Chatting with Chris O’Donnell

I’ll be completely honest. I’m not a huge fan of Times Square; I live my every day life in crowds simply running errands, so I try to avoid the insanity of the tourist hub as much as possible.

I’m also not a fan of packaged, processed foods-especially for my children. So, when I was invited to Times Square to help launch the new Lunchables Fruit campaign, it took some thought and consideration.

I opened up the email again and read some more:

Lunchables is donating up to one million pounds of fresh fruit to Feeding America®, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity. For each fruit photo uploaded to the Lunchables Facebook page, they’ll donate 10 pounds of fresh fruit to Feeding America®, with a pledge of donating up to one million pounds of fruit.

And, I’ll have the opportunity to interview the super darling, father of five NCIS Los Angeles star and my personal hero from Scent of a Woman, Chris O’Donnell.

Intrigued, I accepted and I’m happy that I did. Chris was genuine, kind, and completely charming. A couple of my fellow blogger friends even stepped away from their interviews blushing like school girls. He’s just like that.

It was an absolute treat speaking to him about fatherhood, city life, and his dedication to Feeding America.

The event itself was huge and even I’ll admit, I was caught up in the excitement of the lights and energy in Times Square.




I’m also completely on board with Lunchables campaign to donate up to a million pounds of fruit to Feeding America. You can get involved via their Facebook page HERE.

I’m also happy to see Lunchables tossing their candy options and replacing them with fruit. Yes, even I have been saved in a pinch or two by Lunchables, and I’ll be more inclined to turn to them in the next pinch with the fruit option.

New Lunchables with Fruit provide a full serving of fruit with DOLE® Mandarin Oranges or Pineapple Tidbits in 100% fruit juice. The new line includes: NEW Peanut Butter + Jelly Sandwich; Turkey + Cheddar Cracker Stackers; Ham + American Cracker Stackers and Extra Cheesy Pizza.

I was not compensated for my participation with Lunchables Lunch Combinations, however I was given promotional coupons and branded materials to assist in my coverage. All opinions are my own.

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  • What a fabulous opportunity! Chris Odonnell…..!!!!!

    I am so glad to hear that Lunchables is making an effort to improve their product by eliminating the candy option. Because we all know a lunchable is a quick save from time to time! And with my twins at home, I sure do need those saves!

  • What an amazing campaign and opportunity. Kids have it hard these days with all of this junk food around. It’s a complete lifestyle that needs to be set at home so they can make healthy choices outside of the home.
    Plus…Chris O’Donnell….swoon. I’ve loved him since Circle of Friends, the Irish film with Minnie Driver!!

  • Oh you’re sooooo lucky to get to interview the SUPERDARLING Chris O’Donnell! Jealous much anyone?! What an adorable, genuine, kind and big hearted guy Chris is to be spending time being a part of this great campaign! Cheers for you Chris and Lunchables too!! Keep up the good work Chris, it’s good to see Hollywood actors being so down to earth and accessible.

  • They should’ve paid YOU to interview Chris O’Donnell. Didn’t you see the Clooney/O’ Donell BATMAN. Very sad. Even the tights were disappointing.

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