Just Wednesday

Three days a week, I get Zoe all to myself. When we aren’t at home playing “babies”, we shop, get “coffee”, and cruise around the neighborhood when weather allows. This is the first time we’ve been able to spend time together, being the second child to a brother who is only 19 months her senior.

Yesterday was so gorgeous out, we decided to stop and see daddy at his school after we dropped off Jack at preschool. We’re lucky that NYU is walking/scootering distance from our building.


Justin in his lingering, EVER lingering, Mustache March mutton chops

We stopped to smell the flowers; The atrociously bright pink dyed daises that Zoe fancied the very most. ‘PINK! My favorite color!”


Pit stop for coffee and conversation. I hope this never ends, I always think.


And, on our way home, another photo opportunity with the pretty spring flowers because I just cannot help myself.




I miss my time with Jack. He’s my little bud, and much more sensitive and needy than Zoe. We make time together when we can muster, but for the most part it’s just the three of us. Summer is coming, and we’ll be together every single day at the various museums and parks around the city.

I cannot wait.

Big things are happening. A large project that I’m really excited about, especially as it will slightly change my everyday life. When it comes together a little bit more I’ll tell you all about it, I promise.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Cookies for Cancer benefit. I’ve teamed up with Melissa Chapman of The Staten Island Family and it promises to be fantastic.

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  • Love these pictures, Jessica. It’s nice to be able to carve out some one-on-one time with both of them. Looking forward to hearing all you have coming up with this new project! Hope it all pans out well.

  • thank you so much, Danielle! I’m a bit of a photo junkie, if you couldn’t already tell! xx

  • What a beautiful mother/daughter day! πŸ™‚
    I love the days I get Mom to myself…even now! So yes you will always have them! Gorgeous pictures.

    Good luck on you project!

  • My older boys have that scooter. The best! My first two are only 19 months apart. I had a few days a week for a few months with my youngest until baby three was born. I sometimes miss those days.

  • Fun and lovely pictures! They bring the city to CA! Haha, our husbands both love them mutton chops! Zoe looks like so much fun!

  • LOVE the pictures of Zoe in front of the flowers! Would make an awesome enlargement. πŸ™‚ So sweet that you get this special time with your little lady.

  • Hi Jessica- I don’t typically leave comments on walls- but I think your blog is absolutely great- it’s the only one I follow! I am a first time mom to a 4 month old baby girl and have a dream of moving to NYC, that oneday I hope will become reality…It is so exciting watching your career flourish but also seeing that you still have special moments like this with your family.

  • Pinkilicious! Who doesn’t love the pink flowers :)? Great pictures. I can resist all the spring colors, either. Totally identify with Zoe.

  • Hi Jessica
    Compliment to your nice blog! I’m also very hungry about colors… spring is flowing in my blood … and so I love your spring pics… Go on! Iren

  • love the photos, new york in springtime is so amazing! glad you are enjoying it πŸ™‚

  • Ah! I love it! When we stop for coffee, we get that horizon vanilla milk stuff as well. Love it.

    Miss ya, my friend!


  • I just found your blog and it’s gorgeous. I love your photos, beautiful.

    Looking forward to reading your old posts and your upcoming project!

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