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Your guide to those exciting nine months

It’s been such a treat to be able to write over at Babble’s Being Pregnant. It’s the perfect outlet for me to talk about all-things-pregnancy related-something that is much needed, even though this is my third baby. This pregnancy is totally, entirely different than my first two, and it just goes to show that you can never really expect anything for certain in parenthood. Humbling.

If you’re interested, I’ve linked some of the posts that I’ve published over on Babble.

Two Sons, Two Different Decisions: The ever present debate about circumcision.

Being Breech in the Third Trimester: Ways I’ve been told to get the baby to turn before he’s due.

I’m Ditching the Diaper Bag: No more diaper bags for me this time around.

Room Mates in the Hospital: I’ll be sharing a room postpartum for the first time ever.

Thank you for taking a gander! I love all of your input, always.

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  • Babble is LUCKY to have you!! I love reading about your adventures

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