New Year, New Resolve

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t something I usually partake in, mostly because I like to think of each new day as a chance to start over, to begin to be better in every way. I’ve always sort of felt like I wouldn’t want to live with the disappointment if I broke a resolution- which totally defeats the purpose to begin with.

The last time I made a real New Year’s Resolution, I was 11. My resolution was to write in a diary every single day for an entire year… And I did it. I’ve since lost the diary (to my massive disappointment, of course), but I remember writing in it and how good it felt to talk about some things. I even remember recounting specific moments of that particular day, and how they made me feel. That alone was worth every minute spent.

This year, I’m making another official resolution, and while I’m a little nervous about setting a high bar for myself, I think it will only be helpful and good for me.

This is so cliche, but I resolve to take care of myself better in 2012. I resolve to not only eat better, more consistently and thoughtfully, but also to make sure that I am doing it to strengthen both my body and mind. Since having my third child, I’ve really noticed how much the two rely on each other, and even at 32 years old I’m ready to realize this and work towards honing in on my health.

Specially, I want to lose this extra baby weight. I am definitely a little vain about some things, but mostly I know how much better I feel all the way around when I’m physically active, so I’m joining a gym and even going to start working with a trainer starting next week! I know that if I feel good, strong and healthy, I can be a better mother to my children and a happier person all the way around.


Do you have any resolutions for 2012? I’m always inspired to hear everyone’s promises for the new year-as I can almost always relate to them in some way. Apropos to my resolution, coincidentally, I’m happy to announce that I am one of Trop50’s newest ambassadors as a Tropinista.

Trop50, which is a juice beverage that has 50% less sugar and calories than regular juices is actually really fantastic. I spent the summer making popsicles for the kids with Trop50’s Orange Pulp Free-and while I don’t usually opt for low calorie options because of the flavor, this juice is yummy and it’s hardly noticeable that it’s low cal.

I’m looking forward to reinventing myself-even slightly, creating recipes that are balanced and chalk full of healthy ingredients, exercising often, and eventually fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. It’s not the most important thing to me, but I know it will affect the way that I feel on a daily basis, and that definitely counts for something.

Are you making any resolutions this new year? I would love to hear some of them and how you plan to achieve them. Head on over to Trop50 True Resolutions Facebook page and share if you will!

Trop50 True Resolutions celebrates the real reasons behind New Year’s resolutions. Share your secret motivation and you’ll earn a coupon for $1 off Trop50 for yourself and 50¢ off coupons for up to 50 of your friends. You can even submit incognito with a fierce disguise.

I was not compensated for this post, however I will be working with Trop50 as a part of a larger campaign. All opinions are my own.

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  • You always look great … I always make resolutions but the best one is to be more active in my volunteering and my community … I have already started and it feels just great … I have to admit that volunteering gives me much more to me than to those I am fortunate to help …

    I have a tab in my blog about my resolutions … I always make them in such a way that they can be measured … I am OK with not achieving them all … but I always try …

  • good for you jessica! and congrats on your ambassadorship! awesome!

    I also deplore resolutions–why set myself up to be disappointed in myself?

    But I also want this year to be about my feeling more like I used to feel–drinking enough water, getting enough exercise (which was NEVER an issue before kids), eating nourishing foods and getting a little bit of sleep (that would be an improvement!). I wish you so much luck and hope to see you soon! xo

  • I, like you, never make resolutions, too much pressure. I like the thought of staring fresh each day. I was, however, super excited for this year to begin so I made 27 resolutions which you can read at
    But either way some were to be a better Mother, stop yelling, take better care of myself etc. etc. I believe that in order to be the BEST Mom I can be I have to feel the best I can possible feel whether that is sporting my heels in the rain, my sweats to a party, a clean house whatever it may be it ultimately effects my girls.
    My crazy resolutions are broken up into 3 categories a) totally kidding b) unrealistic c) mostly doing but need to really make a better commitment.
    We,too, LOVE trop50. My hubbs loves OJ so when I saw this yummy alternative I was very excited to stop riding him so hard about his sugar intake.
    Congrats to you for you little guy, tropinista title and blog100!
    Love your blog!
    Happy new Year!!

  • I didn’t make a new year’s resolution but I wanted to comment on how excited I was to see the wrap you’re wearing. I had the Moby wrap and I used it hours upon days upon weeks when Charlie was colicky! It was one of my favorite baby items so far! I love your blog by the way. Take Care, Summer

  • I made the same resolution. Be kinder to myself and take care of myself. I am always the last one on my list, if I even get on it. Good luck friend!

  • I resolve to not be so shy in 2012 and put myself out there more instead of sitting back and waiting for someone to reach out to me.

  • I made a few resolutions but mostly they involve taking better care of myself and finding a good work/life/baby/kids/family..etc balance. Oh yeah, loosing the baby weight will help too.

  • congrats on Tropicana – so exciting!

    I also never make resolutions but now 6 months after the baby I am finally ready to get back to exercising and taking care of myself. Top on my list is sleep – let’s see if the baby cooperates with that one. 🙂

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