Hair Envy with Vidal Sassoon

When I was a freshman in high school, I had the most amazing hair. Untouched, long, thick, pin straight, and beautiful. I washed it in the morning, ran a comb through it and walked out the door and it always looked impeccable.

The following year I chopped it all off, and in the ten years that followed I spent a ton of time and money in hair salons bleaching, dying and cutting. It’s a pretty horrid cycle when you think about it, and I will never forget the one person at the salon the day I cut it off telling me I would forever regret it.

There have been moments when I’ve regretted cutting my hair, but I actually quite liked having short hair and will probably do it again some day. My hair was short and nearly black on my wedding day in 2007, and today it’s long, mostly blonde and even somewhat healthy despite the bleaching I’m still doing to it. There are very few things that make me feel really great more than having my hair done, and I’m willing to pay for it.


I will never be able to wash my hair, comb it and walk out of the house with it looking amazing again though, and for me the struggle lies in the blow drying, styling and curling to make it sorta-kinda, ok lets be honest-not really ever looking like this:


I do love this look on Reece and I’ve tried so many times to get that pretty yet sleek look at home without much luck. I have, however, managed to get Claire’s look with some success, with the help of Vidal Sassoon’s Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse for body and texture, and with an added touch of the Repair & Finish Spray that helps to condition and protect the hair while holding the curl throughout the day.


It is time consuming, but with the help of a little dry shampoo and these products, I can make the look last a few days before washing again. I try really hard not to use too much product because I find that my hair gets really weighed down, but only a little bit is needed to get the maximum results. I’ve even used the products in my daughter and husband’s hair.


It’s taken a LONG time for me to learn how to do my hair and sometimes even do it well. The one thing I’ve learned is stick with a product once you’ve found a great one, and pay attention when your stylist is doing your hair. I learn something new each time I get my hair cut and/or styled, regardless if I manage to be able to make it work at home.

This is a P&G Blogger Brigade sponsored post. I was given Vidal Sassoon products to try, and compensated to write this review.

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  • I remember your beautiful long hair freshman year! 🙂 I keep going between long and short, though I prefer mine long, and between shades of light and dark blonde. I too spend a lot of time and money getting my hair done and I’m nowhere near as good at fixing it as my hairdresser, but my salon offers blow-dry and curling classes and I’ve learned how to relatively quickly style it so it looks presentable. Dry shampoo is the best for making it possible to skip shampooing for 2-3 days. Your hair always looks beautiful in your blog photos BTW!

  • you are such a beauty. and i love your beauty tips! thanks for sharing, dear!

    p.s. i want to see a high school pic. 🙂

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