Life with Charlie

This new furbaby of ours is just a delight. She has slept with us every night since she has been with us, and is the sweetest most playful creature. She loves the kids, and they both are so very proud of their new little kitten sister.

I would love to know what her life was like before we adopted her from the ASPCA. Unfortunatley, they didn’t have any information because we literally scooped her up off the the incoming kitten shipment. It’s hard to believe that we got so lucky with such a loving, gentle creature that most likely wasn’t treated the same for her entire young life.

That said, there has definitely been a learning curve to being new parents to a kitten. She’s potty trained, but her tummy has been a little queasy. The vet thinks it’s a parasite.


She’s finally noticed our Beta fish, Fred. It’s entertaining to watch her study him, but so far she hasn’t tried anything. Something tells me he could hold his own though (aren’t Beta fish mean?). Kidding of course.


We lost her for a solid hour last night in our 750 sq ft apartment. We literally tore the place apart in a panic, searching for her.
She was found nestled and sleeping in a crevice of one our 9 strollers. Serves me right. I’ll be making a large donation this week I presume.

She’s also noticed the computer, and finds the cursor to be quite the tease. She has cut into my work time, which has already been cut into 15 times over. She’s so cute though!



This morning at around this morning at around 4:30am, we were awakened by a retching kitten in our bed. We made sure she was ok, cleaned up and went back to sleep. Two hours later, Jack and Zoe joined the three of us and we all three discovered something awful.

“It smells like poo poo” noticed Zoe. “Yeah, I’m leaving, my nose doesn’t like it” said Jack.

Horrified, we searched for the culprit. Apparently Charlie had used her tail as toilet paper. We found traces on the walls, on the floor, and yes… on our comforter.

There’s a learning curve to being new parents to any creature, apparently.

I’m heading to Petco today to find her a nice, soft CAT bed.

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  • So true… so so so true. I have a couple of older cats who are always puking all over the place. (Have tried everything w vet… just their systems.) Two of the eight kittens I’m fostering at the moment have long hair, so when they first started to use the litterbox, they would get poop all over their butt fur and paws. What a nightmare. They are better now though! And my cats religiously drink from the Betta tank. They prefer it to their uber-expensive fountain.

  • So cute! If you don’t already have it, go out and buy a spray bottle of Nature’s Miracle “Stain and odor remover”. White bottle with red trim/writing. I bought ours at our local pet store. It is all natural and completely safe around kids and pets. My mom heard about it from the doggie spa her dos go to and recommended it to me when my toddler twins dual vomitted on our couch. It has also come in handy when my mother-in-law visits with her puppy. It uses natural enzymes to remove odors and stains so it would safely rid the poo smell and whatever else comes up. The last time I went to pick up a new bottle at the pet store the guy behind the counter said he has 3 kids and a couple of pets so they use it a lot and actually pour some in their laundry when they need to get an odor out of a load of wash. Good luck!

  • She is ADORABLE. She is also the twin of the one-year-old kitten we adopted in December, so I may think she’s *extra* cute. πŸ˜‰

  • what a cute kitty! hope your learning curve as cat-rents isn’t too long – i promised my daughter when she was 2 a pet when she turned 9. she’s 7 now and has never forgotten, so i guess a cat or dog is in my future too.

  • My husband and I have 2 cats. One who never pukes, but has asthma attacks where he can’t breathe for 60-90 seconds…scary! The other one pukes about every other week. Last week we woke up at 4:30am to her puking on our bed. On our new comforter…which doesn’t fit into our washing machine. A trip to the laundromat later and all was fine. She has a sensitive stomach and she also occasionally has blood in her stool or poop left on her butt. We’ve taken her to the vet numerous times and it’s always the same story. They don’t know what causes it and it costs $120 for the visit and meds which we have to squirt down her mouth. After 2 days of attempting to give her the meds, we usually give up. She spits out all the medicine and her mouth foams up then she won’t come near us for 2-3 hours. Awesome! Some cats just have sensitive or weak stomachs and many of them vomit on a regular basis. We invested in a good hand held steam cleaner which works miracles. Nature’s Miracle is great as is this tutorial for removing urine (or for that matter any smelly stain) from carpet.

  • Love the shot of her and the fish! Classic! πŸ™‚

  • My 2 year old is STILL trying to catch the cursor on my screen. It’s not quite as cute as it used to be. But hey, the poop thing goes away pretty quickly, at least.

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