Fun with Food and Dan Zanes! (Giveaway)

Let me introduce to you something in my life that drives me bananas:


This cupboard, filled with plastic sippy cups, bowls, tritan tumblers and melamine plates makes me crazy. Once upon a time, when my children began to eat off of plates and guzzle out of real cups, I went crazy with excitement looking for fun and beautiful pieces that would encourage them to eat whatever I put on the plates. The good news is it actually worked-the more fun and cute the dinnerware was, the more interested they were in their food. Now that their a little older (3.5 and 5) relatively, I think it’s time to introduce them to proper dishes. And of course this would mean I could clean out this cluttered up cupboard already, so win/win.

photo 2
You know a dish store is fabulous when they have spoon gown in the window.

It so happened in the last couple of weeks that my favorite store for all things kitchen, Fishs Eddy, collaborated with a local children’s music artist-THE Dan Zanes-to create a set of dishes that would be fun for the kids to eat off of AND they are actual dishes!

photo 1

photo 3

The fun images of personified instruments worked wonders with the kids… They felt grown-up, were careful with the pieces, and actually ate the entire meal I gave to them on the plates. Of course, I don’t know if this will happen every time (ahem), but I’m happy knowing that they love it as much as I do. And my cupboard will be less cluttered. As someone who deeply cares about cooking, food, and the entire ritual of meal time, I couldn’t be happier to introduce the fun plates to my children’s every day routine. This is a step in their growing that I’m not even a bit hesitant to take.



Win It!

Fishs Eddy has graciously given us a set of Dan Zane’s dinner ware, plus a copy of his newest CD, Little Nut Tree to give away to one of you!

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling me your children’s favorite musician or music, or perhaps your own childhood favorite. One comment per person.

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Contest will run from today, Saturday June 2nd, until Saturday June 9th at midnight, PST.

I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a set of Dan Zanes dinner ware for review from Fishs Eddy.

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  • I absolutely love these dishes and mealtime is a very special time at our house…it was with my own children and it still is with my granddaughter. We would love to have our own set of Dan’sDishes…fingers-crossed! xo

  • Wow those are gorgeous! My son is really into these three Disney’s Greatest cds he has. His favorite is Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”

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  • What a cute set of dishes for children! My daughter Charlotte loves to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider & You are my Sunshine.

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  • My girls love the Muppets Movie Soundtrack so much to the point of exhaustion for this momma! We are also big Dan Zanes fans.
    Thanks for the chance!

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  • I love love love Fishs Eddy—it’s one of my favorite stores in the city and I make sure to buy something new there every time I head in. Last time I bought those adorable wine glasses-did you see those? These are new since I was in like a month ago, but I know it will be my next purchase!!! My kids love Veggietales music. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  • My kids currently love The Muppets Soundtrack and Elizabeth Mitchell.

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  • My son loves the guitar. He walks around all day long with it playing it.

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  • Love these dishes! So cute and so “real.” My kid cabinet would make you cry!!

  • My children loved the Muppets, and I have been having so much fun introducing them to my grandkids. My son and his wife are working musicians, and the kids are budding ones, Cara on piano and Emily on guitar; they do a fine job as part of Dr. Teeth’s band. Love it. These dishes would be perfect for their muscial family.

  • I was in NYC in March and fell in love with Fishs Eddy. I’ve been a follower since. I’ve already “liked” them on FB. Because of Fishs Eddy, I found you! I “liked” you too and am now looking forward to being your follower! Thanks for the chance to win these Dan Zanes collection! My kids are 1 1/2 and seven! My seven year old loves John Denver! It’s great! My 1 1/2 year old will bop up and down to anything!

  • My two and half year old son, Harper, seems to love Ella Fitzgerald and the like! A little Frank Sinatra. He seems to love old jazz standards. I’m pretty psyched about that.

  • Mikey’s favorites are Skyfactor (daddy’s band) and Dan Zanes.

  • My kids love Rafi! It’s funny because I can remember listening to the same songs on cassettee in my parents car! Baby Beluga is their all time fav!

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  • Love these dishes 🙂 Our favorite kids music comes from Sovereign Grace Ministries. They have great Christian music that my kids love to listen to!

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  • My son and I both love Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell is bedtime favorite.

  • My husband is the Principal Trombone of the Boston Symphony so he is my 4 year old twins’ favorite musician. They each have their own trombone that they love to play, but my kids love all instruments. My son announced today that Santa was going to bring him a drum tonight…. ummm not really buddy, it is June – but we’ll let Santa know this is something you might be interested in.
    These Dan Zane dishes are precious!

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  • My daughters’ favorite song is “Love My Family” from The Roots.

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  • My 5 year old loves ‘we all live in a yellow submarine’! My 20 month old has been singing songs of his own mostly involving the word Mama- music to my ears 🙂 we kids would enjoy the dining set!

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  • My kids and I adore the Fuzzy Lemons, a local NY/NJ band we came across on the streets of NYC last summer. We are also big fans of Dan Zanes. We saw him at the New Victory Theater a few years ago and they were very entertaining. Would love a set of the Dan Zanes dishes. Super cute. Thanks for the tip.

  • My son loves ROCKABYE BABY, lullaby renditions of baby’s favorite rock bands and so do I. It has so many great songs that we can both enjoy.

  • Harrison love Rockin’ with Andy! I grew up listening to Raffi and the Free to be You and Me record.

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  • My child like dance music more for ballerina!

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  • My 2.5 yr old, Sylvia, absolutely adores Stacey Peasely. She is a songwriter from Boston,MA. We recently got to see her play at the local Ben and Jerry’s. You should totally check her out.

  • Love that Dan Zanes is doing this! My daughter loves him but her fave right now is Ziggy Marley, Family Time. I like you on Facebook.

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    my son’s favorite music is what his momma listens to 🙂 from james blunt to black eyed peas to diana krall and sometimes even “uncle eminem” :/

  • When my daughter was an infant, we would blast ACDC in the car to put her to sleep. Now she’s 7 and her little brother is 4, and they love Smashing Pumpkins and Alice in Chains. What can I say? They were never into traditional children’s music!

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  • Love the dishes! Soo cute! I have a great set of bamboo plates that looks like melamine. Same idea, differnt material. The hodge podge of differnt plates and cups makes me crazy too. Good post!

  • My son adores the cd’s made by Children’s museum of the arts here in NYC

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