Brand New Year

It always sort of strikes me when a new year begins, that before me stands a clean slate full of unwritten days; Moments to be had, memories to me made, even mistakes to be learned from. It’s no different than any other day with tomorrow starting anew and the days that come afterwards, but the hope that comes with a new number and a new set of dates is promising in some way.

We have been home bound for a while now. The cold winter wind makes it hard to be outdoors with the kids, even if it means going to the grocery store or pediatrician, so we’ve mostly stayed tucked away in our cozy apartment for what feels like weeks on end. Two sets of ear infections and the holiday break contributed to our lock-in, but we decided yesterday that it was time to get out and do something-it was New Years Eve after all and sitter or not, my sanity was frayed.

I have been hearing about and seeing photos from the Ann Hamilton event of a thread exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory for a couple of weeks and it had quickly made it’s way to the top of my must-see list for this winter. We bundled the kids and headed uptown to see for ourselves. I’ve never been to a moving art installation before, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

It was all could do to keep up with the kids, watching their reactions and excitement and be able to absorb all that was happening with them, even through them.


The silk curtain was moving with the swinging of the audience on the adult sized, yet childhood inspired wooden swings. My children thought it was absolutely awesome, and kept asking questions about how it was built, who “Ann” is, and whether she used a “super tall ladder” to put up the curtain.

It was a truly visceral experience, and so poignant to me as the year was coming to an end that I was standing in a beautiful, tangible demonstration of how we are all connected and progress with each other in this life. We all perceive art in different ways, and for me it was the perfect way to wrap up this year mentally and emotionally. I am also perhaps slightly desperate for an elevated level of consciousness given my 5-and-under counterparts 24/7, but even seeing everything intertwined and moving through their eyes was spectacular.


These men were reading the works of Darwin and Aristotle, and it was being transmitted to radios in the paper bags. In the end of the day, the doves in the cages are released, and they fly to other cages in the West Wing of the Armory.

The room adjacent to the installation had chess tables & refreshments. How stunning is this place?!

We stayed for about an hour while Beau slept and Justin studied, and afterwards walked to Rockefeller Center to have dinner and celebrate the end of 2012 and 2013.


I thought it would take us so much longer to get to 2013. It’s a big year for my family, one that I frankly couldn’t pretend to foresee-I’ve never been good at foresight in any respect. I’ve somehow made it to 33 years of age by living each day as it comes and just trying to make the best of it. 2013 is the year that Justin will graduate from Dental School and we will uproot our family again and move back to whence we came in the Bay Area. It still feels like we just got to NYC and he just began his classes as a first year dental student.

2012 was the year Jack began kindergarten-a monumental stage in his childhood and my own motherhood, Zoe started her last year of preschool, and Beau’s first full 12 months of life has been such an incredible journey already. He possesses his brother’s patience, his sister’s determination, and has introduced such an incredible (and impressive) amount of energy that this family was totally unprepared for, yet completely in need of.

Between the birth of my third child, I defeated my anxieties and spoke on a panel at my first big conference flanked by women that I love and respect, and we weathered our first (and hopefully last) major disaster as a family. This year has taught me lessons in gratitude, strength, and confidence that I am appreciative for, but I am ready to take those lessons and hopefully have a smooth transition into our new life in California this summer.

May 2013 bring you and your families love, prosperity and happiness all around! Thank you for being on this adventure of mine. I am forever grateful for you.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Jessica! You know, I’ve come to realize that for all walks and stations of life, there will always be some sort of emotional roller coasters that we go through, Up and down, up and down… Glad you’re hangin’ in there and handling it all with finesse! Love the armory event coverage! Those swings and that curtain…. WoW! I LOVE NYC! Glad you’re living it up (beyond the cold) while you’re still here! 😀

  • Beautiful pictures of the exhibit! I’m glad you were able to get out and visit it! Also glad to hear the kiddos are feeling better. Thanks for sharing your life and the moments that matter most to you with your readers! I truly love reading your blog. Happy New Year and keep LIVIN in NYC, your adventure isn’t over yet!

  • Wow! I hope that becomes a traveling show and makes it way to Seattle!

    It’s so interesting to see how people interpret the New Year differently. I find your positive attitude so refreshing. For me, I always look at it kind of reluctantly…like, “awwww, not another one! We survived this one, we’re healthy and happy and I don’t want to push our luck!” Not that I want the years to END…but I guess I take a deep breath and cross fingers. We can do this!

    Cheers to new beginnings, fresh starts, and another amazing year!

  • That is an amazing exhibit! The photos give me a glimpse of how breathtaking it must be, especially for the kids! We have also been hibernating, with the exception of 4 days straight of Christmas get-together with family on my side and my husband’s. Other than that we’ve been too scared of the cold and just enjoying cooking, cuddling, and napping. My husband went back to work today after 4 days off, which is rare for him. Can’t wait to keep on reading your blog through all the adventures, it’s better than a novel 😉

  • These photos are beautiful. Makes me miss my time in NYC. Not too many cities out there that could host an event like this. I do think that the San Fran area is such an amazing place to live with kids, though, so I’m sure you will be very happy once you move back. I was also temporarily in a uniquely wonderful city, the Bay Area actually, during the first year of my son’s life and had mixed feelings about our move back, but it all worked out and I have so many great memories from our San Fran adventure. Happy New Year!

  • you rang in the last few days of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 perfectly. i love how you soak in nyc. it makes me want to go there, so bad. also your writing is so beautiful. (you are a beautiful soul) we are intertwine together in someway or another, that’s for sure.

    cheers to 2013, i know your big move is only going to make you stronger, can’t wait to see what all is in store for you!


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