Back to School with American Living

September has begun, and while the official last day of summer isn’t until the 21st we’re preparing for fall and the inevitable back to school routine. Zoe will be starting her first official preschool classes while Jack will be in pre-kindergarten and even though they will be in class at opposite times of the day, we’re all looking forward to a little routine.

One of my favorite parts about going back to school is and has always been back to school shopping; Picking out that very first school day outfit, new pencils, backpacks and lunch sacks. While my kids are still young enough that I’m not leaving them for the entire day, the thought of them both being in school is a little terrifying and bittersweet. They are so excited to see their friends and meet new teachers, I can hardly stand the cuteness of it all.

I personally couldn’t wait to go shopping for all the cute new fall clothing!



Jack and Zoe got to try on a few pieces by JCPenney’s American Living line. It’s preppy, tasteful, and really cute. The kind of clothing that can be worn and washed over and over and still looks nice. You might even notice the little widget that was installed on my site to the right- it lists the kid’s back to school goals and American Living looks. I think it’s pretty adorable myself!

We still have a couple of weeks before we’re really headed back to school, but we’re definitely prepared already and can’t wait. At least, they can’t wait.

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