A Little Fall Pampering

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much of a girly girl and I never have been. While I enjoy facials, pedicures, and spa days as much as the next woman, I book them very infrequently and as a special treat to myself. They just aren’t a part of my weekly-or even monthly-routine. Part of it is financial, but most of it is based on time-I’m lucky to get a shower in the mornings on a daily basis. With our new baby due in December, I’m at peace with the fact that I won’t even be getting that daily shower in. Such is life (and I’ll take it).

When we moved to New York City, I learned quickly that the winters ravage my skin leaving it dry, cracked, red and even sometimes peeling. I bought some intense balm for my hands to prevent the massive drought, and I think I’ve finally found a moisturizer that will protect my face from the dry air and other elements.

This fall, I began to wash and moisturize twice a day and I’ve noticed a distinct difference in the health of my skin! I don’t have a fancy night time moisturizer, but the one that I bought from the Spa at the Beverly Wilshire is fantastic. It protects against free radicals and even offers a healthy dose of Vitamin C for it’s anti-aging elements. I’m not sure exactly what any of this means, technically, but I can tell you that the extra TLC that I’ve given my skin has made a huge difference.

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While I’m not exactly bouncing from spa to salon, I’ve learned to take a couple of extra steps this fall to ensure the health of my skin. Who knows, maybe I’ll start booking spa appointments more frequently… I sense this could be addicting.

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  • you look gorgeous and inspiring as I *barely* wash my face. I have invested in some good products this year and am a little better at keeping up with it, but the winters here are indeed brutal– it’s a constant effort to moisturize! x

  • Totally agree, I am so not the girly type either, and have never had a beauty routine in place. I am right now in the middle of my quest to gain back my flawless skin. Thanks for sharing.

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