Country Escape

My mom flew in from California on Thursday, so as you can imagine my life has been very peaceful the past four days. We’re all just a little bit more grounded when she is around.

photo 2

She takes care of us, but mostly she takes care of me. It’s the only time in my life lately when I feel content, comforted and completely at ease. I’m not arguing with myself about what to clean first, when to make dinner and how to juggle a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos with Jack or playing princesses with Zoe between work and everything else that needs to be done. When my mom comes, she’ll throw on a pot of lentil soup and then head over to the kids’ play table to sit and work with them for an hour. She just has this way about her. The Mom Way. The YiaYia Way.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend and walked around the Union Square Farmers Market, explored an exhibit for Little Members at the Museum of Modern Art, and spent most of our time at home, cooking, watching movies and playing games.

On Sunday, we took our second annual trip to Dr. Davies Farm for a morning of apple picking, laughing, and as usual per our car travel, many puking episodes. These kids get ridiculously carsick.

photo 1

It was, however, totally worth it. Last year, we went to the farm about a month earlier in the year, and my goodness what a difference. The colors of the trees alone were breathtaking. The view of New York as we drove over the bridge from Manhattan was so beautiful- it looked as though we were driving directly into a Thanksgiving cornucopia. It made me think of the beaches in Half Moon Bay, the forests in Humboldt County and every aspect of Lake Tahoe. The West Coast is definitely awesome, but I’ve never seen the seasons change before my very eyes the way they do over here. It is quite the display.



It’s so crazy to look back at last year’s photos and see how much the kids have grown and how green the trees were, but we had an equally fun time. Picking apples to eat and cook with in the middle of the country is the antithesis of our daily lives in Manhattan-and a very much welcomed breather. We ate our way through the orchards while filling our bag and planning recipes for our bounty.
















We loved having my mom there with us on this new tradition of ours, and she enjoyed it as much as we did. As much as my heart beats mightier and my mind moves quicker in the middle of Manhattan, it is so totally imperative to wind everything down and truly hone in on what is really important. Sometimes a quick escape to the country or a visit from a loved one will make all of that happen in one fell swoop. I just need to remember to do it more often, and within the comforts of our home.

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  • I can’t help but notice that both car seats desperately need to be adjusted. Your daughters straps need to be AT or ABOVE her shoulders when forward facing, the chest clip is perfect. Your sons high back booster seat needs to be raised so his seat belt fits better but it looks like he is still pretty small and should be in a harnessed seat still.

    please use or refer to your car seat manuals to make sure your kids are safe.

  • 1. Mom visits are the best. Truly. Especially during the end of pregnancy.
    2. I adore the photos. Seriously, they are gorgeous. It looks like you all had a blast.
    3. Have you tried the seasick bracelets on the kids? They make them for pregnant women too….but they do have kid ones. My kids wear them on long mountain drives.

  • I love the country and the mountains. It’s so peaceful and tranquil.

  • Love, love, love this pix! And to think…there will be one new addition to next year’s pix! Looking forward to that already…

  • I have only one wish. If I ever get pregnant again that I look even half as great in Hunter boots, a beret and a kafiyyah. You go, Jess.

  • Moms rock. My mom came out for three weeks surrounding the birth of my son. Could not have done it without her. She also came out for a month when I went back to work. Could not have managed that transition without her. We are never to old to have our moms take care of us;)

  • P.S. Where did you get the ridiculously cute lion hat with the flappy ears for your little man? Love it.

  • You look fabulous! The colors are just amazing this year, aren’t they? I’m so glad your mom is there to bring you comfort and calm.

  • Truly breathtaking photos of the country and the fam!! Just lovely. I’ve lived cross-country from family for a decade and those grounding visits are more precious than gold!

  • They have grown up so much! I have yet to go apple picking and all these pictures make me want to go right now.

  • Your words and your photos are all beautiful. What a lovely trip to the country. So glad your mother was there to share these days and times with you all. Happy Thanksgiving, by the way… 🙂

  • This is such a lovely post.Your mom seems like she’s having a blast too. Happy end of your pregnancy!

  • i LOVE the posts you write about your mom. it reminds me of how i feel about my mom, who was here this weekend for turkey with my dad and brother… but… there’s something about JUST my mom being around that totally grounds me. this was a lovely read. and she is just spectacular.

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