My Kind of Kids

Not a day goes by that I don’t realize how incredible my children are. It also continuously baffles me how completely different they are from one another… So much so that I am hard pressed to find a similarity beyond their looks.

I thought I would take it upon myself to invite you into our lives a little. It’s non-stop hilarity, chaos, and soul bursting sweetness all at one time.

They call me a mommy blogger for a reason, right? Here I present to you; My kids.

Jack, 4


Jack is the kind of kid that aims to please. He loves hard and plays nice, steering clear of the mean kids on the playground while finding his own groove at his own pace, on his own time.

We had a difficult time naming Jack. Justin and I sat in the hospital for days before submitting his name on the birth certificate and finally chose one that wasn’t even on our top 5 list. We’re both avid fans of Jack Johnson, whose peaceful and heartfelt lyrics provided a soundtrack to our son’s first breaths of life. We decided he would share a moniker with the musician, and eventually found that they also share a penchant for all things musical.

His favorite songs are actually by Jack Johnson, yet he prefers the Digable Planets to Laurie Berkner, and has even invented his own version of break dancing. It’s quite possibly the funniest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

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While Jack isn’t the first to jump in the pool or run into a bounce house, he knows what he wants, exactly how he wants it and isn’t afraid to let us know. He makes his (and his sister’s) bed every morning before he leaves his room, and still takes an afternoon nap. I’ll let him play a game on the iTouch while I put Zoe down, and set the clock in case I fall asleep with her. Every day I find the gadget on our bed stand and him sleeping soundly snuggled up in the sheets.


He is efficient and conservative-so much so that he will finish all of his milk while only eating half of a cookie in order to save it for dessert the next day.


Jack is painfully sensitive, and is highly aware and concerned about everyone’s feelings and actions. His little heart is so big it’s nearly visible behind his eyes. He is, as intended, well on his way to becoming “the perfect male”.

Zoe, 2

Zoe is also a special child.


She is fiercely independent and demands (and receives) attention wherever we are, wherever we go. She is the kind of child that will train herself to pee standing up, simply because we told her not to.


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: My daughter in a nutshell.

Her athletic prowess is mind boggling to nearly every parent on the playground as she scales the monkey bars and teaches herself and her brother to slide down the pole. She walked at nine months and mastered the scooter weeks shy of her second birthday.


Zoe tracks down the older girls and immediately befriends them, not realizing or even caring that she is years younger. She isn’t afraid of anything except for bugs-especially dead ones-and makes sure to greet every stranger we meet.


She is whip smart and fashion savvy, while being perfectly sweet and sentimental just when I think she forgot how. Every day, she tells me that I’m her best friend and seriously nothing makes my heart swell more that watching how intensely she loves her people, mostly her brother.

Zoe’s name means “life” and it absolutely becomes her in every way possible.


Never in my wildest dreams did I think two little people could teach me more than I learned in the lifetime before they came along. The way that they do things completely opposite of each other, yet manage to meet in the middle right where it matters astounds me.


They are two very lucky children who have experienced much more than either myself or their father did at their age, and have handled it much more gracefully than we have as adults. I can’t wait to see how their little brother moves mountains yet again, come December.

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  • Hi! I’m a new reader. I loved this post! I only have one son right now, but I often dream of his siblings, how they’ll differ, both in appearance and personality! I’m finding that most second borns have a little more “spitfire” to them 🙂 Cute, cute kids! Thanks for sharing!

  • so lovely. I admire your unbridled enthusiasm for you little ones–and envy it a bit. These days of tantrums and “NO MOMMY!” are wearing me down. It is usually in the quiet of evening–all three asleep, tv off–that I can *fully* access that enormous wonder and gratitude for my three monkeys.
    thank you for the reminder to be more present in the moment to moment. “Ohm…” x0 wendy

  • I had to read this twice.

    These people that you have made…they are amazing. Gorgeous, kind, adventurous and simply amazing!

  • Beautiful post, Jessica! They are amazing little people and you’re an incredible momma.

  • I love this. Absolutely head-over-heels madly-in-love love this. Jack sounds so much like Chase, as for Katelyn we’ll have to see just where she falls. You have two extraordinary and beautiful children, I’m so glad you shared this with us.

  • I love hearing about kids’ personalities, especially kids this age. So cute. You a great mom to some pretty amazing kids. Awesome, isn’t it? 🙂

  • So cute! I especially love the photo of her trying to go the bathroom standing up. You’ve described them so beautifully, what great kids.

  • Jess, Beautiful analogy of Jack & Zoe – Your children are so lucky to have such great parents as yourself and Justin!!! I am so very proud of you!!!! xoxoxox

  • jess, every time i come here, i am amazed at the physical beauty of jack and zoe. they are truly so gorgeous that it hurts… a good hurt.

    but in reading this, i am feeling the same thing not because of the pictures of them but because of your perfect words.


  • I just found your blog through giggle and I totally love it- super fascinating to year about living in NYC. And I love love this post I can get down and frustrated by the day to day mommy drama but this post made me think about how amazing my kids are too! Loved it and love your blog…

  • It’s funny, reading this, Jack reminds me so much of my 5 yo son Gavin, and Zoe sounds like me as a kid. I was free-spirited and my son is a people pleaser. I always wonder how we can be so different.

    I was also pregnant in NYC (in the summer no less) and you have my complete empathy! I actually fainted from the humidity while pregnant…in front of Gayle King. Fail.

  • They are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for sharing them with us 🙂

  • Although I think it would be impossible to take a bad picture of such gorgeous kids, these are truly beautiful…the kids and the photography. Just loved seeing them.

  • J, I love your beautiful children and their unique spirits. My oldest boy is like yours, a gentle careful soul. He’s now 10, and I can tell you, Jack will be a gift to his sister and your #3, pushing strollers and carrying groceries when your arms are full and rubbing your back when your heart is heavy. I honestly believe my book-loving boy is as excited as my upcoming novel as I am. Glad to know you on Twitter, and here!

  • You’re making me cry, beesh.

    Our son was also born to Jack Johnson. 🙂


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