Momma’s Gone Gifty: Day 1

Last year, I really wanted to do a gift guide but just couldn’t pull it together. Obviously, I’m running a little late on this one as well but I had to go forward with it.

I absolutely love gifting things to people. Every year, I am notorious for emptying my bank account on gifts for friends, loved ones, and of course my children. Now that we’re in Dental School and on a “fixed income”, I’ve really had to reign myself in and honestly it’s been fairly difficult not to be disappointed about it. We are so blessed in so many other ways that I am beyond grateful for, and have been trying to find a way to give back in any way I can. So, you’ll see that some of the things listed in my guide will be available to win, either for yourself or someone else.

Not everything included in the this guide is available for giveaway, but many of them are. I really just dig these products and would be pretty thrilled to give them to anyone! I made sure to look for unique, fun things as well as functional pieces.

Today marks the first of three days of my Holiday Gift Guide.

Babies and New Mothers


Aden+Anais muslin swaddling blankets are some of my most favorite things. Both of my children still to this day sleep with their blankets. They are large (47″x47″), 100% cotton and super soft and breathable. I’ve used them for everything from swaddling, nursing, and as sun shades.
The Issie security blankets– made of soft satin and 100% cotton also make a beautiful gift for the little ones.


Maclaren has a bunch of amazing things coming in 2011. This stroller blanket with the map of NYC on it was one of the things that stood out the most at the preview I attended a few weeks ago. Super soft and vibrant, I personally want one. While they are mostly known for their stroller systems, Maclaren also has a beautiful line of bathing products called Beginning. , made of all natural and organic ingredients. This Travel kit includes:
Purifying Bath and Shower Elixir (25 ml / .85 fl oz)
Supporting Belly Balm to support a changing belly and help prevent stretch marks (15 g / .5 oz)
Connecting Massage Oil to promote a loving bond with baby (25 ml / .85 oz)
Alleviating Leg Lotion to revive and refresh tired legs (25 ml / .85 oz)
Balancing Facial Mist a hydrating aromatherapy pick me up (25 ml / .85 fl oz)
Nurturing Bath Milk to soothe away the stresses of the day (25 ml / .85 fl oz)


Little Alouette teething toys and rattles are handmade in Ohio of locally outsourced hardwoods and finished with 100% organic flaxseed oil. They are smooth and modern looking, easy to grasp for little hands. They are a unique and special gift.

Giveaway Details

I have been thinking for months how I could give back to not only my readers, but to those who aren’t as fortunate as well. Last week, Jenny (The Bloggess) published a blog post offering the first twenty commenters $30 Amazon Gift Cards for those who were in need. What happened as a result of her thoughtfulness and kindness was nothing short of amazing and truly heartwarming.

I’m not trying to duplicate what Jenny did-as much as I would love to- but I thought I would give away a few items from my 1st annual MGC Gift Guide to those who might need it more than the rest of us. I can think of a handful of people that I would love to buy for: My doormen. All four of them have several small children and spend holidays away from them to watch the building that I live in. There is a nanny friend of mine who is away from her own children for 12 hours a day, sometimes 6 days a week and is struggling to make ends meet. I’m sure there is someone- even yourself- that would appreciate something new and lovely.

I have a set of the Aden+Anais Issie security blankets and a Maclaren Travel Set to give to either you or someone you know. Just leave me a comment or email explaining why you would like these things or whom you would give them to. I realize these aren’t anything huge, but they are special!

I’ll announce the winners on Friday.

Happy Holidays!

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  • I would love either of these gifts but especially the blankets. If I got the blankets I would keep one for my little girl and give another to a friend who doesn’t have much this holiday season. I have always loved swaddling my kids tight when they are little. It makes for such a better sleep. If only I could swaddle my 5 year old, she could use some help sleeping these days. Thank you.

  • Honestly, I’d keep both prizes for myself. Why? Well, after I had my Moo, I had pretty much sworn off having any more kids. I was happily satisfied with my one little angel. So, I started giving away most her blankets, extra clothes and some of her older toys since she’s now a two year old toddler. I mean I have away tons of stuff.

    Then bam!! I get sick back in September and I brush it off as being food poison or the flu only to find out I’m pregnant. My first thought was to feel foolish about giving away all that baby stuff because now my husband and I are in a position where we pretty much have to go out and buy the same stuff over or at least he does because I’m a SAHM now. So, winning this giveaway would just eliminate one more item off our list.

    And the Maclaren body products would come in handy to use on Moo since she has sensitive skin and it’s hard to find quality Green products to use on her delicate skin. Not to mention, I’m just totally taken with anything Maclaren.

  • I would give these items to my younger sister who just had her 3rd baby (girl) and is currently in the middle of a divorce. She is already sad being because this will be her first Christmas alone as a single mom. I would be so grateful as she would too!

  • Well, we just had our third child and a few weeks later my husband lost his job. So, I would probably keep some of the items but split them and give them to a friend who is going through an equally difficult time as she too has a little one and not much money.

  • I would like to give them to your nanny friend and/or doormen and their families because of the sacrifice that they and their families are making to look after other people and keep them safe. In doing this they are helping to make the world a better place, and I would like to try to do the same thing for them too by enabling little gifts to pass their way.

  • Thank you for doing this Jessica. You are too kind. I would love to give this to the daycare that took care of H back home in Tampa. They did so many wonderful things for me while I was a working “single” mom and they would so greatly appreciate this.

  • If I got the blankets I would probably keep one and give one to my best friend who just had a baby today! She found out she was pregnant after 4 years of trying and a year after she had decided that she was just going to accept that she was only going to have one child. The bath and body set, I would keep because I never buy anything expensive for myself, and I love bath sets!

  • Jess, you are so amazing for doing this. I think of all four of my doormen too and I was trying to think of what I could get them for Christmas just to say “thank you.” They are all so kind and always spend lots of time talking to my son — way longer than I would think.

    PS: You were at that Maclaren event? I guess we must have missed each other.

  • My sister in-law is expecting their second. These would be lovely gifts to a great family.

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