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The word “play” can mean many different things for my family-and most families. We play half of the year indoors, and half of the year outdoors. As my children get older, the playing is starting to get more physical: They want to be kicking, throwing, batting, twirling or jumping. Ballet and Tae Kwon Do have been keeping them busy for the last couple of months, but they’ve also recently signed up for swimming and tee-ball, and soccer camp isn’t too far away.




On the crummy weather days, we take to the halls of our apartment building and do the same- just on a much calm and more compact level.

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The kids with their Pass the Play balls from GoGo SqueeZ


Wherever we are playing or whom we’re playing with, they are learning lessons: Lessons in sharing, strength, perseverance, teamwork and confidence. I’m a huge proponent of sports and activities for this reason, so it’s easy to understand why I’m thrilled to be teaming up with GoGo SqueeZ to help “Pass the Play”.

GoGo SqueeZ believes in the simple mantra of “always play” and is putting this belief to work through the “Pass the Play” campaign with the goal of bringing the simple joy of play to those who need it most across the country. The campaign will support GoGo squeeZ’s charity partner The Fresh Air Fund – a not-for-profit agency that provides free summer experiences and year-round educational programs to New York City children from low-income communities.

Get Involved!

· Email to request a “Pass the Play” ball and play the largest game of catch. 10,000 kick balls are being distributed nationwide, so people can enjoy the simple goodness of play and then pass that play to someone they know that needs some play in their life. Everyone will be entered to win fun prizes by tracking the kick balls at

· Tweet #passtheplay to @GoGoSqueeZ and $1 will be donated to @FreshAirFund with the goal of raising $25,000, which will allow more inner-city boys and girls to participate in programs that can change the course of a child’s life.

More about the Mobile Playground

• The tour will kick off in Atlanta, Ga. on May 26th during the Decatur Arts Festival
• You can find all of the stops for the “Pass the Play” mobile playground by visiting Some of the 10 cities include Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and LA.

Please join my family and I as we Pass the Play and help our local families!

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For more information, head over to

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  • Sounds like fun! Thanks for turning me onto this! I will for sure check it out when it comes to SF. Can’t wait until you guys are back in CA and we can play ball for real.

  • What a great program! Sent an email for a ball!

  • That picture of Zoe in the black in ballet class is probably one of my most favourite pictures of her. 🙂

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