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Having a little girl is a lot of fun. Not just because I get to put her hair in braids, or stay up telling stories about how many things she will teach her new baby brother, or how much she loves to spin and twirl as though she is Angelina Ballerina. I get to live vicariously through her without pushing anything on her that I like-It just so happens that she does happen to enjoy the same things that I do, and did at her age.

She’s a sucker for all things fancy. She likes the twirl, fringe and sparkle of anything she can get her hands on, and I’m not one to stand in her way. In fact, I’m a fantastic enabler-something I’m sure I’ll have to put the reigns on sooner or later. For now we’re enjoying everything girly and lovely, and having a blast doing so.

You might remember when we discovered Stella Industries at a little boutique near Union Square. This turquoise Starlet dress has gotten it’s fair share of wears-I’m currently shopping for tights to pair with it for the colder months.


We were fortunate to receive a delightful little shipment of Stella just before the days got a little chilly and we were due for a new fall wardrobe.

I adore these dresses. I love that they are bright, soft, wearable and washable… Most of all, I love that she loves them and feels fancy and free in them.



I glom onto brands that look nice, have original looks and styles, and will withstand more than a few washings-especially for my children. My son isn’t as picky about what he wears-he really doesn’t care at all-but with Zoe I’m much more limited in the creativity department. Overalls and jeans are so last year in her world. I’m content spending money on pieces that I know she will wear time and time again, especially the ones that will continue to look nice.

Stella is designed and produced in Los Angeles, California. They strive to be sustainable by minimizing packaging and sourcing materials and manufacturing close to home. It’s a close-knit company, creating uncomplicated styles with lots of handmade touches and thoughtful details. You can find Stella Industries online or in a boutique near you.

I was not compensated for this post, however we received two dresses for purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.

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  • Wow, she is so adorable. I love the blue dress. She looks totally and completely at home in front of the camera.

    I’m about to have my first baby and first daughter in December. Any tips on fabulous infant wear for little girls?

  • Cute dresses. I love pairing Moo’s dresses with tights and putting a turtle neck underneath for the winter time.

  • Beautiful. I especially love the red flowers. I will remember Stella if ever I have a baby girl.

  • OH!! WHAT A GREAT FIND!! I wish I had a store near me!!! another reason to hit NYC

  • I live in NYC. Cant find the address.Where is this boutique.

  • Omg I love these dresses too much. My mother is always giving me a hard time for buying my daughter so many dresses, but they’re so cute. Plus, I much rather wear a dress than pants any day.

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