Smitten for Kittens

Over the weekend, we took a family trip to Home Depot to pick up a light for the kids room. Interesting side note: The only rooms with lights installed in our apartment are the bathroom and kitchen.

We decided to stop into Petco in Union Square to replace our broken fish bowl (granite counters and glass are not a good combo). Persuasive Petco, as I now lovingly call it, just happened to be on our way home so it was an innocent enough detour. I’ve had some interesting trips to Petco in the not so distant past. That lesson turned out to be a very pleasant experience, and continues to be.

Once inside, we took the stroller to the edge of the staircase, because of course the fish supplies are downstairs. Conveniently enough, just on the other side of the staircase is the cat adoption area, stocked with about 14 cages of rescue kittens and cats.

The kids beelined for the cages as soon as they saw them. Seemed like a handy diversion while Justin went to pick out a fish bowl, so I parked the stroller.


Zoe fell in absolute love with a tabby named Tommy. Jack lingered around a set of brothers that were eyeballing him with cautious, curious glances. I watched and snapped pictures, finding great delight in watching them, watching each other.

It was then that I realized that I couldn’t really go home without one. I’m impulsive like that… it’s a trait that I’ve honed since childhood, and some might say it’s caused me a bit of trouble.

Tommy couldn’t be adopted for at least 3 days, so we headed back empty handed to take naps and spring clean/prepare an area for a litter box. Justin quickly turned around and headed out on a kitten mission.

Little did we know that kittens are hard to come by in New York City. Four hours, 5 shelters, and two incredibly impatient children later, daddy came home with a surprise.




Jack quickly named our new 3 month old kitten Charlie Tuck. She is the sweetest thing.

Today was a bit rocky, though. Zoe is reallyREALLYreally excited about the kitten… all 13 hours of this day she tried to carry Charlie around in her Easter basket, push her in her baby stroller, and give her a sponge baths. One of which she succeeded. Can you guess?

Jack on the other hand, developed an immediate and strong bond with the kitten. I kept finding them hanging out together today… Charlie even took a 2 hour nap with Jack on our puffy down comforter.




Aside from what appears to be a stomach bug, Charlie has seamlessly slipped into our home and hearts.

I’m one step closer to becoming a cat person, and a mile away from apologizing for my impulsivity. How else should life be lived, really? I’ll never know.

(ask me how I feel in a week)

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  • Congrats on your kitty adoption! I knew you’d cave. they make great pets. very LOW maintenance -except the cat box. But it’s way better than having to walk a dog 3x day. You’ll love having a cat. come on, you grew up in Los Gatos! 🙂

    • Excellent point, Laura!!

      I’m so totally in love with this little furball already.

  • I do believe we were cut from the same piece of cotton…or whatever that saying is. I cannot go near rescue animals due to that exact lack of impulse control. Charlie is adorable!!

    • I cannot tell you exactly how we made it out of there with only one. I would have liked to brought home a grown cat that was abandoned by it’s owner, but I just don’t think I could risk it with my two young children.

      I fully expect to have a farm one day! 😉

      Thank you!

  • Charlie is precious but what I like more are Jack & Zoe’s smiling faces. You made the right choice! 🙂

    P.S. My apartment also only has lights installed in the kitchen, bathroom & over the stairs…so odd! Of course I had to buy tall lamps. Its just weird we need lights in all rooms LOL 🙂

    • SO WEIRD! What is the logic behind that?!?! I’ll never know.

      And thank you 😉

  • So darling. You know it’s a kitten when a child’s hand looks big! ;p

  • Awww! As a kid who grew up with animals, I can tell you that you definitely did a great thing for your kids by getting them a rescue kitty sister to grow up with 🙂 Looking forward to future posts with all the lil’ ones!

  • Thank you!! You know that I can’t wait to post tons of pics of our little fur love baby. 🙂

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