BornFree with Kelly Rutherford

A few weeks ago I attended a launch for BornFree’s new Eco-Friendly line of bottles. The rain was miserable that day, but the event was held in the American Museum of Natural History and I happen to be a die-hard BornFree momma, so I hired a sitter and headed up to check out the event.


Kelly Rutherford, single mother of two toddlers was there to host the event. She has been all over the place lately, and I’m in awe of how much she manages to accomplish with two little ones at home. She makes time to stand by products that she believes in, though, and I can relate to that. Wink! “As a mom to young kids” she says, “I love that BornFree is making it easy to find a safe and healthy product for kids that is also safe for the earth.”


At the launch, BornFree vice president and co-founder Ron Vigor explained that the BornFree Eco-Friendly bottles, available in 5oz and 9oz Eco Classic and Eco Deco, can be returned to BornFree and select retailers (such as Babies R’ Us) where they will be recycled into other products such as toys and furniture.


BornFree Eco-Friendly baby bottles are 100 percent BPA-free as well as free of phthalates. All BornFree Eco-friendly bottles are made from new, unused materials. When there is no more use for the bottle, parents can simply return it to BornFree. Then, instead of going into a landfill, this sustainability program redirects the bottles to a recycling facility for reuse in the manufacturing of other goods; thereby reducing waste and impact on the environment.

On a related note, in honor of Pregnancy Awareness Month, BornFree is holding a contest on their blog site called ““Share Your Pregnancy Photo Memories” where moms are encouraged to share memories of their pregnancies for a chance to receive $150 worth of BornFree product. Details HERE.

I was not compensated for this post in any way. All opinions are my own.

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