Day Trip to Sesame Place (& Giveaway)

Over the weekend, we were invited to head out to Pennsylvania to celebrate Sesame Place’s opening day. The weather was promising and it’s been way too long since we all escaped the city as family, so we booked a Zip Car ($130 for a full day-worth it) and headed out for the afternoon.


I know for city residents, the hour and a half drive to Sesame Place is really worth it. The park itself is clean and not overly crowded (at least when I’ve been there), and offers a range of activities for toddlers when many amusement parks do not. It’s low key enough, and a really great day trip. It’s still amazing to me how quickly the tunnels take you out of the concrete jungle and immediately into the suburbs… and nature. I can almost feel my entire body breathe a sigh of relief. It’s absolutely crucial to find a reprieve from the craziness that is New York City… at least it is for us. I can even sense the kids relaxing. It’s not always easy finding something that is children-friendly and easily accessible that is outside of the city, though, so we’ve really taken to Sesame Place. (I consider an hour and a half drive very accessible, while taking 3 subways to the Brooklyn Zoo not so much. I might be alone in this).

Last year when we went to Sesame Place in June, the weather was really warm and we were able to splash around in the water features. This year, the last day of April was still pretty chilly so we explored the dry attractions.




We watched and danced at the Elmo Rocks! show before heading over to climb Cookie Mountain– arguably the hardest I’ve seen the kids laugh in ages.



Being a part of the media always has it’s perks. We were able to meet the newest character at Sesame Place, Murray, along with the entire rest of the crew. On a regular basis, the characters are always easy to find around the park and ready for a photo op and squeeze with the children.


Zoe glommed onto Zoe like white on rice.

My personal hero, Super Grover

We played with friends, and in the end, Jack even rode his first roller coaster ever-the Vapor Trail-and he loved it.

Cori’s adorable little fashionista with my own mini.


We had to leave the park a little earlier than planned, as Jack’s seasonal allergies were really kicking up. On our way home, we made sure to stop at a big, fancy, coupon loving, dirt cheap grocery store and packed our little Prius to the brim with everything we could. All in all, it was a very successful day.


Tickets for YOU!

If you’re within traveling distance, I’m giving away one family four pack of tickets for a day to Sesame Place (located in Langhorne, PA).

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me about your favorite Sesame Street memories.

For extra entries, follow Sesame Place on Facebook and Twitter and Momma’s Gone City on Facebook and Twitter, leaving a comment for each entry (four extra total).

I’ll choose a winner randomly next Tuesday, May 10th at midnight. Good luck!

I was not compensated for this post. As a Sesame Place Ambassador, I was given season tickets in exchange for coverage on my blog including giveaways.


First of all, I just want to tell you how much I loved reading your favorite Sesame memories. They brought back many of my own, too! Thank you to everyone that entered-I wish I could give you all tickets…. The good news is I’ll be holding these giveaways a few times throughout the summer! Stay tuned!

Congratulations to‘s pick, #124 Letty M!

If I don’t hear back from the winner by Friday, I’ll pick a new winner. Thank you again!

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  • My favorite Sesame Street memory has to be when I would watch it on PBS every morning while my mom made breakfast. I see it now with my 6 year old and the memories start to pour. I would love to win tickets to take my little V. Thanks.

  • We have taken trips to Sesame Place for the past few years but skipped last year (life got in the way). We love it for the same reasons as you…clean, not too far and not too crowded. I love that my boys (9 and 7) can hae fun on the roller coaster and water slides while Gracie (2) and I can take in the shows. My favorite experience at Sesame Place to date goes back to our first trip…watching the boys building structures and making friends in that little shaded/sunkin in area by the balloon ride. They were chatting away with fellow 2 and 3 year olds and knocking down each others structures. Too cute…and I nice cool off time for mommy and daddy.

  • I remember watching Sesame Street (Ulica Sezamkowa) when I was little in Poland! It’s funny to watch it now with my daughter and see how some of the translations made absolutely no sense! We drive by the Sesame Place sign occasionally… and I promised my daughter to take her there one day… πŸ™‚

  • How fun!

  • OMG-i love all retro-y cartoon segments like, Ladybugs Picnic and the one with crocodile king. and of course the classic when grover sings with madeline kahn. we are big fans of sesame place and are looking forward to our trip this year–we are thinking June so we can do the water rides (although May is so much more pleasant in terms of crowds).

  • Thank you for this great idea! I LOVE Grover as a waiter! My son has just discovered the joys of Sesame St and I couldn’t be happier to watch along with him on Netflix.

  • I remember watching Sesame Street as a kid when there were only 13 channels! Now, kids have access to tons of cartoons 24/7!

    My 3 kids LOVE Sesame Place, and we love taking them there because the rides are great and the park is clean.

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  • The last time I was there I took my 3 year old who just became a big sister. As a treat for her and a much needed special mommy and daughter day as well as a great job being such a good helper and big sister, that I treated her to a full day at Sesame Place. She was so proud of her role that she extended her new found maturity to trying new rides and being so brave and loving every minute of it!! Her attitude was positive and joyous and kept telling me of all the things that she was doing, she was going to teach her baby sister how to do them so she isn’t scared or won’t get hurt.
    We haven’t been back since and I am just dying to see how my two kids will interact with each other and see the pure innocence and joy of my youngest’s Sesame Place experience!!
    Thank you for giving out a free day for a special family.
    You have such a great heart!

