Kickin’ It With Our Hometown Hero

Some of you may remember when Brandi Chastain kicked the fifth penalty kick to win the Women’s World Cup in 1999, and right afterwards fell to her knees and ripped off her jersey in triumph.


I remember watching this and just being so inspired, and so proud to be part of who she was representing in all of her glory. My female role model growing up was (and still is as I continue to grow up) my mother-I never really gravitated to any other women that I saw in the media (well, other than Tiffany). Raising a daughter now myself, I think a lot about who I want to introduce her to that would bring to her life things that I never could on a certain level.

We were invited by Electrolux to play soccer with Brandi and Kelly Ripa a couple of weeks ago, and I never thought watching my kids on a soccer field would bring me so much joy. Being that Jack and Zoe are on the shy side normally-at least initially-I didn’t know how they would react since they had never tried soccer-especially with a group of kids they didn’t know.

It was especially cool to my kids that Brandi is from the same area as us in California. They immediately got what I call the “California Twinkle” in their eyes.




Needless to say, with Kelly’s charm, smiles and bubbly attitude coupled with Brandi’s energy and skills for teaching soccer to little ones, my two were dribbling and bouncing soccer balls like nobody’s business. It was one of those priceless mother moments-just pleasantly surprised and full of pride.






The fantastic part about being a mother is these little victories happen every single day with our children. Yesterday, Jack built two medium lego vehicles following the instruction guide-or “maps” as he calls them-all by himself. Beau started rolling over from his tummy, and Zoe picked out her clothes and dressed herself without even asking for my help. Big moments. The BEST moments.

Electrolux sponsored the event to bring awareness to The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. This is actually the second event that we’ve attended that Elecrolux has teamed up with OCRF to benefit. The first one (here) was one of the most fun times that Zoe and I have had together-getting gussy with Kelly Ripa at the Plaza Hotel.

If you head over to Electolux’s site, Kelly Confidential, and share one of your best moments, they will donate $1 for every moment shared that will go towards the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.



It was pretty incredible to not only chat with Brandi Chastain, but to watch her teach my children (my children!) to play soccer. Another one of those times I certainly won’t forget, and I hope that they won’t either. And we all learned a little bit about confidence, teamwork, and even a first introduction to one of my personal hometown heros.

I was also introduced to what will be my first major covet/purchase of suburban life: The Perfect Steam Wash duo. Because, wow. Doing laundry is totally underrated when you have your very own set of machines.


I was not compensated for this post. Our travel to and from the event was covered, and we were sent a signed soccer ball by Brandi Chastain (eeee!). All opinions are my own.

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  • So much fun…I know what you mean about your mom being the person you admired most. My mom was my best friend all my adult life…the last 10 years with out her have really made me realize what a legacy she left me. My own children and now my granddaughter hopefully have a similar relationship with me.
    I love how your children got right into the activities in the soccer invite…sports activities with the right coaches can really help…it was nice you were able to attend this event for such a worthy cause.

  • Wow, that sounds like a really awesome trip. We have an Electrolux washer and dryer, though I’m not sure if its that exact model. I love it. Love it. Want to suddenly do laundry I love it so much.

  • So jealous. What a great opportunity. My daughter is a huge soccer player and loves Brandi as a player. You catch all the good gigs. Good for you!

  • HA! I LOVE that your daughter is playing with her pretty red maryj’s on! Way to rock the bold and the beauty!! Boys watch out!

  • I completely appreciate what you are saying about those every day little victories. My daughter is 3 and I love watching her learn how to do something new every day – it really boggles my mind how she absorbs her environment. The other day I asked her what she wanted to wear for school and she picked up my iphone. I asked her why and she responded, “I’m checking the weather.” and sure enough – she was using the app!

  • Remembering these little victories is the best thing in parenting. Especially because there will be days where you may need to recall those wonderful moments to get through a not-so-good day. And incidentally, I loved seeing your photos and your kids (especially your daughter with her red Mary Janes!) out there kicking a soccer ball. Thanks!

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