‘Tis the Season for Love

I’ve fallen again for this city. Spring has officially made it’s awesome appearance, and just like *that*, I’ve forgiven and forgotten the long, brutal winter that I thought would never leave. I began to seriously doubt my capability for living in New York City through the next two years before Justin graduates Dental School.

By all accounts this was a pretty awful winter, and not just on the East Coast. Even our home town in the Bay Area was pelted with weeks of rain and threatened tornadoes. Still, something about California had an extra strong lure the past few months.

The grass is always greener.

This last week, I’m happy to report that we’ve been graced with a few days straight of sun and warm temperatures, and we have managed to take full advantage of all-things-summer in the city.




Everyone around the city seems to have a little more pep, even the notoriously grumpy statues.


Madison Square Park


Union Square

This weekend was especially gorgeous and fun. My former-New Yorker-turned-Hollywood-Hills-dwelling cousin is in town with her husband and furbaby pup, Lulu. Can I tell you how nice it is to have actual real, breathing, loving, caring, flesh and blood family living in my city again? I couldn’t put it into words if I tried. They’re renting an apartment on the UES for a couple of months for her husband’s work (ahem… Exec Producer of Cash Cab, and he’s shopping a new pilot! Stay tuned!), so we ventured up for brunch on their terrace.

No traffic on holiday weekends, so we splurged on a taxi.

Straight out of a fairy tale


Meet Lulu


Lulu is only about a year and a half old, and my cousin and her husband have just had her about 9 months. They rescued her from a shelter, merely hours before she was to be put down. Did you know that 6 million dogs are euthanized PER YEAR? Makes me want to go out and save every last one of them. Pretty please, check your local ASPCA or shelter if you’re interested in adopting.

She is the sweetest, most well behaved pooch I have ever met, especially considering her age.

We all fell in love, but Zoe and Lulu bonded almost immediately.




We all took Lulu to the great back yard that is Central Park,played in the sprinklers some more and climbed a few rocks. It was the perfect way to spend a holiday weekend.



Spending time with loved ones always makes such a huge difference to all of us, whether they come to visit or vise versa, and something that I admittedly took for granted before we moved to Manhattan.

It’s a feeling of comfort, peace, and freedom that can’t be faked or duplicated.

Of course, the kids even pick up on it.



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  • i must come to this city. like now.

    so glad you had a beautiful time with your cousin, it seems like a dreamy place to be!

    • Yes, Abra you must! Call me when you get here!

  • Great post, great pics, and I totally agree with everything. I really hope the weather stays like this… knock on wood.

    I just took a pic of that boys head statue today with my Dad! Surreal to look at.

    My favorite part about summer? Exploring the playgrounds all over again.

    • Thank you so much!

      Isn’t that statue in MSP so amazing? I love it. And yes, I totally agree about the playgrounds πŸ™‚

  • The pictures of Zoe and Lulu are out of this world!! They should be the poster kids for animal rescue!

    • You are SO SWEET, Katy!

  • Sounds like a perfect weekend in the city. Great photos. Another cool spot is the High Line.

    • I haven’t been to the High Line yet this season, but it’s top on my list πŸ™‚

  • Great post and I have to ask: are you willing to divulge the designer/brand of your daughter’s gorgeous teal tulle dress? I am in love! It reminds me of some Luna Luna items but it would save me a huge online search if you shared the info. Thanks!

    • Hi Andrea, thank you!

      We are HUGE Luna Luna fans, but this dress is by Stella Industries. Kinda pricey, but my daughter will wear it every single day if she could! πŸ™‚


    • THANK YOU!!! If my husband knew the actual cost value of our kids’ wardrobes he would fall over… but every day he does comment on how adorable their outfits are; especially on days when our daughter has on Luna Luna or Room Seven. My theory is if you are married to someone obsessed with fashion should you really be surprised that children’s fashion also becomes a huge obsession? πŸ™‚

  • gorgeous photos! there roof terrace is amazing, such a perfect nyc day!

  • The colors in the photos definitely scream spring! Great shots and lovely words. J and Z make me smile every tine! Such cuties! So excited to see you all when you come visit. Xoxo

  • gorgeous photos (as usual) and thanks to Andrea for asking about that teal dress – I absolutely love it, and I am getting one for each of my girls for the family reunion we are going to in a few weeks. Husband said I could buy them cute new outfits – he doesn’t have to know just how much I’m spending, right? I also love the striped dress Zoe is wearing in the third photo – and as long as we’re on the subject, the dress your friend is wearing is great too!

  • Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! Looking forward to meeting you in Cape May!

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