24/48 with Sandy

The last 24 hours have been intense, to say the least. I suspected that our building would be evacuated as it was last year during Hurricane Irene, so when we finally got the order to pack up and leave I had been expecting as much.

Of course, that didn’t make it any easier.

We had planned to loan a vehicle to go apple picking this weekend, so instead we took it to Target up in Harlem to stock up on amenities. By that point (before noon on Sunday), businesses a block away from us had begun to sandbag their storefronts.

photo 5


We enjoyed the outing until the call came in that we needed to prepare to leave our apartment. I’m going to just go ahead and admit that I don’t do well in these situations… I tend to panic. Not necessarily outwardly, but the chaos in my head is dizzying. Last time my family evacuated during Irene, my husband was less than pleased that I made them. Our building never even lost power, let alone flood. This time is different, however. I’m writing this at 4:24pm on Monday night and as of right now, the East River has already submerged the pedestrian walkway in back of our building, and our power was cut as well as the elevators.

We made it home and packed up everything we could manage to carry for three children and headed to the W Hotel in Union Square on the recommendation of a very dear friend, Julia Beck (who has, incidentally, predicted a SandyBoom-a Hurricane Sandy Baby Boom!). I don’t know what I would do without my friends-something that is increasingly obvious the older I get and the longer we live so far from family. I am so grateful for everyone who has reached out to us-from all over the country-offering love, thoughts, shelter, car rides, anything they could. It’s made all the difference.

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By the time we got to our hotel, ConEd had already packed it’s support vehicles into Union Square’s plaza area, where they still sit at this moment. We checked into our lovely room at the tippy-top of the building and have begun to ride this hurricane out as best as we know how. Which is to say not very well, but we’re making due. It helps that the room is fabulous, of course.

photo 1

The kids think this all is great fun and aren’t phased by the news reports or weather threats whatsoever. Thank goodness.


Beau came down with croup yesterday, so last night was very challenging, and very scary for me. This is my first experience with this nasty virus, and it has done it’s best to run us both ragged. We picked up some oral steroids for him before getting to the hotel, and they finally seemed to kick in and allow for him and the rest of us to get some sleep.


The final game of the World Series was on last night, and my poor husband did all he could to contain his excitement while cheering on his childhood favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, to victory. A definite bright side to an intense night.


We woke this morning and I prepared to take little Beau to the Emergency Room as a preventative measure. I would hate to be trapped in this hotel during a hurricane with a super sick child, so it felt like the best decision to have him looked at. They didn’t do anything in the end by way of extra medication, but I did get the piece of mind I so desperately needed. His lungs and ears are clear and he’s in decent enough spirits.

photo 4
photo 1

Hurricane Sandy has now begun to seriously descend. We’ll plan on getting cozy and watching a movie after stocking up on a few supplies this afternoon while the winds and rain were still manageable.

photo 5
photo 3

In the meantime, we’re making due and really enjoying this uninterrupted time together.


We’re sending all of our love, thoughts and prayers to everyone in Sandy’s path. Stay safe everyone.

An extra thank you to the W Hotel for giving us the “Julia Treatment”!

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  • Stay safe! I’ll be thinking of you all.

  • Very impressive that you could write a post during the storm while evacuated from your home with a sick baby no less. True journalist! Great family photos! Enjoy the movies!

  • So happy to hear you are all doing well and that your little one is feeling better! My stomach has been knotted up for the last 24 hours. Although way on the other side of the country, can’t help but think of friends, family and just everyone going through this storm and, those with small children, doing it with, most likely, a smile on their faces… I totally understand the “mental panic”. You did GREAT! Your children look so happy and peaceful in the midst of all the chaos and danger! Take care.

  • So glad to hear you all made it to the other side of this nasty storm! We’ve been keeping you and our other east coast friends in our thought and prayers this week!

  • Oh Jessica… So sorry to hear all that you have been through! So glad you and your beautiful family are safe. What an ordeal and croup on top of it?!! We spent a few days in the hospital with that and that us scary and not fun!!
    So glad your hubby was able to see the Giants win:) can you believe your boys Panda and Sergio Romo were the shining stars in the postseason?

    You pictures are so beautiful. You kiddos are the cutest! Thanks for the update. We were thinking about you.

    Bryan and I are transferring through JFK tomorrow on our way to Rome. Fingers crossed the airport will be open:/

    Hugs to you!

  • What an ordeal for you guys! Natural disasters and croup should not collide. I’m super impressed that you’ve managed to take photos and write/blog through it all…hang in there.

  • I was watching your tweets and about had a heart attack when you said your hotel was swaying! What a scary ordeal and I am astonished at the damage this storm has caused. So glad you all are walking away injury free!

  • I am happy that you guys are safe and sound… This hurricane was a stress to all of us…

  • omg that picture of the 3 on the bed is adorable and Christmas card worthy! Glad all is well. We are in OC area and my beloved town is in shambles but the world there is safe; no deaths.

  • So glad you were all safe and sound. Hope that things weren’t too destroyed in your neighborhood when you came back home!

  • Wow…I’m sure that is an experience that you and your hubby will never forget! I’m glad your family is OK. And I agree – your photos are gorgeous – especially the one of the 3 kids on the bed! Looks like a professional photo shoot. 🙂

  • Wow! So glad Beau is feeling better and you guys made it to Union Square before the brunt of it. Praying lights are restored this weekend and you guys stay in good spirits.

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