Christmas Magic

This Christmas will one of my most memorable, to be sure.

The weeks leading up to Beau’s due date and the big holiday itself, I spent nesting and squirreling away stocking stuffers and gifts for my kids, knowing that once the baby was born I would have very little time.

I took the kids to Build-A-Bear the night of the Rockefeller tree lighting to make a teddy bear for their new brother. I secretly wanted to steal a peek at the illuminated behemoth, but as it turns out, being 9 months pregnant and out alone with two toddlers doesn’t bode well for safe and easy crowd surfing.



We visited Santa at Macy’s, spending as long as possible wandering through Santaland peering at the dancing bears, trains and the sparkling decorations.


Jack asked for Legos, Zoe wants a princess castle, and I requested a healthy baby, of course.

And then, two days later that is exactly what we got.

photo 3

Having a new baby during the holidays is really, really special. Of course, having a new baby ANY time is very special, but this is an entirely new feeling of wonderment and awe. Bringing him home to an apartment full of family and a sparkling Christmas tree was lovely, but the overall feeling in the air that everyone is celebrating love, life and togetherness at this time (especially in Manhattan) is unforgettable.




We did get to check out the tree at Rockefeller Center after all. And as promised, it was as magical as ever, and even more special having my mom, sister, husband, and new baby with us.





We’ve been really lucky to have all of our family here with us this holiday. My mom and sister were here for a couple of weeks before Christmas (right after Beau’s birth), and Justin’s family is here for a couple of weeks afterwards. We didn’t time the birth of this child, but it has worked out really well with coinciding with everyone’s vacation time. It’s been one of the most full holidays I can ever remember.

I hope you all have had a lovely holiday and are enjoying the company of your family and friends as well!

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  • He is so precious! Congratulations!

  • Looks like it was magical for sure!!! wow, Beau is precious and everyone got to visit… that’s special for sure! I know the feeling of being far from family and anytime they can be part of something special.. it’s awesome.

  • Gorgeous photos and what a wonderful holiday for you and your family. We’ve been in Texas with my family since the 17th and I am loving every minute of warm weather and family time. I asked Santa for a healthy baby also- our second little boy arrives on Feb. 6th! Take care…

  • I love looking at your pictures since my husband and I just visited NYC during last week and those places are now familiar! 🙂 Sounds like your holidays have been just amazing… truly magical and beautiful for sure.

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