A Good Day

Our nerves were raked against the coals again on Wednesday night with a dose of unfortunate news that will affect our lives once we move back to California. It’s nothing permanent or devastating, but certainly added stress during a time that we are stretched pretty thin. We’ll manage though, as long as we have our health-especially after the last few weeks-I feel like we can deal with pretty much anything.

Justin and I woke yesterday morning after a restless night and the weight of the world felt crushing. Until the sun came out and promised a beautiful day, and I realized had all morning with Beau and Zoe to do whatever we wanted until it was time for pre-kindergarten.

photo 1-12
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As long as we are all healthy, in the grand scheme of things that is all that matters. Yesterday was beautiful and the sun and warmth that it brought was just what we all needed.

We set out for the park but made a few necessary pit stops along the way.


This day called for balloons and the best bagels in New York City. Can you believe they’re in our neighborhood?


Oh, the park. Such a normal part of our routine when the weather is nice. We missed this so much-especially Beau.


We spent over an hour playing with balls and chalk, swinging and sliding. The perfection of this morning in it’s simplicity struck me profoundly. All I need is them.


We closed the chapter on this Wednesday with the sounds of thunder and rain, and the humbling peace that a good storm brings.

photo 2-11

It was a really good day.

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  • We are loving like back outdoors too. After a long winter, trying to find as many indoor activities as we possibly can – it’s great for the simplicity & fun of the parks! I love the pictures with the balloons 🙂

  • So beautiful, the photos, your journey… Life throws us curve balls and then delivers a home-run – all at once. Hope today is another good one!

  • I love a good storm. And, I this post. I was feeling sorry for myself for our shit-storm of a month, then I remembered that in the grand scheme of things, we’ve got it so so good. Even so, it’s still okay to be down and have those moments, because they make the good moments OH SO GOOD.

    Hugs to you for whatever had you guys down.


  • Beautiful pictures Jessica! So sorry for those unfortunate news, though. They always come when you least need them! xx

  • I always adore your photos. And your little girls bob is so cute. Glad you all had a GOOD day.

    Oh, and now I want a bagel loaded with cream cheese!

  • It amazing to me that the older I get the more important it is to remain healthy. Lots of great things in life will not mean anything if you don’t have your health. Best wishes to get thru the curve balls life has thrown you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I hope that whatever the dilemma is, it will get worked out for your best interest. I’m glad that it didn’t put too much of a damper on your day. Motherhood definitely keeps me reminded of just how blessed I am even in the mist of turmoil and chaos.

  • Gorgeous photos! Don’t you love those days when the sun shows up even when you’re prepared to hide your head in dense clouds? Relish the time you have left in NYC. We lived there until just before our daughter was born and though I’m happy where we are now, I miss the city something fierce. xox

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