  • My son – who is 2yrs old has never been to Sesame Place. We have plans to visit this year. He loves Elmo so much. When ever it’s sunny outside he says – Mommy its sunny today can we go see Elmo. My son is so amazing and I would love for our family to experience the magic and family environment of Sesame Place. Some of my friends have taken their children to Sesame Place and have shared their wonderful experiences with me. The parades, activities and rides at Sesame Place would totally blow my son away. He loves to climb, jump and run around so I am sure this would make an awesome family adventure. I hope our family wins the free day πŸ™‚ – Thanks!!!!

  • I remember watching as a little girl and loving it. When I was in 4th grade, my girl scout troop took a trip with our families to Sesame Place. It was the best time and I remember it like it was yesterday. My family didn’t have much money and so this was a real BIG treat for me.
    Now, my son LOVES Sesame street and his favorite right now is Elmo. He would be absolutely amazed and so happy to be able to go “meet” Elmo.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

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  • I have memories of Sesame Street on PBS here in New Jersey. All 7 of my kids absolutely loved and always watched it on TV. SO for years this is how we formed our memories. Having 7 kids at the time made it financially impossible to make the trip. But I’d so love to win this time so my daughter can take her young son to Sesame Place. He loves Elmo and he’d be thrilled. Thanks for this
    memorable opportunity to win. GFC follower under Lucky47.
    Carol L

  • When my son rides the train in the morning, he loves to point out the letters and numbers and talks about how Murray shows him those NYC street signs! He always wants to know when our train will stop on Sesame Street. We’d love to go!

  • I loved Sesame Street as a kid. Lived in Brooklyn back then and I would always try to find that street where all the muppets lived. Now, I would love to share the Sesame Street experience with my 3 year old son. He knew Elmo’s name before he could say “Daddy”.

  • My favorite Sesame Street memory is just seeing my son’s face when all the characters come down the road in the parade and he just waves and waves at them. It’s priceless!!

  • I remember watching Sesame Street when I was a kid -back in the days when you actually had to get up and walk across the room to turn the channel on the TV! Now I get to enjoy sharing the same characters (and some new ones too!) with my 3-year-old daughter. Surprising how so many things have stayed the same. Except, of course, that Snuffy is no longer invisible!!!

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  • I loved watching Sesame Street as a kid! It’s funny now, as a mother, when I belt out a song I learned when I was 5 from watching that show! How can I remember songs from so long ago? Seems like the show knows what it’s doing! πŸ™‚

  • I like Sesame Place on Facebook.

  • I loved watching sesame street as a kid and still have the songs they play memorized… favorite character has to be cookie monster!!

  • I LOVED the expression I on my daughters face when she had lunch with Elmo and his friends. It was a treasured moment.

  • Love Sesame Place! We went 2 years ago and are itching to go back. Since then I have followed Sesame Place on Facebook. My girls love Sesame Street as much as I did!

  • I’m one of the originals! Sesame Street came on the air when I was toddler and I watched it faithfully . Super Grover was also my favorite (this was pre-Elmo days)! Now my almost 2 year old watches it every day. He loves Elmo (Momo! Momo!). My cousins live in the Philly area so we are hoping to take a trip out there this summer!

  • My favorite memories of Sesame Street have to be Grover! I β™₯ Grover and always have! My sisters used to read me “Monster at the End of this book” and my oldest sister bought a copy of it when my daughter was born so I can read it to her. She loves the Grover that’s sitting in her crib.

  • I used to LOVE watching Sesame Street as a kid. I went to Sesame Place once as a kid and I can’t wait to bring my kids there!

  • I always loved the letter of day. I remember my mom and I making a letter book as we watched Sesame Street.

  • My favorite memory was waking up early to watch it on PBS when I was a little girl! LOVED Oscar! hehe

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  • My favourite Sesame Street memory was Mr. Hoopers passing πŸ™
    My new favorite… twin boys dont say many words yet, but when they see Cookie Monster “Cooookie” is as clear as day!!!

  • My favorite memory of Sesame Place was watching the Abby show with our daughter (I was pregnant with our second) and she was singing along to “Sing”… Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, but I was sobbing. I have loved watching Sesame Street with my girls, and seeing some of the same footage and songs that I remember as a kid. πŸ™‚

  • We took my daughter who was 2 at the time last year. She loves Elmo and everything sesame! She loved all of the shows and some of the rides. However, her favourite was the carousel. She rode it at least 15 times in one day! So many great memories from our trip! The pictures are priceless!

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  • My Daughter and I watch Sesame Street every morning, we have never been to sesame place, but plan on visiting this year.

  • And, I follow SP on facebook.

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  • My favorite memory is a couple months ago taking my daughter to see sesame street live. Her face lit right up!! I would really like to take my 2 year old daughter to sesame place. She really loves elmo πŸ™‚

  • I loved everything about Sesame Street as a kid! My favorite characters as a mom is Abby Cadabby and Elmo. I loved Snuffleupagus when I was a kid.

  • My favorite Sesame Place memory was my daughter standing right at the stage when the Doodlebops performed last year! She was standing in awe and when Rooney clapped her hand she turned around and looked at me with a look of pure amazement!

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  • Sesame is definitely worth the trip. We are about 1 hour away and the kids are already asking to go back.
    In the summer I recommend going on a week day if you can and getting there about 9am to park and get in at 10 when the park opens. We do the “wet rides” in the morning, tailgate lunch, change and make it back into the park for the big parade. The rest of the day we spend on the dry attractions. When the kids get older it’s better to just leave the bathing suite on for the day. They have added more water rides. Enjoy!

