Three Peas in a Pod: Our Nursery

I’ve been wanting to share our nursery/children’s room with you for a while now, but there were so many things getting in the way. First and foremost, I wanted those picture perfect magazine-like images to share. I had to eventually come to the realization that the perfect magazine photo just wouldn’t ever happen. And that’s ok. I want to be be realistic, too. The reality of the situation is our apartment is NEVER picture perfect. We just have too much stuff.

When we found out we were pregnant, Zoe and Jack were sleeping in matching toddler beds. Jack had nearly outgrown his, and Zoe was just getting used to hers. We knew that the inevitable was upon us… Somehow we needed to find the perfect furniture to comfortably and nicely fit three children into a pretty small room.

Let me be the first to say that I am not creatively inclined to interior design whatsoever. I know what I like, I just have a terrible time putting it together. I picked the furniture for the room and some of the decorative items and my husband did basically everything else.

We made our first rather large investment into furniture for the children’s room, and while it was a decision that wasn’t made lightly, we couldn’t be happier. The pieces we found are so incredibly beautiful and well made, I know they will be in our lives for a very long time. Hopefully forever.

We purchased the Oeuf Classic Crib and Perch Bunk Bed in Birch. Before we would be able to build them out in the room, we had to find a bookshelf and an area for some storage. Ikea came through for us yet again- I couldn’t believe how close the colors were and how well the style suited the rest of the furniture.

photo 2
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We went with the Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed because not only is it timeless in style, but it is narrow and offers a few different set-up combinations so that it will grow and change as the children do. The Perch can be separated and configured into a standalone twin and loft bed, and has a more compact footprint than any other bunks that we looked at. We were concerned about putting Jack on the top bunk, but on the Perch both beds were lower than any others we had seen. He’s been so happy in it-even the cat started sleeping with him.

Pottery Barn quilts-found on sale on their website!

The room turned out pretty gender neutral even though there are now two boys and one girl in it, but we wanted Zoe to have her own special girly area all to her own. She loves her space; It’s all hers and as pink as she wants it to be.

Oeuf (which means “egg” in French) is a Brooklyn based company-which is evident when you look at the style of their furniture. It’s clear that they not only take space into consideration, but their designs are made to incorporate multiple uses and options.

The Classic Crib was a very easy decision for us. With the changing station built to go on top of the crib, that made for one less massive piece of furniture that we would have to account for in the room. The crib also turns into a toddler bed, so I know we will get years of use out it. Plus, it’s just gorgeous to look at!

photo 5

Beau’s crib bedding is David Netto for Maclaren, and the stuffed animals are by Steiff. These are some of the most gorgeous plush toys that I’ve ever laid my eyes and hands on. I love their expressions and simple design. Again, finding things that were gender neutral wasn’t easy, but the searching was well worth it in the end. Green is a very versatile color.

While taking the leap to invest into furniture for the kid’s room was something that took a lot of thought and consideration, deciding to go with Oeuf was very easy. This is a company that was started by a couple of designers who had just had their first baby together in 2003 and are still based in New York City. In fact, when I threw my benefit for Children’s Cancer, Oeuf not only readily and happily donated a Perch for the raffle, but the owner himself came to build it for us at Moomah. Their products are eco-friendly and made in Europe from sustainably sourced Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDFs, the finishes are non-toxic and water based. It’s absolutely important to me to support small businesses, especially ones that make an effort to make safe and planet friendly products.

I couldn’t be happier with our nursery/children’s room, even though it gets messy frequently, has too much stuff in it at any one time, and it’s just too small for three children. This is our life for now, and I am proud to call our tiny, cozy little apartment our home. I’ll even miss it when we move to a larger space. It’s nice to know that their furniture will be with us throughout the transitions-an investment that was completely worth it.

If you are interested, my dear friend Nicole at Chic & Cheap Nursery put together an incredible design board for our nursery around the Oeuf furniture. I love her ideas and am working diligently to incorporate her modern, minimalist approach into our life. It’s a work in progress.

I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a discount on the furniture, the Maclaren bedding and Steiff products for purposes of this post and review.

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  • Thank you for sharing the pictures. We live in a “cozy” apt as well and have had to get creative with our space. I have found that investing in well made furniture was a great decision. We bought Berg furniture and when Julia was ready for a bed, it turned into an adorable toddler bed.
    I would love to see a post about storage and how you keep chaos from all the toys. I have one 4 year old girl and the toys keep growing and growing. A post on how to contain the toys would be great!

  • Hi Jessica!

    You all did a great job with the nursery/children’s room. I too have all three of my children in one room. I’ve always loved the Oeuf products. I was able to find full over full bunk beds for my two older daughters and just use a toddler bed for the 3 year old. Three kids in one room, so far, has worked famously for us.

    Congrats on a lovely room! πŸ™‚


  • Looks great Jess! I was thinking about you yesterday because we are now bursting at the seams since moving from NC back to CA. We lost 1000 square feet but have yet to get rid of stuff. Thought, “Jess can do this with 3 kids in less than this! I can too!” Wish me luck. oy.

  • I’m so impressed by this! I am having flashbacks to our tiny Manhattan apartment with just two kids and the dog — and we were going crazy. You guys did an amazing job using your space — and it looks great πŸ™‚

  • We have the same IKEA Stuva storage system in Baby H’s room, I wish we would have known about the Oeuf crib they match so perfectly!

  • I love it! Allegra and Ben share a room and the only girly touch we have is her comforter and princess tent. We really need to update the room from when we decorated it with truck decals in 2007!

  • Such great ideas for our new apartment. We’re moving from the burbs to the city in a few weeks and loosing OODLES of sq. ft! I’ve been doubting I could make the transition, but NO MORE! I know if you can pull it off with three kiddos I should have no problem with just my husband and tot in tow!
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • We have two babies now and there will probably be a third in the near future, we live in a two bedroom so we would have all 3 sharing a room too! Thanks for posting pics! Love the Oeuf bed, but that’s definitely out of our price range, we’ll probably have an IKEA bunk in the room πŸ™‚

  • What a gorgeous nursery! I love all the pieces, they fit together so well. You definitely made the most of city living! πŸ™‚

  • Love the bunk bed. One day when I convince my husband to go for a third child I’m going to have to bunk my son and daughter and I love how easy it is for them to create their own space with the bunk beds!

  • Wow! I’m ready to move in.

  • We just bought the same bunk for our two kids also in a NYC apartment. Love the light that you put in the bottom bunk, may I ask what it is and where you got it?


  • Hi there,

    I was wondering how your experience has been with the Oeuf Bunk Bed. I just purchased the Oeuf Bunk bed because it was so pretty and on a special discount. However, I saw people complaining online about the squeaky sounds would wake up one or the other. I feel bed and would like to return it before it gets to delivered to our home.


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    away me from that service? Thanks!

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