Stroller Obsession: Orbit G2

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Head turner. Space ship. Extraordinary.

I get comments on the Orbit G2 everywhere I go. I’ve been all around NYC with it, and I’m stopped at least once every time I leave the house about the Sidekick Stroller Boards.



Here’s the thing: I like fancy. I like fancy shoes, and purses, and to the surprise of no one-least of all myself-I like fancy strollers.

The Orbit G2 has all kinds of different configurations. The seats swivel, the Sidekick Stroller Boards are easily attachable to each wheel, and the storage bag has a strap that allows it to be slung over the shoulder. These are all things I haven’t seen in a stroller before, and my favorite parts of the G2.



And? The Sidekick Stroller Boards are personalized. Oh yes.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Strollers are a New York City parent’s best friend. They’re the next best thing to owning vehicles, and they absolutely must be able to perform with versatility.

The Orbit G2 is all about versatility. It’s modular design and interchangeable seats make this stroller a one stop shop-it will grow with your family in ways you never even thought of. We decided against the infant seat and went straight with the toddler seat, mainly because we don’t actually ride in cars all that often. I’m feeling the impact of that mistake now though, as the infant seat/car seat is ROCKIN’. Both seats are suitable from birth though, so either seat is a good option for families with new babies.

While I have yet to take this stroller on any public transportation (the seat detaching from the base poses a difficulty I haven’t encountered yet in my travels), I have taken it in the taxi and it is lightweight, super easy to collapse and store, and it takes up very little room.

I have found this stroller to be very compact as well. When I’m grocery shopping or going basically anywhere in the city, the width hasn’t stopped me from going into any establishments (that’s without the sidekicks attached). The weight is manageable and it’s easy enough to push, even one handed. I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with every aspect of this stroller. It’s quickly turned into my one of my favorites.

The G2 stroller frame weighs 16 lbs, while both the Infant Seat and the Stroller Seat weigh 10 lbs each-so that’s a 26 pound stroller without the Sidekicks or the Panniers attached.

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Some specs:

Innovative QuadShock™ suspension for a smooth ride & hassle-free no-pump tires
Dock and rotate your baby, 360 degrees on the stroller, and ergonomically into the car
Frame folds with one-handed, twist-and-lift motion
Removable Cargo Pod diaper bag has shoulder strap and bottle pockets
Patent-pending soft carrier handle on Infant Seat enables exceptionally comfortable carrying
Stroller Frame folds compactly, stands alone when folded, and can be towed when folded
Built-in cupholder and key tray
UV sunshade with Paparazzi Shield™ extension
Stroller Frame and Car Seat Base can be used with other Orbit Baby seats

And, one of my most favorite aspects of the Orbit is their chemical free fabrics, OrbitGreen:

orbitgreen™ Certified Fabric – The first car seat with fabrics and foam certified safe by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, ensuring they are healthier for your baby and better for the environment

Safe flame retardants: Orbit Baby car seats meets all applicable flame retardancy standards (NHTSA FMVSS 302 and California TB 117) without the potentially harmful chemicals, like PBBs and PBDEs, used in most other car seats.

Orbit recently unveiled their new Color Packs: Available in 9 colors, machine washable and easily interchangeable. Since we have the Ruby Red color, I used the following image to see what the colors would look like on my stroller (something else to think about when purchasing).


The Weather Packs and Panneirs are all available at an extra cost. In my opinion these things are must-haves (there is very little storage room in the Cargo Pod) and I would prefer they be included into original price of the stroller and with shipment.

Overall, the versatility and functionality are unique and well thought out, and I’ve had a really great experience with our Orbit G2.

And, so has Zoe.


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I was not compensated for this post. I received an Orbit G2 stroller for purposes of this review. All opinions are as always, my own and completely unsolicited.

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  • This is really one of my favorite strollers. Actually we have every single orbit baby item…people stop me all the time when they see me swivel my toddler seat around to easily get my 18 month old in and out of the car. Its a show-stopper for sure. A little heavy to push, but totally worth it.

  • The Orbit sounds fantastic for the suburbs as well and then when we go city visiting it really struts its stuff. It looks to be grandparent friendly too. 🙂

  • Very fancy indeed! I saw one at the mall before Christmas and have been obsessing over it. But seeing has we already have stroller collection the Mr is not trying to hear about adding another to the mix. 🙁

    • It’s a VERY sore subject in my house, believe me!

  • Great stroller! I want one! 🙂 Maybe you can do a giveaway in the near future?? :))

    • Let me see what I can do, Natalie!! 🙂

  • That looks fantastic, and really cool. A giveaway is the only way I’ll afford one of those 🙂

  • Love! Wish we had gone with this stroller-it’s perfect for carting around 2+ kids in NYC!

  • Oh I love this stroller! Too bad we just bought a new one, or this would have been at the top of my list. Oh well 🙁 Perhaps with our next tot. I can see myself strolling through the capital or museums with it, FOR SURE.

