Talking Teething with Baby Orajel Naturals (plus a Giveaway)

Teething has to be one of the hardest things about raising a baby… Right behind sleeping and eating. And then of course there’s the really difficult stuff that comes as they get older, but when they are babies, the process of getting teeth is terribly painful for both child and parent.

We were lucky that Jack and Zoe didn’t get their first tooth until they were just over a year old, each. At that point, they were somewhat able to tell us if something was bothering them, and where exactly the bothering was coming from-which was helpful since they weren’t big droolers either.


Beau is now 6 months old and it’s looking like he probably won’t get teeth for a while yet either (which I’m totally fine with, especially because I’m breastfeeding). I’m considering ordering an amber teething necklace for him because I have only heard great things, but I have a box of things ready for him just in case. We’re prepared with the usual arsenal to combat the pain and discomfort: Frozen washcloths, teethers (though my kids never liked them), biscuits, and of course Orajel Natural Teething Tablets.

We used the regular, quick dissolving Baby Orajel Teething Tablets with Jack and Zoe, and they always seemed to relieve their agitation. I’m personally happy to see that Orajel has come out with a new, natural version that not only uses chamomile as a main ingredient, but they are also Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Dye-Free, Benzocaine-Free and Belladonna-Free. We were able to use them on a random mouth sore that Jack got that was bothering him when he was eating, and they really helped.

While I’m happy waiting for Beau to get his first teeth, it’s nice to know that there’s a natural option to help him with the agitation that comes with teething.

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I’ve teamed up with BabyCenter to give away two packs of Baby Orajel Naturals, plus a BabyCenter tote bag to one winner.

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  • Baby Orajel and ice secured in a wash cloth are getting us through this teething spell. Loving the new header by the way!

  • Orajel swabs helped with Colin’s first teeth, and he also likes to suck on the popsicles that come in the plastic wrappers. He’ll eat a whole one by himself when his gums are bothering him!

  • My daugther never drooled or cried while teething. Hoping my new baby won’t suffer through this painful stage either.

  • Orajel has always been a tried-and-true method for me to relieve teething pain for my kids. I love the idea of a natural version, even better for my little one.

  • I’ve tried to froze banana or teethers but my daughter would refuse to put it in her mouth so I bought her OraJel NAtural gel and she didn’t like the taste because of the clove in it but right after i put some on her gums she felt so much better.

  • I love the Earths Best teething biscuits and my son thinks they are a treat!

  • I have a 4 month old , so I havent gone thru that stage yet but I did get sophie the giraffe.

  • I use a nuby teething ring which he loves and a cold wash cloth (never tried orajel). Good luck to all the mommas

  • Sadly, our go-to is actually acetominaphen! I hate that we use it. I didn’t even know that belladonna-free teething tablets existed–may be our new go-to!

  • My 3 year old daughter never seemed to be bothered by her teeth but my son has been. He is 8 months old and I have tried the teething rings but found the frozen washcloth to work well.

  • My one month old is teething & its awful πŸ™ poor baby doesn’t know what to do & I feel so bad for him. We’ve been using teething rings & putting his binky in the freezer & letting him chew on that because everythings so big for his little mouth.

  • Baby orajel And a clean wet frozen wash cloth

  • We use a whole arsenal of things. He has a artisan necks e which helps most of the time but currently he’s cutting 6 at one time so were also using orajel at bedtime, teething tablets during the day, and a mix of foods. His favorite is Popsicles and he chews on the stick when he’s finished. But we also give hard biscuits and ice cubes in washcloths.

  • We use nighttime orajel and hylands teething tablets. My son has been incredible through the entire teething process. (So far) We have been very lucky.

  • We had good luck with the Hylands Teething Tablets with our first!

  • I like using the frozen teething rings, seems to help at least a little bit. I am looking forward to trying this new product, we have our first little one on the way. I love that it is natural.

  • I mostly just rib the gums with my finger and teething rings.

  • My little guy has had 3 teeth push through in the past 3 weeks (he’s almost 8 months old and already has 5 teeth!) We need some orajel naturals to help this poor guy out!

