Photo Therapy

I would think that based on this blog, you would know a few things about me: I love my children and my family, I can’t resist a good adventure, and I have a hobby of taking and sharing photos. Lots of photos.

Growing up, I was always pretty artsy. Eventually, my doodles from history class in the 6th grade led to painting courses in college and eventually lessons in color and style in fashion design school.

I never really did much with my training, it was always mostly just a creative outlet for me. While I spent a few years regretting the fact that I didn’t “do anything” with my art background, I’m at peace with it now. It just so happened that after I had children, my creative side took ahold in an entirely new way: Through photography. I started taking photos of my first born son and became increasingly annoyed that the priceless moments I was recording were just sub-par. Either the lighting was crummy or the faces were blurred in an otherwise perfectly timed capture.

The more I took photos and played around with free editing programs and apps, the more fun I had with it and began to start researching SLRs and editing software. I purchased my first SLR, a Canon Rebel XS along with Photoshop CS4 just before Zoe was born in September of 2009. I began to find my creative voice all over again, and realized what my life had been missing. I have a creative, restless soul that rarely feels completely free inside the realms and strict lines of reality.






Photography has allowed me to not only explore a new creative passion, but in the meantime while practicing and learning, I’m actually recording memories that we will have for the rest of our lives. And even more of a bonus? I get to share them on my blog-a haven where I can process and relish this beautiful and fleeting time in our lives.

Just before Beau was born in December, I gathered up my savings-money I had set aside specifically for my photography addiction-and upgraded from the Canon Rebel XS to a new Canon 60D. I also invested in a couple of fancy new lenses and Lightroom 3. Truth be told, I really don’t know what I’m doing with either the camera or the software, but I’m having a lot of fun playing around with it.

Right around the same time, I received an email from the fantastic Jill Krause, Mrs. Baby Rabies herself asking if I wanted to join her as a blogger ambassador for Clickin’ Moms“. Clickin Moms is a site where all walks of life, and all abilities in the photography field can go to learn more about taking beautiful photos. There are forums where you can talk to fellow members, as well as workshops and a store you can shop in for all things photography related. Pretty perfect situation-it’s basically like going to college to do something you love, only you’re doing it on your own time. And no calculous!

If you find yourself so intrigued, you can use the code MOMMACITY20 for a 20% discount off of a 6 month membership ($30) or a one year membership ($50). And for a FREE TRIAL, enter: MOMMACITYTRIAL

While this is a hobby for me, such a large part of my life is devoted to taking photos and learning more about it. Sometimes the most fun, relaxing thing I do is taking a few pictures and spending an hour or two hovered over my laptop editing away. I’m excited to use all that Clickin’ Moms” has to offer to help me through litany of questions that I have about shutter speed, flash and using light. After all, we’ll have these photos for ever and ever, and there are so many ways that quick little snaps-even from a phone-can be made into everlasting mementos.


I’m looking forward to honing in this new-ish craft and preserving more memories, while allowing my creative side to roam free.

I have been compensated for this post as well as a 6 month membership with Clickin’ Moms for my ambassadorship. All opinions are my own.

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  • I think we are so blessed these days to be able to take so many photos of our children and yes, preserve so many amazing memories. And I always adore your photos. 🙂

  • I have always loved your photos. And I have to know where are those amazing crocodile/dragon? shoes from?! My son would LOVE them.

  • We are SO thrilled to have you as a part of the team! You have such darling subjects and the most amazing backdrop to work with 😉

  • I took a great class from the author of iPhone Obsessed on how to take, create and edit photos all from your iPhone. I love my DSLR camera but realize the best most natural photos I have are taken with my iPhone because it is always with me. I wish I knew how to use my DSLR better!

  • Beautiful shots, beautiful children!

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