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  • My husband and I were able to take our daughter to Sesame Place last summer. She was amazed by it all. She was 20 months old and I couldn’t get her to stop smiling. It made my heart melt when she RAN up to Elmo and squeezed him so tight. She would not let him go. She and her daddy danced during the parade while I filmed it. She rode the rides, enjoyed the shows, even walked around the park smelling the flowers. Unfortunately we are not able to go to this year because I was laid off from my job and we cannot afford tickets. I would LOVE to win these, my daughter asks me WHEN, not IF we are going to see Elmo again. I hope you consider us for your giveaway. Thank you πŸ™‚

  • I’m a family of five and I have three Children. I took My son and daughter to Sesame Place when they where a baby. & Last season, for my youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday, we took her in October. We went on all the dry rides, and enjoyed the Halloween shows. and had dinner with the Characters. It was a great place to enjoy your birthday as a child. We watched the parade and our children had a ball. I would love to take them this season. All three of my children enjoyed this special day we spent together. With Everything being so expensive, I don’t know if we can go if we don’t win tickets. It would be a shame if my children would miss out on this awesome fabulous place. We just all heart Sesame Place!!! Hopefully we win and if we don’t, thanks for the chance and congratulations to the family that does win.

  • Still love hearing the theme song, ‘Sunny days, chasing the clouds away…’

  • I heart Sesame Place. I have wonderful memories of going there when I was a child. I now have two young boys and can’t wait to share the experience with them. We are hoping to go in June on our way to visit family. I loved the water attractions and know that they will too!!

  • My personal favorite Sesame Street memory is the classic Pinball Number Count song featuring the funky pinball machine & the throaty super funk sound of The Pointer Sisters! I now share that song (thanks to YouTube) with our 4 year old son, & he LOVES it! He learned to count to 12 due to hearing the song so many times. Before he was proficient at counting that high, he’d actually sing the song to remind himself of the numerical sequence. Further proof of the power of music to help cement knowledge in the brain!

    We would love to win tickets to Sesame Place. I’d love to surprise our son with a weekend getaway as life has been rather difficult for us lately. I have breast cancer & just underwent a bilateral mastectomy. I’ll be starting chemo soon, & our son is not handling that well. He’s very worried about mommy’s hair falling out. Please pray for his tender little heart during this rough time. I know I have been healed & will be fine, but he’s still not sure, so any prayers are appreciated!

    Happy Spring! So glad it’s finally here!

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  • Our favorite Sesame memory is watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street anytime of year. Love it!

  • We took our daughter to SP for the first time last October, when she was 21 months old. She loved it! We stayed in the Elmo area since they had a lot of rides for toddlers. We watched the “Elmo’s World show” and I loved seeing my daughter’s face when she was watching what she usually saw on TV, live and in person. She was mesmerized!!

  • Favorite memory is watching the movie Christmas Eve on Sesame Street….were they ever going to find Big Bird?!?!

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  • I have a hard time picking just one! In the summer of 2008 I was 6 months pregnant with my second child. My older daughter was only 16 months old. My husband and I decided to take her to Sesame Place as “one last trip as a family of three”. My duaghter was beside herself….she just stared at all of the characters and cried when it was time to leave Elmo at “smile with me”. It was amazing to watch her emotions at such a young age. We have loved Sesame Place ever since. Another great memory is watching “Sesame Street” with my girls (who are now almost 3 and 17 months old) and remembering the same clips from when I was little (25 plus years ago). Its great the share these memories with my girls now!

  • I loved watching sesame street when I was a kid. My favorite had to be snuffy and Barkley the dog. It’s so awesome to see your children get excited over the same show/characters that you did as a child!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  • I like Momma’s Gone City on FB!

  • My parents took me several times to Sesame Place as a kid and I loved it. My favorite memory was 2 years ago when I took my son for the first time to Sesame Place, and he looked up and Cookie Monster was standing right in front of him. He yelled KEY-COO (his word for Cookie) and ran up to hug him. It made me melt as a Mom!

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  • We have yet to get to Sesame Place so I really don’t have a wonderful memory to share but would love to take my little guy, Adam..He is 4 and I think he would love to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster..Reading other peoples memories here really makes me want to go even more..can’t wait to go and make some memories of our own..the closet I have gotten to Sesame is I had my 4d ultrasound done at Fetalvision right across the street so I got to see the park from a distance….even though it has been soo expensive, I’m gonna have to take him soon…

  • I went with my Mom, Grandmother, and Uncle when I was 4 years old to Sesame Place, on our way to one of my MANY trips to the Childrens hospital in Philly. Recently my grandmother found her packet of pictures, and sent them up to my house. It was great reminsing, and showing my kids the pictures, and noticing all of the things that have changed, and yet so much is still the same. πŸ™‚ My children would LOVE to go and meet Murry, along with all their other favorite charactors.

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  • My favorite memory of Sesame Street was seeing my daughters eyes light up when she first saw Elmo on TV. She had always seen him as a stuff animal or in a book or on her shirt. But when she saw him for the first time, she jumped and yelled and clapped her hands and was so happy. It was like she knew he was real and not just an stuff animal or something in a book. She is 2 yrs old and just saw him for the first time also live on stage just a few weeks ago. Taking her to this place would make her day, week and year!!!

  • My favorite memory was growing up on Ernie and Bert, they were always my favorites! I now have the joy of sharing the love I had for these characters with my son. O

  • I followed Momma Gone City at Facebook.

  • This is post #2 as I am a follower of SESAME PLACE on facebook too!


  • I love sesame! So does my family. We finally took the twins last year too. For the 2 years before that we took my oldest daughter. She loved it. Her face would light up anytime a character came near her at the breakfast. When we took the twins, neither my son or daughter wanted to be near the characters. We just moved from long island, ny to pa. We are still an hour and a half away. Id like to take the twins back soon and do the character breakfast with them. I enjoyed reading your story. Glad your little cuties had fun.