  • my daughter is in her teething stage at the moment .. i TRY everything !! the cold wash clothes in the freezer .. teethin rings .. baby orajel .. anything !?! mainly what i see that helps is her sucking on my fingers n chompin down !!

  • With my first daughter I used orajel and tylenol, worked perfectly together!! This time around I plan on doing the same thing, as well as giving her frozen washcloths, my friends child never liked the frozen washcloths so we’ll see if kiddo number 2 likes them

  • We give our boys a burp rag to chew on and gently rub their gums.

  • My little guy has had 3 teeth push through in the past 3 weeks (he’s almost 8 months old and already has 5 teeth!) Our trick has been half frozen wash clothes and extra cuddles!

  • We can’t go through teething without teething tablets and orajel!

  • With my first daughter I used orajel and tylenol, worked perfectly together!! This time around I plan on doing the same thing, as well as giving her frozen washcloths, my first child never liked the frozen washcloths so we’ll see if kiddo number 2 likes them

  • I use Orajel soothing gel…but would love to try some other baby is teething these days and is sooo cranky πŸ™

  • My 6 month old already has his bottom tooth. He is miserable. We use cold washcloths right now.

  • My grandson really likes the Orajel Naturals teething gel…when we sit down to rock and have a bottle…he always sits and waits for me to put on the gel. He is so cute!! He licks his lips and then lays back to have a bottle! Thank you!

  • Cold teething rings And I have tried the all natural tabs along with orajel

  • My son cries every time I put it on him. The clove smell is too strong. The only reason I bought this brand was because they were all out of the original Orajel. I wont be buying it again.

  • Baby orajel swans and teething rings are helping during this first time of teething.

  • Teething tablets, gel and rubbing her gums with the baby toothbrush work best for us

  • My son got all his teeth in pairs and just slept through the teething process. My 6month old daughter….HA! She is drooling puddles and chewing on EVERYTHING. She actually just broke my cellphone the otherday from teething on it!

  • My 11 month old has yet to get any teeth, but the days I feel like his mouth hurts I love the orajel gel.

  • With my 2 oldest children, I always used the teething tablets. (Not sure of the brand, since it’s been 6 years!!)

    It always seemed to help almost right away, as with the gel, it usually wore off quicker.

    I have an 11-month old daughter who has 4 teeth already, and is now getting 2 more teeth on the top, next to the 2 front teeth. She is always cranky and I am in critical need of relief. (As she is too!!!) I’d be sooo happy if I win, as I never win anything. πŸ™‚

  • Ice cubes in a wet wash cloth to chew on & a lil tylenol before bed when they’re really hurting.

  • Lol he like my fingers or a wash cloth

  • Popsicles and any teething toys helped us through. And when it was really bad we would give him tylenol

  • My baby girl is only three months and we
    re going thru the terrors of teething

  • We are currently using Hylands all natural teething gel. Works really well.

  • My son loves to suck/chew on a washcloth!

  • baby orajel and place paciiers in the freezer for about an hour really helps =)

  • My daughter, Nadia, didn’t have much luck with Orajel swabs, but we used frozen or refrigerated wash cloths to relieve teething pain. She would suck the water out of them and giggle at the sound. πŸ™‚

  • Natural remidies and those little nettting things with frozen fruit πŸ™‚

  • frozen teethers are the best

  • My toddler daughter likes crushed ice with water to sip on and I let her chew on her old toothbrush.

  • Nothing seems to be helping my little girl. She hates using teethers, but loves to chew on her blanket

  • For teething baby orajel has always been my go-to remedy!

  • Just rubbing the gums, breaking up some ice and putting it in a cloth.

  • My son is 6 months old and his first tooth is popping up. He hasn’t had too much discomfort, yet, but he seems to enjoy chewing on teething rings and keys, especially if they’ve been in the fridge.

