This holiday weekend was full of firsts… And lasts.

We’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving without having members of our extended family in our company (although, we did do Easter alone last April!). It was a big deal last year, and it was an even bigger deal this year. We celebrated our first and last Thanksgiving as a family of four, and it was perfect.

I started to cook on Monday making the cranberry sauce, Tuesday came the mashed potatoes, and on Wednesday I made the dough for rolls and baked a few pies. Thursday was entirely spent in the kitchen, and while I loved every moment-my body is still paying the price. Cooking a large dinner in a miniature sized kitchen with a tiny oven should be an Olympic sport… One that those who are nine months pregnant probably shouldn’t partake in. However, this was our holiday and I was determined to make it memorable for my husband and children.

Aside from a few burns, an accidentally dumped bowl of apple & Italian sausage stuffing and a soupy apple pie, dinner was peaceful and delicious. The memories of celebrating together will last with me for ages-we won’t have this time together ever again.


That morning after I put the turkey in the oven, we walked over to Midtown to peek at the Macy’s Day Parade. It certainly wasn’t anything like last year, but it was pretty awesome in it’s own way. We picked up hot chocolates and scones and stood in the crowded streets, craning our necks to peek at the balloons.


The next morning, after sleeping really well with overly stuffed bellies (mine absolutely included, even considering I was full after eating three bites of mashed potatoes), we geared up to decorate the apartment in anticipation of Christmas. Music flooded though all 780 square feet of this space while we dug out the tree from under our bed and carefully placed each ornament. I don’t think I could love this time a year more-and living here in Manhattan feels like a dream every time I step outside. It really is magical.


Our third child is due in almost exactly 2 weeks. I’ve actually really enjoyed this last trimester, and even dressing up my belly, which in the past as been more of a frustration than anything. I’m hormonal, cranky, super duper emotional and still craving foods like they’re going out of style. I’m also blissed out with excitement about having a brand new little baby in our life.

Jack has seemed to mellow out since his episodes prompted me to write about them in exasperation. Your responses, emails and support has helped me more than you can imagine. Sometimes parenting is petrifying. This community and all of my friends have gotten me through one of the toughest obstacles I’ve encountered as a parent thus far. I have a hunch that he has some anxiety about the new baby, but it could be anything. Time will tell.

Until this little guy decides to make his grand entrance, I’m trying to spend as much time with these two as I possibly can. That is, in between the craze of daily life, preparing for the holidays, gearing up for our newest addition and just being grateful. Period.


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  • You are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I’ve seen, you’re absolutely glowing! What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. I always wished I ventured out for the Macy’s Day parade, but I was afraid it would be too hectic. Congrats on #3. I hope you get plenty of rest between now and his arrival.

  • Jessica, you look beautiful. Your family looks fantastic. I love sharing the anticipation of your new arrival! Rest when you can and keep enjoying this time. xoxo

  • Lovely…Thanksgiving is a labor of love…especially at 9 months pregnant…no pun intended.
    I hope your delivery goes well…I love your blog…was a nurse in L&D and peds in my life before blogging. Lived in Manhattan but not with kids…you make it look easy but I know it is not.

  • I’m glad that you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I’ve had a great time reading your blog. You’re such an inspiration the way you venture out and about in the city with two young kids. I’m actually going to start venturing out more with my two kiddies in our city. I hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

  • I know you will laugh at this comment… but you guys really do have a sort of golden energy about you. I think it’s your good karma. 🙂

  • What a perfect holiday! I really miss NYC, especially at Christmas time. So glad Jack is doing better!

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