  • I grew up watching Sesame Street and I’m so glad I can watch my kids watch it too. I love the older episodes rather than the newer ones. My 4 year old son LOVES Sesame Place. He was diagnosed with autism 2 years ago and we weren’t sure how he would be there. To our surprise and delight, he LOVES it.

  • I rember watching Seasame Street as a kid. I loved Big Bird. Now it is so much fun seeing my daughter enjoy the same show!

  • Bert and Ernie made me happy when I was 3, and they still make me happy today! Here, FISHY,FISHY, FISHY!!

  • Me and my family love Sesame Place, we try to go every year, if the money is right for us. It is a great mini vacation for the whole family. The water park is the kids favorite, while I love to watch the shows and the characters sing and dance.

    I hope we can return again soon, and a ticket giveaway would so help us be there. Hopefully our name gets drawn for the prize. My 6 and 2 year old would so love it!!!

  • I remember waking up as a kid when the entire house was still sleeping on a sunday morning and I would wake up and put the tv on all by myself (which was a big deal) and I would watch sesame street the entire morning. I still remember the spanish words that I was taught on Sesame Street. Great Memories!

  • When I was a kid I had the “Golden Book”, “There is a monster at the end of this book”. Grover is my favorite and has been since I was a little girl.

    I couldn’t wait to share the story with my son when he was born so I bought him his own. (which he quickly used as a
    Chew toy, not the response I expected from my 6 month old with my favorite story haha). I have since bought his sister one to and the follow up book to it. I just love to share the things that I enjoyed as a kid with them, brings back so many great, humbling memories.

    Eating grill cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with my twin sister as a kid watching Sesame Street, makes me smile thinking about it.

  • My family just took our first trip to sesame place this past weekend. We are definitely fans!! I grew up on sesame place too! I love all the oldies like lady bug picnic and cookie monster always eating everything of prairie dawns lol. My son is a sesame street fanatic! He just turned 2 and loves “melmo” and murray πŸ™‚ This would be amazing to win! I’d love to see his little face light up like it did this past weekend again!

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  • I “liked” Sesame Place on Facebook , couldn’t seem to find the “momma’s gone city” page to like as well…
    My favorite memory from sesame street is just being all cozy watching with my siblings when I was little and I love that my kids get to enjoy it still too! My lil guy is obsessed with Elmo of course and when we went to Sesame Place last year we had tons of fun so we’d love to get to go back!

  • My favorite Sesame Street memory is just the gentle way it could explain hard things. I’m actually old enough to remember when Mr Hooper died (he owned the grocery store). As an adult now I cannot believe how sweetly they explained it to us kids. My own kids enjoy it as a quiet calm amongst all the loud chaos of children’s media. (STOP SHOUTING, DORA!!)

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  • Jack loves to watch Cookie Monster. I love to listen to him crack up when he shoves all the cookies in his mouth! I think he will be thrilled to meet Cookie in person.

  • My favorite memories were growing up with Big Bird, Burt & Ernie and all the residents of Sesame Street. I don’t remember a day that I didn’t watch it!! Now my little boy (just turned two) is a HUGE Elmo fan!! Elmo even came to his 2nd birthday party! We watch Sesame Street everyday, sometimes even twice a day! Watching it with my baby just reminds me of a safe, comfortable, loving and caring environment that I grew up in and am glad to be able to provide that for my son. Sesame Street is just a good, wholesome show!!!!

  • I always enjoyed cookie monster growing up. He was funny to me! My daughter loves Sesame Place. She loves Abby <3.

  • our favorite memory was the rock concert. the whole family was singing and dancing along. we love all the rides too.

  • My favorite Sesame Street memory is watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street every year. Learning the song in sign language & wondering along with Big Bird, how Santa gets down that tiny chimney were among the memories that stick out the most. I’ve since obtained a copy for my own kids to watch now at Christmas time.
    My little ones would love the opportunity to see the characters at Sesame Place this season – I hope you can help us – Thank you!
    btw – great shots of your visit – your Zoe’s smile is precious!

  • We are so looking forward to our forst ever trip to Sesame Street place this summer! We have a 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old that are super excited and bursting with excitement. We are going to make it a 2 day adventure and use some of your tips to make our adventure the best. Thanks for the blog.

  • My favorite memory of Sesame Street is of our visits to Sear in Staten Island when I was a child. In their childrens section they had a life size Big Bird and Cookie Monster. I would sit there while my Mom shopped and pretend I was on Sesame Street. I would talk with them and hug them. My Mom said I never wanted to go home!! I hope to one day be able to bring my 2 girls to Sesame Place so they can have their own experience that they will never forget!!!

  • My greatest Sesame Place memories have been our last visits to the park. Our first trip was a first for all four of us. Not only did we enjoy our 1st trip to Sesame Place as a first and as a family, we also got to make 2 days of the trip and celebrated both Father’s Day and my daughter’s 2nd birthday. We had breakfast with Abby Cadabby and friends (her personal favorite) and enjoy the day together celebrated 2 awesome occasions. We also spend Mothers Day at the park and couldnt have asked for a better way to spend a Mothers Day with my husband and kids : )

  • My best memory is the look on my 3yr olds face when he got there. He’ll be 10 in October and it’s still his favorite place to go. Now he has a baby brother to take. :O)

  • I used to watch it everyday when I was little.Now my son& I watch it together.He loves Elmo!Last year we were planning on going to the park& had bought tickets when we got our tax return.With my husband working two jobs it ended up we ran out of time not getting to go.My daughter& son were so disappointed they really were looking forward to going.Well since we lost out of money last year we were not going to take a chance this year to buy ticket ahead of time &lose more money.So it would make my family so happy if we won tickets& got to go there this summer!So I hope we do! thanks for a chance too!