  • My baby has been super drooly from day one. So I’m constantly mopping her off with washclothes or burp rags. She started chewing on them and it seemed to sooth her. So I took it up a step. I put an icecube in the middle of a washcloth and smash it with a mallet until it’s pretty finely crushed. Then I dab a little applesauce in with the ice and wrap a rubber band around the washcloth to secure the ice and applesauce. My little girl loves it. The texture of the cloth and the crushed ice rub her gums as she chews. The ice helps numb her gums and the flavor from the applesauce makes it a treat, not just a means to sooth her gums.

  • Our little gal has been teething since 3 months and we have/use it all. We have teethers in the fridge and freezer, frozen food popcycles, toy teethers, teething tabs, tylonal, orajel, teething biscuits, before teeth we used our hands for chewing. We have done it all and each this has worked for her at different times. The top two though would be frozen teethers if we are up and playing, but for sleeping I love the orajel extra strength night time formula!

  • We used to use the teething tablets with our now two yr old until they had the recall a year ago. That was scary. They were saying they didn’t know how much of the belladonna stuff was in each tablet. It’s wonderful to hear there are natural teething tablets withoutbelladonna. We will be trying these with our one year old! He wakes up screaming every night when he is cutting a tooth. Poor boy!

  • I purchased this item from target .great results on my baby

  • My poor lil man throws tylenol up no matter how slow i give it to him πŸ™ orajel n ice are our best friends

  • I think the frozen spoons work really well when babies are cutting teeth. it sure is my least favorite time of raising a baby!! I always feel so badly for them!

  • I used two methods with my children which were putting the binky in the fridge at all times, goes on the teeth and gives them a soothing feeling for their gums. Another is wet a washcloth and leave it in the fridge or freezer has the same effect. My kids went through teething early so these were great methods.

  • My little girl found an unopened cold soda can and loved to hold it in her mouth. It seemed really random to me but seemed to work well for her.

  • My daughter loves the mesh teething holders. I put homemade frozen fruit in it and she sucks away. Both nutritious and healing at the same time. It is truly a life saver since this has been the worst teething experience out of my two kids.

  • I find filling her feeder with ice helps a lot more than anythinng frozen as my daughter can also play with it. What’s the worse that could happen; ice melting?

  • Teethers and frozen washcloths work okay but I’m looking for something that will work better! Teething sucks for my little one! In the process right now πŸ™

  • I love hyland teething tablets and sometimes a cold wet washcloth helps! He also sleeps with blankets and at times he puts it on his mouth! Camillia also helps with the use of the tablets!

  • We are using refridgerated teething rings and tylenol before bedtime.

  • My baby just stated hopefully this stuff helps

  • I put a wet rag in the freezer and let him chew on it. When his tooth is about to cut through his gums, I give him a little tylenol.

  • Freeze water in the bottle nipple with ring already on. Screw into bottle and let them gum away.

  • Freeze water in the bottle nipple with ring placed on. Screw into bottle and let them gum away.

  • I freeze my babies binky and then keep my finger in the hole while she chomps down. It gets us through!

  • I have 4 kids my other 3 r pretty much grown, 18, 17 n 8, but my new lil guy is 11m. N is teething..i have always used oragel n tylenol 4 pain plus teeters or wet rags to chew on also if runnin high fever i will put cold cloth on 4 head…but my lil guy now has had tubes in his ears since he was 6m n this teething process is usin the same things i used 4 my other children, but wit him havin tubes in his ears it has givin him n ear infection n mess wit his eyes not 2 mention his poor lil mouth beenin so sore…i have not seen these dissolvin tabs b4 of course there is n 8 yr. Diff. Between him n his sister…anyways wishin the best 2 all mommies out there, good luck n best wishes 4 ur lil one or ones…

  • Homeopathic is the way to go! Both my boys teeth broke through between 4-5 months old when they weren’t even on solids yet. We are using cold teething rings at the moment to help my youngest.

  • I like to freeze the water filled “softer” teething rings and let the babies chew on them to relieve the pain. It usually does helps a lot!

  • My baby hasn’t started teething yet but my best mommy friend swears by the amber necklace as well. We will be trying that and using gel if needed.

  • We were raised in África and always had beef jerky (uncut) as teethers, I just used the same technique for my little one… I use a big piece and keep it in the freezer to prevent bacterial growth, the freeze and salt is great and it doesn’t break off like some of the cookies I tried… Baby Oral Jel works wonders too!

