking. I live in Indiana and didn’t make it out. So sad…

  • What amazing photos! Your kids are gorgeous and you’re really talented — thanks for friending me on FB — I hadn’t been around here in a while, and enjoyed the stop!


  • The pictures came out perfect! Sounds like a fun place.

  • LOVE the pics of your cuties in the pumpkin patch. I have lived all over the US and the couple of years spent living in FL and CA I missed autumn the most. It truly is fall when you can pick apples in the crisp air with the crunchy leaves on the ground! Makes me so happy to be a New Englander now.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Beautiful babies and a beautiful experience!

    I’m loving my first Fall here in the PNW!

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