  • My favorite memories of Sesame Street will always be Big Bird and Snuffalofficus (sure I spelled that wrong). Now my sons get to watch them πŸ™‚

  • I loved the game “Which One of these doesn’t belong?” I’m really not sure why, but that is what sticks out to me most about the show when I was a kid!

  • Amanda L. Giersz-Toth
    So far my favorite Sesame Street adventure was taking my two year old to see Sesame Street live. I grew up watching Sesame Street, while now adays some families just stick to the shows on Disney or Nickelodeon. Well not me, my daughter faithfully watches Elmo at 10 am each day. She even knows when it’s time for morning snack….Elmo comes on. I recently took her to see Elmo live and the look on her face was priceless. She kept yelling “Hi Elmo, it’s me Emma.” I would really love to win this trip to Sesame Place because I think my daughters would love it. We have been trying to plan a trip there since the beginning of the year, but nothing seems to be falling into place. Congrats to whomever wins the tickets and your children are adorable!!!!

  • I follow Sesame Place on Facebook and I’ve heard such great things that I’m dying to take my 2 year old this summer when we visit PA from Chicago! “Sing. Sing a Song. Make it simple to last your whole day long!”

  • My greatest memory is going with my 18 month olds daughter and mother who is now deceased because she loved Sesame Place herself. My mom has now passed away and couldn’t do much when we took my daughter (she had cancer) she sat on a bench and when we went this past weekend I passed the area she was sitting in and thought of our time there 3 years ago! It made me smile : )

  • I just recently started taking my kids to Sesame Place last summer and they love to watch the show as did I when I was a kid, but my favorite Sesame memories have nothing to do with my kids or the show itself! Growing up, we lived 10 minutes from the park (still do) and would visit frequently. The sad part of my favorite memories is that I can’t relive them with my kids because everything I remember from my childhood is long gone with the last piece being removed to put in the merry go round. Quite sad really. My favorite things included the swings at the top of the nets (yes, the nets are still there, but no more swings), Big Bird Bridge, the computer lab, the rainbow room, the shadow room, the music room, the little plexi-glass maze that was in direct sunlight and extremely hot all the time yet so much fun, the in-ground maze, the giant sandbox with faucets on the wall for washing your hands, the zip line, the ball pits, pictures in Ernie’s bathtub or Oscar’s trash can, the original Ernie’s Water Works…so many fun things and educational things that just aren’t there any more. Too much has been replaced with food and merchandising. I still love Sesame and will continue to take my kids there, but I just wish they had left a little bit of the original park for those of us who grew up there.

  • We’ve gotten season passes every year for 3 years and we have so many awesome memorys there. This year we couldnt get them because I had to start back on chemotherapy. My youngest doesnt quite understand and every time we drive by he asks if its open so we can go in “the bucket”.

  • Our family loves Sesame Place. We especially love how considerate they are with food allergies. My mother took me and my sisters to Sesame Place once every summer. Like you, we felt like it was our escape from the city and we looked forward to it every year. I hope to keep that tradition going with my kiddos!

  • Every year when I take my children,they just love it I have 3 children ages 12,10,and 8 ,we all enjoy the shows,water park but most of all the greeting of the caraters when they walk around the park…I will love to take them back there but the money has gotten I will LOVE LOVE LOVE to keep taking my kids there and with your help I will be able to do that this year….Thank you in advance

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  • My favorite memories of Sesame Street were being introduced to the show by my toddler niece the first year it was on the air. What a dynamic learning experience for her, and for me to see life through fresh eyes. I also was able to incorporate some of the lessons into my own classroom teaching in elementary school.

    I am pleased that my niece’s love affair with Sesame Street continues to enhance life with her six year old daughter, and two year old son. I get excited with them when watching Sesame Street when I visit.

    Long live Sesame Street!

  • Being from Winnipeg, MB, Canada, I have never personally had the opportunity to visit Sesame Place. I have been reminded again (with watching the programs with my daughter), what a wonderful program Sesame Street is and the lessons they teach. My daughter was a delayed talker and did not say more than 10 words at 2 years of age. She has always loved Elmo and now that she is almost 4 she does not stop talking. It has been very interesting over the last 2 years as her speech has developed, she will say something about an episode that she watched a year ago, when I question her on it she says she saw it on Sesame Street. We are planning on taking her this year as a surprise for her birthday, We are not telling her that we are going, and she has no idea that Sesame Place even exists. I really can’t wait to see the expression on her face when we pull up in the parking lot, and when we have breakfast with Elmo. Although we live very far away, our flights are booked as is our accommodations, the only thing we need are our passes πŸ™‚

  • My favorite Sesame Street memory is hearing my older son sing along to Elmo’s World. It was great to see him interacting with the characters.

  • I loved watching Sesame Street as a child. PBS was channel 2 in our house! My favorite memory is of Ernie singing the “Rubber Ducky, you’re the one! You make bathtime so much fun!” song. I sing that to my kids now!

    My two kids love going to “Elmo Land” which is what they call Busch Gardens in Williamsburg since it has a Sesame Street play area in it. Would love to take them to the real “Elmo Land!”

  • my favorite sesame place memory would be one from last november…i took my son, for the first time, to the halloween spooktacular…and he loved it! he was so excited to see the sign, that said “sesame place…” we went inside, and there was so much to see and do, we didn’t know where to start…we went on the rides, did some games, even saw a show and the parade…he loved every minute of it! he didn’t want to leave, and either did i…and we’re hoping to go back again this summer, and bring my daughter too…it was just a great day and lot of fun, for both of us…how can you not love sesame place πŸ™‚

  • I like Sesame Street because it is one of the”original” kids shows.It is a show that I grew up watching and you can learn from it.Thanks for the chance to win tickets.This was on our list of places to visit this year.We have never been there.

