Summer Streets and Step & Repeats

The past three consecutive Saturdays in August, Park Avenue has been closed to vehicles and opened to bikers, pedestrians and everyone in-between for what they call Summer Streets. We’ve managed to make it out to two-the festivities along the way are so much fun and the kids get such a kick out of riding their scooters down the middle of the street.

This past weekend we had an event to attend, so we took the long way down Park Avenue, perusing the lemonade stands and hula-hoop rest stops.


Jack, enjoying the attention from the ladies, naturally.


When we got to the 77Kids Style School event hosted by FourMomsMedia, we were excited to see the Step & Repeat-perfect for showing off their new back to school outfits from 77Kids.

They’ve really turned into quite the little hams… Only slightly instigated by yours truly.


We had so much fun working the Step & Repeat that we forgot to have our hair styled and mohawks painted… but I think they did just fine without it. They had tons of fun at the PlayDoh table and snacking on the new Mott’s Medleys applesauce provided at the event. I had the rare opportunity to chat with my mom blogger friends on a beautiful Saturday, surrounded by great back-to-school fashions.

This really just begs the question in my mind: How will we ever re-adjust to life in the suburbs? I’m hoping that a few projects that I have in the works just might keep us here past our May, 2013 exodus from NYC. Can’t stop believin’, right?!

Special thanks to the fabulous ForMomsMedia and 77Kids for a fantastic event!

I was not compensated for this post, however I was given a stipend for the kid’s clothes. Opinions are my own.

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