    And I agree with Natalie S.!! I’d enter, and so would my friends.

  • I saw those pictures on instagram and I never realized that the skateboards WERE ATTACHED. That is sooooo cool.

  • You need to get the Panniers! I love my stroller even more now with them. But I do look a bit crazy walking down the street with both out and full of groceries.

  • Hi Jessica

    I’m glad to see someone else thinks so positively of the G2. I have been researching strollers a lot lately and this is one of the best out there.

    You did show me something new, which was the little skateboard type addons. I hadn’t seen those before and think that’s a great idea.

    How did your kids like them?

  • Having 4 under 7 I’ve pretty much decided I need this stroller, especially with the stroller boards and all. I mean, if I wear Paul, I can stroll Gage and give both girls a place to ride.

    I’m in love. Now to convince the hubs…

    • Actually, even better, they are coming out with a double attachment for the single stroller this fall. No baby-wearing required. 🙂

  • LOVE this! It looks like a fantastic stroller!

  • My neighbors have this stroller and it is SO COOL. Innovative & smart.

  • I was obsessed with it too, waiting for months for the G2 to finally come out in 2010. I have the toddler car seat, and loved the idea of traveling with a car seat and a stroller frame instead of lugging a car seat while pushing a stroller. I imagined touring Europe in it. When it finally arrived I could not believe how HEAVY it all was. Heavy to push, heavy to load onto a train, impossible to lug just the car seat onto a plane – well not impossible, but the nice folks at Continental gave me a dubious look and a wide birth while I navigated my baby, my car seat and my backpack to row 32. The car seat is a bear to install, safe as hell, but not easy. The stroller frame folds like a dream, fast and easy. Snapping the seat into place is easy and lovely. If I had bought this when my daughter was an infant I would have been so happy. Once she was big enough for the toddler seat there was no room in the back seat of the car (Mercedes wagon, not an SUV) for the snap-in frame and the seat – too high to see over it. I agree this is an innovative and very beautiful stroller. I paid $750 for it and it sat unused in my basement for a year before I sold it. I did push it around town a few times, but it doesn’t steer as well as the BOB, is heavy and takes up the whole back of the car. If you live in a city, have this set up ready to roll and have a baby I think it would be great. Of course it looks great, which is what sold me in the first place.

  • I found out about this stroller last year. Just happened upon it during one of those random Internet searches we all do when we’re bored. And I absolutely fell in love with this travel system! What turned me on the most is that with all the other strollers I saw, there were always negative comments and drawbacks. But nobody ever had anything bad to say about Orbit (except the price). And I love how ergonomically sound it is. Perfect for my sensitive lower back! I’m totally getting one when we start our family.

  • Hi Jessica – I am a first time NYC mom expecting in August. I’ve been eyeing the G2 and think it’s probably the best fit for us. I’m a little confused if I need the infant car seat and the stroller seat? We do have a car so we will be doing a mix of walking everywhere and driving places. Would love any tips and to know if this is still your city momma go to!

    Any other “city mom” musts? The moby and ergo carriers are also on the list! Now I’m wondering between rocker, bouncer, swing, etc to take up space in the apt! Would love any city must tips to conquer the daunting registry! Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah,

      If you will be doing a mix of walking and driving like us (we are urbanites), I would recommend getting both the infant car seat and the stroller seat (you can wait a while to purchase the stroller seat). You might find that as your child gets older, they will want to “sit up” more and check out their surroundings. Sitting up is impossible in the infant car seat, as they will be in a recline position.

      Although we used the infant car seat for our daughter’s entire first year and beyond (she is slender), it’s nice to have the flexibility to use the toddler seat when going for a walk. That way, you can extend the use of the toddler seat as your child grows not only in height but in weight.

      We also got the panniers and love them! Our #2 is arriving in September and I am planning on getting the side kick.

      I always get compliments and questions when I push around my Orbit. Some people may complain about the limited storage space in the diaper bag, but it really does offer enough space for things. After all, who wants to lug around that much stuff?

      Good luck,

  • Got my sister one of these strollers from Amazon and it is nothing short of Amazing. If you have the cash, you should definitely get one of these. You can use the same deal that I got: – She is sooo happy.

  • Did you know that if your child spills a drink, vomits or even pees in either the infant seat or the toddler seat it compromises the safety of the seat? My daughter vomited in her G2 Toddler seat and it soaked through and was coming out of the hub. Orbit said too bad, so sad. This was their response:

    “When we are compared to any other car seat that doesn’t have complicated mechanisms in the hub, we lose in the comparison of what happens when excessive bodily fluids leak into the inner mechanisms. Again, I’m very sorry for what you’ve been through.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Care Associate
    Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician #T716332″

  • How can you say you were not compensated? A G2 stroller with sidekicks is over $1000.

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