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When I first became a mother, I went out and bought everything the books said I needed. In our little home, we had three different kinds of strollers, a massive exersaucer (seriously, that thing was the size of our kitchen table), a high chair full of bells and whistles, and a diaper bag filled with so much stuff I should have really just used a suitcase.

Three children later, I’ve learned better. I don’t need a contraption to hold every single thing or a hundred products clogging up my home that swear they will “make your life easier”. Believe it or not, it’s been the paring down of these products and the addition of children that have made me something of a master organizer (mom, I know you’re laughing at that statement). Motherhood has made me the ultimate multi-tasker, and it’s spilling over to my professional life as well-something I’m very grateful for though it certainly didn’t come easily.

Part of being a part of this parent community means sharing the tips that we’ve learned to make our lives easier. That’s why, when Clorox approached me to join their campaign called If Mom Had Three Minutes, I was happy to jump on board. The Clorox Company and children’s book author Karen Kaufman Orloff are working together to create a fun and practical e-book with time-saving tips inspired by moms called If Mom Had Three Minutes.

When I have a gazillion things to do and only a few minutes to do it, first off I prioritize. I pack their lunches while they eat their breakfast, and while Beau nurses I generally plan dinner-it’s easy to make a grocery list on the iPhone, especially one-handed! At night, I set their clothes out for them on the couch in the morning so that they can get themselves dressed while they watch a quick cartoon after they wake up. In the afternoon once they’re both home from school, they play a toddler version of Pictionary on their white board while I race to get dinner on the table. Keeping everyone happy is just as tricky as preparing dinner, doing laundry and cleaning all at the same time, so fun activities are very helpful.


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I’d love to hear your tips on how you do it all as well-if you had three minutes, what would YOU do? There’s a couple of ways you can share them: Either go to Clorox’s Facebook page and leave your comment, or leave your tips here in a comment and be entered to win a coupon for a free Clorox┬« Disinfecting Wipes. Out of all of you who enter, TWENTY will be selected randomly to win!

To Enter:

Just leave a comment with your super parenting tips!

Sweepstakes end Friday, April 6th at midnight PST.

I personally can’t wait to read your tips. I know there are things that I could be doing more efficiently and quicker, and the best experts are my fellow parents.

I am being compensated by The Clorox Company to talk about my favorite time-saving, multi-tasking tip(s) as part of the If Mom Had Three Minutes program. I received information about the If Mom Had Three Minutes program and coupons for Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes from Clorox for this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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  • Honestly, my second was so much easier because of my iphone. Especially when I was nursing. I was being productive at 3am! I have an app that I love (Cozi) that lets me track our calendar, to dos, shopping lists, and menus all in the app. It also has a nice journal function so I can spend 10 seconds to jot down a “first” so one day when I have lots of minutes I can finally make that baby book.

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