  • My favorite memory is singing “Lady Bug Picnic” – we have taught it to our daughters and it is one of their favoites too!!

  • My sons 3 & 9 and I love Sesame Place. We were seasons pass holder for the past 2 years…. not in the budget for this year. So winning these tickets would be awesome.

  • My daughter got to dance in the parade this opening weekend at Sesame Place. It was so much fun!

  • My fondest memory would have to be the day my family and I went to Sesame Place. I, as a child, loved to watch Sesame Street. It has always been pleasantly surreal to me that now both my children love Sesame Street too. As a parent, I can now appreciate the educational value this program provides to my children along with the fun and laughs. The day we all went to Sesame Place was probably one of the best days of our lives. To have the set come to life and to meet and hug the beloved characters was such a special experience. To see the utter joy, excitement and true happiness in our children’s faces was worth every penny. We never wanted to leave but made a promise that we would return sometime in the future. Unfortunately, we haven’t been since, but I would love another opportunity to relive that special day with them once again.

  • I never really watched Sesame Street when i was a kid but i did know what it was. Now that my 2 year old son LOVES Sesame Street, we watch it all the time. He loves Elmo (of course!) and Cookie Monster. He even pretends to crunch on a cookie when you ask him who Cookie Monster is, too cute. We went to Sesame Place last weekend and my son absolutely LOVED it there. It took us about 2 hours to get there from Baltimore. We had never been before but he loved it. We couldn’t get on water rides as it wasn’t warm enough but we did stick our feet in the water, it was cold! We would LOVE to go back so hopefully you pick us πŸ™‚

  • My favorite memories of Sesame Street were waking up and sitting on the couch in my jammies with a bowl of cereal on the coffee table. My favorite character is Cookie Monster! As I am a cookie lover as well =o) We really wanted to take our kids to Sesame Place last yr, but finances didn’t let us =o/ I really hope to be able to take them soon, as I myself have never been there before and would love to visit.

  • I ‘like’ Sesame Place on Facebook, as well as Momma’s Gone City on facebook. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve only been to Sesame Place once to celebrate my niece Briana’s 5th birthday. She’s going to be 15 this year so it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been there, but I remember how much fun we all had. Even us adults who didn’t have kids (at the time) really enjoyed Sesame Place. Now I am hopeing to go back this summer with my 2 year old son Riley, who’s whole world revolves around Elmo. He makes up songs about Elmo and seems to work the name Elmo into just about everything he says. This is probably typical of a 2 year old, I don’t know, but everyone knows how much Riley loves Elmo. We even had a birthday party at home for Elmo back in February, silly maybe, but we had so much fun dancing and eating Elmo cupcake. I would love to win these tickets to take him to Sesame Place this summer.

  • My favorite Sesame memory was the first time we took our 2 year old to Sesame Place. She absolutely flipped when she saw Elmo. The wonder and excitement in her eyes was something I will never forget. It was such a joy to watch her see the characters that she’d been watching for so many months on TV in real life. She was beside herself with excitement and so were we!!

  • We went for the first time last year for my daughters third birthday, she loved it! Even our eight year old had a good time. We would love to go again.

  • I absolutely LOVED watching Sesame Street as a kid. I love the fact that my daughter loves watching it as much as I did as a kid. Every morning we snuggle on the couch and watch it together. I would love to win tickets to take my daugter there. Being a single mom it is difficult to give my daughter things like tickets to shows or parks so I would love to win the chance to give this experience to my daughter. Thank you!

  • My favorite memory from Sesame Place was actually back when I was 8 years old which was 23 yrs ago. It was the first time I had every been to Sesame Place and I loved it.Now my kids are old enough to enjoy all the same rides I did and now even more rides. I love being able to go there and see how much things have changed but still have stayed the same. I always make sure I go on the Rambling River just to reminisce of the day I first went.

  • We took our son to Sesame Place last summer because he adores Sesame Street. So my favorite memory is that trip, seeing his eyes light up and just giddy with excitement being around all the characters he loves (especially at the lunch with them). He was in heaven and so was I!

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  • We went to Sesame Place last summer for the first time since I was a kid. It was a surprise for my daughter after being so good for us while I battled cancer last year. The best memory was her going on a water slide with me. I was so nervous she would be scared and want to get off in the middle of the ride. When we got to the bottom, the smile on her face said it all. Along with “momma can we do it again?”. That and the Count’s water park were the highlight of the trip!

  • I am the mom of 2 great kids! Tyler is 9 and has autism. Shane is 4 and is a typical child. I last took the kids in 2008 when Shane was a toddler. What I love best about Sesame Place is how it promotes language for my son who finds it so difficult to communicate with our world. He is sooo happy there. The memories are priceless.

  • My favorite memory is the Sesame Street Parade! I first went with my sister & niece who was 3 at the time & she was so thrilled to see the characters coming down the street. Seeing her joy brought me back to my childhood and I remembered how much I enjoyed watching Sesame Street on TV.

  • My son’s favorite Sesame Place memory is Cookie Monster. Everything about him. Especially his song — 10 little cookies sitting on a plate. It’s really helping him learn to count…backwards!

  • Just signed on to follow Sesame Place’s twitter account. Helped get them to 5000 followers (was somewhere between 4999 and 5002).

  • My favorite memory is one I’m GOING TO CREATE. You see I have a picture of when my wife was around two years old with her standing in one of Oscars garbage cans. Well our daughter is going to be two this year and we are taking her to Sesame for the first time this June. Once there I’m going to get the same picture of her in one of Oscars’ cans and frame the both of them side by side. This will be a memory thirty years in the making. Priceless.