  • Typically, we use teething tablets and teethers. I like to use tylenol if the pain is really bad.

  • I used orajel with my first daughter and it seem to work. So i will do it this time with my new baby.

  • Yeah orajel, frozen teething toys always seem to bring relief.

  • I know he shouldnt have it but sugerless popcycles…he loves them

  • We have used hylands tablets as well as baby orajel. Love both!! Speaking of…my baby got a new tooth today!

  • My son loves to knawl on thin rags, so I tied some in a knot and froze it in apple juice in ice trays and it works great.

  • We like to freeze breastmilk and and let them go to town on them, all natural and very healthy.

  • Baby orajel is helping a little but she doesnt like the teether..I hope her twin will like it when she starts teething

  • Cold teething toys, ice chips inside of a mesh fresh food feeder and Tylenol has worked for my lil man.

  • I wasn’t aware of the Orajel q-tip swabs with my first son but now with my second one, wow I am in love with those things! I even use Orajel when I have a toothache. I also dampen a wash cloth and freeze it for a bit until its super cold and let my little one suck on it. It works wonders along with a cool wash cloth to the back of his neck and some tylenol. Teething, ugh so fun with the little ones. Lol

  • We like to freeze chunks of fruit and put it in one of those mesh (like cheese cloth) things. J gums away at it. We have tried teething tablets too but I feel like it puts her to sleep more than numbs her gums.

  • The only thing that worked my oldest son was the baby orajel teething tablet. He didn’t like anything else. I have a two week old now and would love to be prepared got when he starts to teeth.

  • Best thing so far is my finger. He LOVES chewing on my index finger. Everytime I try to give him a chewing toy he has a fit .

  • I never knew orajel has tablets! My baby is teething right now, and nothing seems to offer real relief except for Tylenol, which I really avoid giving her unless she’s inconsolable. I’ll have to try these!

  • My five month old has started teething its so painful for him he will grab hands, fingers, chins anything he can bite. Attempted teethers but he will through them aside been searching for natural ingredients in a pain relieved but haven’t one now I’m happy to hear one basically chamomile only mostly
    Can’t wait to try it

  • I heard the Camila capsuls work? Squeeze one and they are good. 6 months and still no signs! Whew! Breastfeeding here too! πŸ™‚

  • I have used Clove Oil for painful gums and I also used the little mesh baby feeders that Nuby makes. They are made to put whole foods in and let your baby chew on it without the hazards of getting chocked. I would put frozen peaches or something like that in it and my little girl LOVED it!! Also, I would give her a cold rag for her to chew on. She also loved when I would put her teethers in the freezer. That seemed to help her a lot. When the teething got to bad I would give her a little Infant Motrin or baby Tylenol.

  • I think my baby is about to start teething. She has started drooling excessively and is always putting everything in her mouth, even after she was just fed. I’m nervous that she is going to be super miserable all the time once those little teeth start coming in and I just have no idea what the best thing is that i can do for her!

  • I’ve tried the Orajel Naturals teething gel and it worked like a charm,it feels good using something I am confident in and won’t harm my baby.In between uses I give him a clean frozen washcloth…he loves it πŸ™‚ I WILL NEVER USE ANYTHING WITH BELLADONNA OR CAFFEINE..PERIOD.I am curious about the necklace though,I need all the help I can get,poor little guy :(….

  • I use Orajel, that’s it! It has always worked on my two girls and hope for my new daughter. She’s only three months old and no sign of teething… yet!!!

  • I have used BabyOrajel in the tube and frozen breastmilk icecubes to soothe my baby’s worst teething moments.

  • With my first I used frozen teething rings, but his poor hands got so cold! Plus, I used baby Orajel in a tube with him. Now my second child is 5 months and going through teething pain. I haven’t tried any remedies on her yet, but she needs some!

  • My older two never had difficulty with teeth, but my 5 month old seems to be starting and I’d love to try this natural approach!

  • We love the orajel tablets, wish they had been around when my teenagers were babies πŸ™‚

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