  • Delete my last comment and replace it with this. Just followed Mama’s Gone City on Twitter. Oops.

  • i loved waking up to the sesame theme song. it is just such a feel good song “sunny days.. pushing the clouds away.. ”

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  • This weekend we went to sesame place for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Most kids her age are scared of the characters but not my Madison. As we got to the front of each line to meet different characters I would have to warn the character that she was not afraid and to brace themselves. I would let Madison go and she would take a running start to tackle and hug them. She told Elmo she got his nose and the priceless one was after meeting Murray! When we were walking away she looked at me and said “Mama, he is sooo cute!”! A fantastic birthday weekend…Thanks Sesame Place!

  • We went to Sesame On Saturday, May 7, 2011. My 5 year-old daughter was amazed the on Mother’s day weekend I would want to be there. Our family got to play, see the Fresh Beat band, ride the roller coaster, see shows, and the parade. We also got several pictures with the characters that we will be making into a memory book for us. After stopping for dinner and putting on their pajamas, Kristen turned to me and said thanks for a great day and Happy Mother’s Day and then fell asleep until the next morning. She realized the next morning that she did not have a present for me for Mother’s Day and I told her that my greatest present was her and her sister and the reactions that I got at the park were better than any gift she could give me! I cannot wait to go back and make more memories!

  • I grew up on Sesame Street, which my mom credits for teaching me the alphabet and early reading skills. My own twins are now huge fans of the show, though their favorites–Elmo and Zoe–were not around when I was growing up!

  • My favorite times at sesame are trying to recreate the shots my husbands parents and my parents took of us at sesame when we were growing up with our children….Just the pure happiness you see on their faces is priceless…

  • I am actually graduating college this Friday and I am in need for a great summer ahead! I use to go to sesame place all the time when I was little. I actually had talked to my boyfriends parents and sister and they asked me and my boyfriend to take his nieces (2) and I will be taking my nephew. It will be me and him with the 3 kids. I am very excited to give them this great memory that I once had the opportunity to get. I am trying to go there sometime this June and I know this will be the best time they ever have.

  • Love sesame street and sesame place!!!! My oldest son who just turned 7 a couple of weeks ago got to go to sesame place when he was 3 and so enjoyed it. He has fond memories of Zoe pretending to drink his drink. My youngest who is 3 1/2 hears the stories of our trip and loves watching sesame street on our PBS station. We would love the opportunity to go back to sesame place and enjoy it as a whole family of four this time around. Sesame street has always been apart of our tv viewing, and I have fond memories of watching it as a young girl. Whoever receives the tickets will be blessed with a fun day full of making memories because there is no way you can go and not enjoy because there is something for everyone.

    Thank you,

    Pam Duncan

  • My favorite memory would be the look on my son’s face when he saw the Fresh Beat Band and when Shout stopped to shake his hand. It was the best Mother’s Day present I could have had. I would love an opportunity to take my niece and nephew there. They, unfortunately, do not get to go places like my son does and we just can’t afford two families πŸ™ This would be an amazing day for all of us!

  • My time at sesame place was awesome I took my son last year in a group and he loved it . He is a two year old wit autism and it was the best time he’s had can’t wait to go again this summer.

  • I was born the year Sesame Street came on the year and have been watching it from the beginning. I learned to read on Sesame Street and just love taking my two kids to the theme park! My favorite memories are all the songs that are still on the show that I sing along to.

  • my favorite memory of sesame street is watching as a little girl when cookie monster would get hungry and eat the alphabet letters because he had no more cookies. in the same room where i would watch tv, there was a box with styrofoam in it. well, i thought those letters that cookie monster was munching on looked pretty yummy AND they looked JUST LIKE the styrofoam in the box. so, of course, i tried to eat it! my mom came in and found me with a bunch of styrofoam in my mouth and tons of little pieces on the floor. i hope my kids are smarter than me LOL! they’re still young (5, 3, and 2) and they enjoy sesame place very much. the little ones refer to it as “elmo’s house”, as in, “mom, can we go to elmo’s house today?” too cute.

  • My favorite so far has to be the first time going with my two oldest children, my son is autistic and loves characters surprisingly and when he saw elmo he smiled looked up and said memo (elmo) he’s still for the most part nonverbal and everytime i see the pic of him and elmo it reminds of that moment!

  • I love watching my daughter sing and dance every morning when she watches sesame street before going to shool. She knows of Sesame Place and we all want to go, we just havent been able to afford the whole trip, especially with gas prices so high. Its a haul from Mass, but I have seen and heard so many awesome reviews that I hope one day we will get there.

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  • My favorite Sesame Street memory is watching it every morning waiting for Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

  • I want to create this memory for my daughter. She will be two soon. As a child, I had very few happy memories. When I became a Mom, it allowed me to be the role model/mentor/parent that I never had. Everyday is great and that is what life should be all about.

  • I remember laughing at Bert and Ernie!

  • When I was a little girl my favorite character was Snuffy :o) I now watch Sesame Street with my little girl and she is absolutely loves Abbey, Zoe and Elmo!!

  • I follow Sesame Place on Facebook.

  • I know that as a child, I watched Sesame Street on TV. However, I have no memory of it. My son, who is 20 months old, watches Sesame Street now, with so much joy. My memories will always contain him bringing me the remote saying “Bert, Ernie” and giggling with pleasure as he claps and dances with the characters. I love that. We are planning a trip to Sesame Place this summer and I cannot wait to see his face!!

  • I have many Sesame Street memories while I was growing up…. probably the saddest was when Mr Hooper passed away and they had to explain what death was to Bird Bird. Very Sad. My favorite recent memory was the first day my 2 year old actually “got it”, we sat there through the opening credits as she danced and named all of the characters later (surrounded by her sesame street stuffed freinds) just stared at the television in wonder over seeing her “friends” on tv. She is very excited to go to Sesame Place this summer during our trip to celebrate her 3rd birthday.

  • My kids are older, but love going to Sesame Place. We love all the water activities, and my favorite memories are going on Big Bird’s Rambling River. Even on days I deem too cold, my daughter wants us to do it. We have a nice restful time together on the river.

  • My memories of Sesame Street are watching on the big TV on the bottom with picture and listening to it on the small one on top with sound, lol! I grew up in a small southern town, lived there until 2 years ago and moved to Lancaster, PA. I can’t wait to take my three year old twin girls there to watch the characters come to life and experience it through their eyes!

  • My son Nicholas is now 4 1/2 years old. During his first trip to Sesame Place last summer, all he wanted to do was have his picture taken with Big Bird (which never happened, we just kept missing him). As we stood in line for pictures, we were told that Abby Cadabby would be coming out next. Nicholas wasn’t at all interested…until…he saw her. Then he started yelling and waving at her…ABBY CADABBY, ABBY CADABBY! So he proudly had his picture taken with her. When we were watching the parade, Abby Cadabby came over to him and touched Nicholas on the head. He turned to me…gushing…”she’s beautiful!” I think his first crush was with his girl Abby!

  • I remember watching Sesame Street when I was little and my favorite was Oscar the Grouch. We had this old dining room set and the seats would lift up and I would crawl under and sit on the rungs and pop up like it was my trashcan,lol! Now I watch Sesame Street on Sprout with my son in the afternoon- he loves Elmo!

  • I remember watching Sesame Street when I was 4 and still living in the Philippines, which is where I am from. I remember singing the Sesame Street theme song and watching the kids going down the slide in the opening is an early memory. I also had my fave stuffed Ernie doll and I put him to sleep every night…in his own bassinet!

  • I love sesame street I used to love watching it on TV when I was a little girl. It is a timeless show, My kids watch it now

  • My favorite sesame street memory was taking my daughter to Sesame Place when she was 2 and seeing her hug the characters that walked by…..she was just over-joyed and smiling! It was great to see her soo happy in a park geared for children. We will always hold onto the memories when we look back at the pictures of that wonderful day!

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  • BTW, Count is my all time favorite character

  • my favorite sesame street memory is watching seasame street while my mother brused my hair on the couch….now i love to watch it with my 3 yr. old son.

  • Taking my three boys and seeing how happy they were to see Sesame characters live. They were so happy and to see them laughing and smiling all day was priceless. Its been our favorite place to go and would love to go again. thanks

  • I always watched Sesame Street as a child. I loved snuffalufagus! Now my own kids love it too.

  • We had a wonderful 1st visit to sesame place, and getting to see The Fresh Beat Band was an amazing experience for my family. I could not have had a better Mother’s day.This has to be the cutest park:)
    see you again!

  • My memory of Sesame Place is definitely “old school”. We visited Sesame Place regularly when we were young and on one particular trip, my little sister was around four years old and I was a sophisticated twelve year old. I was starting to feel way too cool for Sesame, but secretly loved going with my family and seeing my sister have so much fun. They had an attraction there that was replaced within the past few years…it was a tunnel system that sprayed water from below and into the structure. So the kids would climb through it, stop on the netting to get wet, climb through the tubes etc. My sister proudly announced that she was old enough to go in alone and promised she wouldn’t get scared. I should have known better. She climbed halfway through the tubes, stopped dead center, got scared and wouldn’t budge. She had her sad little crying face pressed up against the plastic window, Audrey Rose style, so everyone would know her plight. My Mom, panicking, demanded that I go in and get her out. Sooo, there I was, 12, humiliated that my Mom would make her “cool” kid go into the wet tubes…in regular clothes no less….to get out my crying baby sister. I squeezed myself into the tubes, hunted her down and got her out safely. My sister and I still laugh to this day about that adventure and the very amusing memory it created for us all. Now that I have children of my own, I adore every chance we get to go to Sesame Place and create a whole new generation of memories and fun! πŸ™‚

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  • Grover, “This is near,” as he gets up close to the tv camera. “This is far.” “Near,” “far.” He repeats this a few times and then falls down collapsed – dont’ know why but it still makes me laugh! Also, “Ma-num-a-num” – my kids sing this with me now, too! Lots of fun!!

  • My son LOVES all the characters there! Love the look of joy on my boys faces!!

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    (Love all your family pictures at the park. Especially that last B & W one! πŸ™‚

  • We live in AZ but we are heading to Sesame Place on Sunday May 15th to take our 20 month old daughter who absolutely LOVES Sesame Street. We have been searching and searching for some kind of a discount but haven’t found one… πŸ™ My all time favorite Sesame Street memory is when we figured out that our daughter loves Elmo. My husband was studying and watching our 4 month old at the time while I went to the store. When I returned, I found our daughter on his lap watching an Elmo video on the computer laughing hysterically!! At the same time he was trying to listen to his class on the phone. It was absolutely adorable.

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    (Bert & Ernie rock!)

    Woo hoo just made it at 11:39 pm on 5/10 :)))

  • I remember taking my 4 year old daughter to sesame place and she had a blast. she loved all the characters even when she thought they were a bit scarey to go near but she did anyway. she loved all the shows with all the characters and having her pictures taken to . she even wanted to take elmo and zoey home with her to keep. i thought that was so cute. she is now 10 years old and still loves it.

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